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367 | Who profits from Rebellion? And what about Human Rights?

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So I was just watching a report on RT on the latest violence incidents in Syria. 
Whether violence comes from government or whether it comes from rebels, the results are equally disastrous, especially when innocent people are threatened or killed. 

Incidents like these remind us once again that the institution of Human Rights is not effective in our world. 

It's interesting that we have a 'declaration of human rights' in this world – yet in the actuality of reality in this world system: 
human rights are not honored and life is not supported. 

The current system does not regard the best interest of life in any way whatsoever, and should thus be transformed from the root into something that exists to in fact support life, not to exploit it.

Human Rights should be composed of all the things/services each one would like to have available for a life in dignity – Give as you would like to Receive; thus such things and services should be given to All life as Human Rights.

Human Rights should be composed based on agreements that consider all life. Currently human rights are based on agreements (made by the privileged) that consider profit, and thus we have a system and an application of "human rights" that does not regard life, but rather places profit before life and exploits life in the name of profit.

In relation to the rebellion in Syria (and everywhere else in the world) my perspective is that in order to change the system, to change society, to change what we call life on earth, it is imperative to see and understand how the entire system works and to stop making it about 'who is to blame'.

It is about responsibility. 

Interestingly enough, once responsibility is realized, real power emerges. That is something really worth investigating, both on individual and collective level!

And speaking of responsibility, I'd like to refer you to the platforms where I see responsibility being realized, explored and exposed, and especially taken/lived; where many people from all over the world like myself come together to discuss real practical solutions for our world, our society, humanity as a whole, while walking our individual processes of establishing actual freedom, honesty and strength within and as who we are - 

after all that is the only way to change the world: through and with individuals that stand in integrity, self-dignity, self-respect. Respect for life is missing in this world because we do not even learn to respect the life within ourselves.
(For links to the platforms scroll to the bottom of this post)

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From the Blog:

“It must be understood that as long as demands are made and threatened with force or violence without consideration of global consequence or understanding how our world is deeply interconnected and interdependent, any change that comes from such inconsiderate force will always result in instability and imbalance within the entire world system - consequences often paid by the MOST vulnerable who must exist in conditions of poverty and suffering because it has been robbed of dignity and equality and cannot defend itself against a world driven by self-preservation at the expense of the weak.
...There is however a critically important element here that is NOT to be missed - which is that ALL OF THIS IS REVERSIBLE! Every policy that has been implemented in the attempt to force a state of unity or order in this world has always created a negative effect because the majority of people are not the ones actually making the decisions and are NOT taking the full scope of our interdependence into consideration. 
...The world system is NOT an enemy - it is a system that can be programmed and changed. It exists the way it does today because we have NOT realized the responsibility of global consideration and therefore the world system  must for the moment exist - so that our individual demands for security and stability in a world of separation and irrational fear does not endanger the delicate interdependent relationships of our reality.” 

“Have a look at how two opposing sides who seem to have absolutely nothing in common and are locked in to having to fight or resist each other can actually become very powerful allies if they are able to find a point of understanding and agreement and be willing to forgive each other and most importantly forgive themselves for the conflicts and misunderstandings that have been allowed.
...The reasons for why self-forgiveness are critical are very well documented and explained by those who are involved with the Desteni I Process which shows in simple yet powerfully effective detail and consistency, how developing the ability to take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions is a KEY element to being able to change a persistent pattern and being able to expand our awareness and responsibility as human beings in such a way that allows us to see beyond just our own immediate concerns and anxieties and hang-ups, and be able to look at the bigger picture of our actual ability to influence and create our relationships and consequently, how we create our world.
...This is an ESSENTIAL understanding that must be developed by anyone who truly wants to be able to change this world system - because until we develop the ability to stand in any person's shoes without any judgment or reaction - we will never be able to really and fully understand another person's position - their history - their burdens - the accumulated challenges they have had to face in their lives - and the environment and relationships that have influenced and greatly determined what kind of person they will be or have the ability to become.” 
- Joe Kou

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