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368 | May 1st – One Day for Freedom?

ART by Marlen Vargas

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So, it’s the 1st of May and there’s a lot of movement in the streets of Berlin, the 1st of May being the ‘revolutionary day’ for the ‘simple people’. 

I went into the streets to check out what is going on, there’s a lot of bands playing music, some open-air theater acts and other ‘cultural stuff’, so at some point I was standing in front of a small stage that was busy doing a sound-check, when one member of the group stepped to the microphone and started speaking about how ‘the artists’ are sick of this world, this system, this society, money, how we pay our taxes to fund the infrastructure of the system yet the system does nothing much for the people. He went on to talk about how the political world is not part of their dreams.

So it’s interesting that on the one hand one is able to see that there is an injustice in-place due to the inequality which is based on the money-system – yet on the other hand one is not yet seeing one’s own participation/role in how the system exists.
I was astounded to see to what extent we still separate ourselves from that which we judge, that which we disapprove of, that which we fear or find ourselves inferior to or powerless towards. 

How on Earth can we create a better world if we do not bring EVERYONE to an understanding of the value of life – and that goes obviously also for all those in the ‘political world’ and even those that are currently unable to read and write, let alone participate in things like elections and other democratic means, due to conditions like poverty, illiteracy, starvation, war.

Which brings me to another point: Democracy itself.

I am sure there is a great quote from someone great showing exactly how the democracy we have created/applied is but a veil that keeps the power-structures of the system in-place and the enslavement of mankind guaranteed. We think we have a choice and we miss the fact that every political party one way or another fails to see beyond the interest of money, power, survival of the fittest. Otherwise – why hasn’t any political party or organization or group thus far managed to break through the controls and move the system into an entirely different approach – one that would truly make a difference!

So – Democracy does not yet really exist. 

We can vote for political parties and place our hopes in the promises made, but when it comes to deciding about the policies and regulations that manage life on earth, the people have no say. Day in day out we in fact vote for the system, as we follow the fears and desires that the system serves us. That is the reality of human beings, and even those who claim to be revolutionary are no different.

"We don’t educate ourselves, we just ‘go with the flow’ and believe that somehow something or someone will just ‘demand change’ and something will go better this way… well our carelessness, our numbness, our absolute ‘anything goes/ why bother’ attitudes are perfect elements for our enslavement. We are the work force that puts the money-bricks of a rich man’s fortress, but we comply to it, we abide to it because we think ‘there’s no other way’ and then decide that Resistance is the way to go – Is it really?"
- Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Yep, what you resist will persist. 
There IS another way, but it involves transcending the ill will of man and moving ourselves and our society from the Me, Myself & I mental-I-ties to the WE that we are as Earthlings that breathe the same air!

LIFE is all-inclusive – so why isn’t Man and the System that man creates to manage life?!

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Please read this Blog by Marlen – today may just be the day you step out of the box.

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