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378. Redefining ME | What is Perfection? 'Success' vs. 'Failure'?

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It’s interesting that within this word and the definition of Perfection one can see clearly the polarity framework of how we are conditioned to live words:

Perfection within how we’ve defined it in the current/system/consciousness is connected both to a negative charge and to a positive charge.
The positive charge being the point of desiring perfection (interestingly enough we tend to project our expectations for perfection onto others/our world rather than exploring self-perfection);
And the negative charge being the point of fearing perfection, which is like a twisted self-sabotage tactic of the mind: 

I realized that what is in fact feared is not perfection per se, but the physical practical effort that it takes to get there, to walk the steps that are required step-by-step until the perfection is accumulated through the number of breaths and actions required to in fact create a point of perfection. 

Another aspect one reacts to with fear can be the responsibility that comes with perfection: because to live self-perfection one has to empower oneself, by becoming in self-honesty the directive authority within/of oneself in every moment; with this power comes responsibility, as one can no longer deny or ignore that which is unacceptable, that which is not supporting life, that which is a delusion/illusion/deception/dishonesty.

The problem, as one can see, within the definition of perfection as defined within the current system/consciousness, is that it is not practical: we all know how it is to project ideas and dreams of ‘ideal’ conditions – this then being our definition of Perfection, consequently Perfection will always seem ‘so far away’, so out there, just not here, unreachable… And so we tend to accept ‘failure’ and go into depression or feelings of inferiority, or one will deny/suppress that negative experience by superimposing positive states-of-mind / positivity / love & light and other mental-projections to make oneself feel-better/look-better, which by definition is delusional.

So within seeing this problem, one can also already see the solution – How to redefine perfection to be practical, livable, applicable:

Walking self-perfection in every here-moment, with every breath, instead of projecting it ‘out there’ and making it seem ‘so big’ that it looks ‘unachievable’. 

This would mean that one has looked into the practical steps and actions/application that is required in order to perfect oneself within a particular point, and one has committed oneself to walk step-by-step, breath-by-breath, applying oneself in every moment, thus living self-perfection in every moment.

So within that, perfection / self-perfection is no longer idealized and projected, nor is it an end-goal that one has to ‘attain’/ ‘achieve’ / ‘accomplish’; but is something practical and applicable:
Giving it your all in every moment, wouldn’t that be the highest level of self-perfection and self-accomplishment a human being is able to live?

It is simplistic, yet it is not easy –
because we are so used to being distracted in our minds with thoughts and emotional/feeling reactions that we tend to have difficulty dedicating ourselves to a single moment, in the context of a task or a project.
And yet – being fully here in self-awareness as self-directive authority in every moment of breath: wouldn’t that be a living example of self-perfection at its utmost?

Therefore, I within this re-commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to ‘remain here’ in every moment, to be here in awareness, and to no longer allow myself to be distracted or (self-)sabotaged by the automated thoughts or emotional/feeling reactions that automatically come-up in the mind as conditioned.

Already the application of daily writing has been a great support point in terms of being here and directing a point/a task without allowing distractions in the mind. I would definitely suggest the process of writing yourself to freedom, and to see more examples of this I’d suggest checking out the Journey To Life group where people from all around the world post their writings daily.

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