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Day 164: Living Words in Self Agreement as Life | PRESENCE

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I am continuing within my process of redefining words to LIVE – see my Blog post Living Wordsin Self Agreement as Life | ACCEPTANCE.

The next word I am sharing here is the word PRESENCE, and as I started looking into the definition and practical-living of the word Presence, the word HERE came-up, which brought me back to the point of Acceptance, to which I would like to add a further perspective/dimension.

I had concluded to a new definition of ACCEPTANCE for self to live, wherein
Acceptance is the point where no judgment exists. It is the application/living of standing equal to and one with What is Here, and this starting-point enables me to see things for what they are – which further enables me to, in case What is Here is not acceptable for LIFE, change/form/transform the point/things/myself into what is Best for Life.

Additionally to the point of Accepting What is Here, acceptance would also entail Accepting SELF Here, in other words Accepting that I am Here.

Some interesting implications are entailed within Accepting that I am Here.

Accepting that I am Here is a practical ‘answer’ to the question “who am I?” – I am Here. This simple realization of Self as Here – I am Here – puts an end to the endless ‘search for self’ and stops the infinite wondering/seeking, because I realize: I am Here.

So from Here, from this point of Self-Acceptance Here, the obvious question is: What Is Here as Me and What am I going to do with My Here? How will I direct myself/my Here?

...which brings us back to the point of Self-Responsibility, which I also elaborated on within the context of Acceptance, in my previous Blog post.

I am Here – Therefore my ResponseAbility is Here.


Accepting that I am Here –

this connects nicely to my next word to look into and purify/redefine: PRESENCE.

Presence is, in essence, to BE HERE.


So let’s have a look:

Considering the current matrix definition of the word Presence, what comes up is a ‘specialness’ of sorts, whether it be defined through self-image, status, power, influence, vitality etc.
There's a quasi ‘spiritual’ touch that this word has been tainted with, wherein Presence is often given a ‘superior’, ’divine’, ’special’ or often ‘mystical’ meaning, almost as if that ‘presence’ is not just Here but is coming from some ‘divine vibrant place’ out there somewhere; as if that ‘presence’ is not here within and as all life but is only a priveledge to some select ‘charismatic’ ones...

Looking at my life, and especially throughout my time of ‘spiritually tripping’ and seeking and trying to get to some ‘divine enlightenment’, I would define the word ‘presence’ as something ‘extra’, something ‘more than’;
and in my attempt to express and experience ‘presence’ it seems I would apply an extra effort of sorts, to in a way look vibrant and make a special impression on those around me. So this shows to me, interestingly enough, not only that I had defined Me Here as 'less than' and 'inferior', but also that I was making my presence subject to the reactions/feedback of ‘others’, which means that I had abdicated my self-determination to ‘others’, to some value judgement, to a determination in separation from me.


I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the want, need and desire to be ‘special’ and be seen as a presence that is somehow ...’special’, ‘spiritual’, ‘positive’, ‘not of this world’ etc.,  instead of accepting myself as life here, within the principle of oneness and equality of life, where life is the only real value, the actual force of existence as itself; and therefore if one is not equal to life as life, one will seek ‘life’, seek ‘value’, seek oneself – instead of realizing Life is Here, and I am Here, thus accepting me as here, as value as life, and taking self-responsibility as directive force – for all life as self.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define ‘presence’ as ‘more than’ me here.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as the want, need and desire to be/become ‘more than’ me here.

Within this I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand the implication of the above:
Namely that I was not accepting myself here, I was not standing as equal and one within/as myself, but was implying through my want, need and desire to be ‘more than’, that I was in fact ‘less than’ –
And thus I see now that I had defined my ‘here’ / had defined ‘me here’ as ‘less than’, and was from this starting-point trying to get to a ‘more’ of ‘me’ out there somewhere.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to connect the word ‘presence’ with ‘something’ separate, a separate force that is ‘more than’ me/self/life here.

Within this I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I was creating a self-religion, creating an idea/concept/entity of a ‘higher force’, and that I thus was in fact creating ‘god’ even though I did not believe in god.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see and realize that within our existence as human beings everyone is in one way or another attempting to be ‘god’, to be ‘more than’, to control one’s reality and one’s experience through the mental – within this completely disregarding the physical and refusing to acknowledge that it is the physical that sustains us and enables the consciousness we identify with to exist.
And yet we (ab)use consciousness in self-interest, abuse life for profit, and exploit the physical resources of our earth and our human physical bodies – in spite of the obvious fact that the physical is our source, our origin, our common ground, the substance we are all made of.

I realize that Presence is either the result of conditioning and thus preprogrammed, or it is self-determined in self-awareness as life.


Sounding the Word PRESENCE

Before sense
Pre as in preprogrammed
Preprogrammed sense
A projection of the mind
A concept of sense
Instead of physical sense / actual sense / common sense as Life


Purifying the word PRESENCE

Since I had defined this word through/as polarity, I now look into removing the polarity from within the definition of the word Presence:

Presence is Being Here, equal as here, without trying to be ‘more than’ here or a ‘superior’/’special’ projection ‘out there’.

Presence is Here. Thus to be present is to be Here, in fact, physically - and not as an idea / concept / mood.

Presence implies Self-Determination.
Any other ‘presence’ is but a construct, a mental projection that we make real through beLIEf.

Presence is being Here in full awareness of self and of What is Here at any given moment.
Within this, the separation between self and the actuality of What is Here – is gapped, and self is present Here in awareness of Here, in self awareness as What is Here.

HERE is all, All is equally Here, as One.
I am Here as One and Equal = Presence.


Practically Living Presence:

Presence is being here in self-equality and oneness, without trying to be ‘more than’ or pretending to be ‘something’;
Presence is being here in fact, physically fully here, moving in real-time as breath in awareness in every moment.

Presence is moving self through and as self-determination in every moment of breath Here.

Presence is the awareness of What is Here as Self and the determination/ability to direct/express What is Here at any given moment towards/as what’s best for ALL that is Here – for Life.

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