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372 | Human Rights and Human Nature - Education or Indoctrination?

Continuing in the context of
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Education should be a Human Right – otherwise the whole idea of Democracy is a FRAUD.

Have a look – our education system is quasi the indoctrination of human nature, creating a human that exists in fear and competition and will accept that the only options existent in terms of how to manage life on earth are the ones serves by the political arena as it exists.

So, not only education should be a human right, but REAL education should be a human right:
education that would assist human beings in developing the ability to understand not only the practical world we exist-in but also ourselves within it; understanding cause and effect, realizing responsibility for life, and acknowledging that without integrity, respect and honor, human nature as it is being formed by the system will only cause harm and the deterioration of life on earth.

For further insight on the topic of EDUCATION as HUMAN RIGHT please study Marlen’s contribution under the link provided.

In the context of the previous posts I published we established that consciousness – human beings as consciousness – exist within/as a preprogrammed design, according to genetics and to the external factors that influence and determine how the genetic information will manifest/express.

So consciousness is a product – it is a product of the world system, that is for sure (study Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, documentaries such as The Century of Self, PsyWar, Human Resources – Social Engineering in the 20th Century, The Story of Your Enslavement, Blind Spot, as well as the Blogs linked at the end of this post);
Is it also the product of our beingness? A reflection of our true nature? And can that nature be changed?

Several years ago already the process of Man Know Thyself / Self-Honesty was introduced and continues being documented by people around the world in articles, interviews, forums, blogs, courses, educational material (see Desteni).
Which is of great importance, because human beings we need to realize and understand that what we are educated to be/become has lost all regard for life, which means it has lost all regard for itself as life.

And many profess that human nature cannot change simply because how human nature exists currently is what keeps the system running, it’s what funds all the abuse in the world. And before you scream “no it’s them, the big brothers, the corporations!” and while this may be true, consider who gives the big brothers their ‘power’ and especially: how.

Self-Interest as how it exists and is being lived in this world reveals a SELF that is greedy, fearful, egotistic, spiteful, and that cares for nothing really but presenting a more or less acceptable image (self-image) to the world. This is the great “I Am” that a human being can become, wow, all the while much of the world is starving, people kill each-other in the name of gods, defending belief- and value-systems, but essentially defending their own self religion, their own “I Am” – but an “I Am” is always merely an image, a picture, a projection, a definition, a limitation really, bound to comparison, competition, thus war, conflict, conflict of interests.
While we could simplistically see the common sense that as Earthlings, life and living should be our common interest. After all, we are all here together. We breathe the same air. We return to the same substance.

What is the problem with the education approach in this world?

It teaches value-systems that disregard the value of life.
It teaches competition/comparison as the only way to establish/gain/attain self-worth and value.
It teaches self-interest/ego instead of common sense/the value of life.
The interest of LIFE is no-where to be seen.

We are not taught that we are the creators of society, of humanity, and the responsibility that is entailed within that.
We are not taught how we function as a Mind; instead, we are left to our own demise, without the basic life skills that would enable an effectively functioning society as humanity.

When we try to define ourselves and our life based on comparison/competition, and within this we prove that we are merely organic robots following the instruction imposed onto us human beings through/by the system, the education, the parents, the peers, the media, consumerism, everything in this world – because have a look:

everything in this world is trying to sell you VALUE, is promising to make you MORE – and you just buy into it, and then people spend a whole life time trying to enhance and increase their OWN VALUE as a system within a system, while disregarding the Value of Life that one IS and that everybody else IS by the mere fact of being born into this world and breathing the same air.

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