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393 | If we Know what’s Right & Wrong – Why is the RIGHT to LIFE not Guaranteed for ALL?

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What is Right and Wrong?
I looked at this question in the context of Consciousness and the paranoia of self-interest.

Everyone seems to, in one way or another, be trying to ‘do the right thing’. Yet, interestingly enough, we manifest a world, an existence where the RIGHT to Life is not available to All Life Equally.

So – could it be that, what the consciousness of one deems as Right is possibly often Wrong in the context of Life as a Whole? And how did we get to such Absurdum?

The word Right is also within the word Righteousness – and have a look at how individual people or groups defend their self-interest by claiming “it’s My Right”!

Is self-interest then at all in the interest of life?
Do we even see/realize what is in our best interest?
Would that – seeing and realizing what is in fact in our best interest – imply that we are able to acknowledge cause & effect, to see the outflows and consequences of each decision we make in every moment?

How come we do not see that a world that is set-up in a way that is Best for All will also be what is best for each one individually, as part of the Whole?

The human being is brainwashed and conditioned to seek only a Quick-Fix and to disregard and ignore consequence.

On this point of Brainwashing I suggest studying specifically the following:

Back to the point Right & Wrong –

How can it be that what is Right for some does Wrong unto others?
How can we accept such definition of Right – where an individual or a group claim that it is My Right, and not regard and consider the Right to Life for All?
How can one claim “it is My Right” and not question and investigate whether that/such Right would compromise the Right of another, the Right of Life?

What is it that ‘justifies’ and ‘validates’ such inconsiderate and selfish RIGHT within one’s mind? Is human consciousness perhaps equal to self-interest? Does human consciousness perhaps exist in paranoia to such an extent that it will rationalize its fears & desires into Rights (…and we all witness in our external existence daily the atrocious outflows of such internal existence)!

Is that perhaps the reason why Human Rights and the Right to Life in this world/system is not truly & factually honored, respected and protected?

Could it be that in this world we have manifested a definitions of RIGHT that is equal to Profit / Self-Interest?

I mean, that IS what our world/system reflects: Profit is placed before life in every possible way – and no one complains unless their OWN life, their OWN survival, their OWN loved ones are directly affected.

Where is the Love for Life in this world?
Where is the consideration for Life?
Where is the Right to Life?

Unfortunately, the right to life is currently dictated by one thing: MONEY. And unless you have money, which equals the power you have in the world/system, you right to life is not guaranteed.

The bizarre thing within this all is that those that have ‘just enough’ or ‘enough’ money to get by are so paranoid about ‘getting more’ and ‘getting a better life’ or simply ‘chilling’ and ‘making the best’ of what they can do with what they have, as long as they can maintain their ‘peace of mind’ – that they tacitly accept the system ‘as is’, and despite some occasional outbursts or frustration with the condition of the world they will not consider what role each one plays within it all. They will blame it on the rich, or will blame it on the poor – but no-where within that is real consideration, real care, real questioning of the system to be seen.

At Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation we question the system as well as the role and part each one individually plays in manifesting such a system, where self-interest is placed before the interest of life and life is exploited in the name of profit. ...I mean, whether you do it on the bigger scale like the corporations do, or whether you do it on the smaller scale within how you ‘live your life’ – it is the same point and it results to the world as we know it.

We are all equally responsible for What is Here within and as our existence, and no Change can ever be established without the realization of responsibility and the decision to will oneself to educate oneself, to break through one’s comfort zone, to lift the veils of brainwashing, and to stand in the interest of LIFE.

Join us in Redefining Human Rights and in working together to ensure that the Right to Life is equally given as each one would like to receive:

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