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432 | Revenge of the Ego 1 – The Ego is Always on the Go. Live Here as Breath

ART by Scott Cook

This is part 1 of a series of documents from the Desteni material, that I’ll be presenting. The title is "The Revenge of the Ego" and the various parts elaborate on the various aspects of our existence where the Ego / the System ‘takes its revenge’ - and how.

I will be adding some commentary / elaborations on some of the points, in addition to sharing the original documents in audio.


Please also listen to the commentary added to this discussion (watch the video).



“Yes, the ego will take revenge on you, whenever you try and break free from the control that has been imposed and designed within the system. The ego - which is what you are designed as - will take revenge, and will take you on a path where you will be facing the point that you attempted to use to gain your ‘freedom’...You will face this point to such an extent that you will never go there again - it'll take revenge on you - the ego knows everything about you, all you secrets, all your thoughts, knows how to activate you energetically, resonantly - how to design your path within the system because it is part of the system, it is a living system - the ego. It's much more advanced than what you are, because you have completely abdicated everything in this reality to the system, and there's no life left - you're just an observer - and as an observer, you are purely only assisting the ego to close any and all doors that you may consider in your observation.

So, the observer, as such, is of great help to the ego and preparing the revenge of the ego - so that when the revenge take place - when you take that tumble, when the ego makes sure that you will remain within the system and give up on what you could possibly be and embrace the system and just live and make money and survive: you just say 'it's human nature, it's suppose to be this way'. For the ego to get that revenge, to get you to that submission, it uses the observer to make sure that there is no mistakes, to make sure that it covers all bases, so that you inevitably accept the system and what is here now as 'all there is', and then the ego has taken its ultimate revenge.

So, live here as breath, because, as breath - the ego has got a problem - because the ego is based in energy. So as breath, you are constantly disconnecting the ego and causing the energy not to create a flow and eventually a path –
so, through breath you are consistently interfering in any form of creation that may come from the ego.
And so, you are taking revenge on the ego, because the ego can only move in energy, so those that believe in energy – what do you know: they are the ultimate egos - super egos. The ego has already taken absolute revenge on them, and they are screwed, and they are part of the props in this reality to try and keep you screwed - just as screwed as they are - and to make sure that you do not get out of this.

Because, remember the problem that you face, is that if you die it is really too late. Why is it too late?
Because, by the time you die and you have not created YOU, as an actual life-force - you will not continue - because the YOU you've created is energy-based ONLY, not life-forced based, and therefore will end when the physical body ends, and the revenge of the ego is to make you believe that energy is actually real - when that is not so - and if you've bought into that - the ego has taken ultimate revenge - to prove that the system is superior and you have been discontinued.”


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