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373. Redefining ME | Self Religion continued: Feeling Good vs. Feeling Bad

ART by Kelly Posey

…I am walking a process of establishing the value of life within and as myself – and this implies letting go of and moving myself beyond the limitations I have accepted, adopted and placed faith in throughout my life.
…So I’ve been looking into the main ‘moods’ that define my existence and how I ‘feel’ about myself and my life – what thoughts circulate/repeat in my mind and what these/such thoughts are telling me about myself/my life – and I’ve been recognizing how I uphold my own limitation.
…What can be seen through such investigation is a SELF RELIGION: everything we believe about ourselves / our life / our world, and all the ways we justify why we are who and how we are.

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A point I started looking at is the polarity of feeling good and feeling bad in relation to ‘my life’.
And I realized that both polarities are created through thoughts and equations in the mind, and neither of the polarities is close to the actuality of reality which needs not be limited to ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ feeling/emotional reaction.

In this context I'd like at this point to refer to some fascinating perspectives in the following short Vlogs by Sunette Spies:

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From the perspective of ‘my life’, feeling bad, which has been more about ‘not feeling that good’, emerged throughout an interesting experience within the family, where – because there was a person in the family that did not feel good, I as a child felt that I am not allowed/it’s not right for me to feel good because then that person will feel more bad or may even hate me or blame me for how they feel. In fact I may have thought/seen/observed as a child that this person felt more bad when I was more happy/feeling good. 

This is a point to walk through in self forgiveness: 
I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to go into comparison about ‘my life’ and another’s life, and to think and believe that it is a bad thing to feel good because maybe another feels bad and then me feeling good will make them feel more bad. I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to from such a childhood memory and equation-formation exist in a state of mind/being where I do not allow myself to be happy/feel good with me, and then in my mind I will ‘justify’ that with ideas of ‘success’ that I am apparently not fulfilling thus "I don’t deserve to feel good /be happy". And therefore I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed others/the mind to determine my value and whether I deserve to feel good and be happy. I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to give myself the permission to feel good/be happy, which especially in the time of this memory as a child would mean to simply be and express and be carefree. I also forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compromise and suppress the life/living within and as me by submitting to the mind's/system's idea/"value" of ‘caring’ about another’s mind/mental state as in 'feeling sorry' for them; and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take it personally, thinking and believing that I am responsible, or maybe even as a child fearing that I may be responsible for another feeling bad and not knowing how to deal with it/how to direct the point.

So as can be seen, this is a 'huge' point in terms of what definitions, conclusions, equations have been drawn at one point / one memory with such an impact that this one point is able to define and determine (through my blind acceptance) how I live and who/how I am today with myself and my world.
I will definitely be going deeper into this point, and I’ll be sharing more in posts to come.

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