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391 | Human Consciousness exists in Paranoia

ART by Scott Cook

What is interesting when we look at the definition of Paranoia as it is commonly understood, is that it is always a form of Obsession.
In the Desteni research is explained in detail how Obsession is formed in/through the mind and how Obsession –when not directed specifically so that the person can understand how they themselves have designed the Obsession in the mind through process of Thought, Belief, Feeling/Emotion Reactions etc.– can evolve into an actual possessed state of being, where a person becomes literally Possessed by the Thoughts, Beliefs, Feeling/Emotion Reactions that formed the Obsession in the first place.

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of Paranoia:


1: a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur, usually without hallucinations; ascribing hostile intentions to others, often linked with a sense of mission.

2: a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness of others; baseless or excessive distrust of others.  

What is interesting to see within that is the Greek origin of the word Paranoia, from:  para-, beyond;  + nous, mind

This indicates something that can actually be observed within human existence – namely that instead of the Mind being used as a Tool to support actual understanding and practical common sense, and all phenomena pertaining to life/living in this physical reality and the co-existence we all share; the Mind is rather used to Serve self-interest / Ego and to perpetuate the separation of life.

So, it’s like, the Mind (nous) exists Apart from (para-) Common Sense;
Common Sense would be the ability of a healthy-functioning mind to grasp and understand its reality, its own functions and functioning, its environment, its interactions, and everything that the physical existence –which is what makes the existence of a Mind possible in the first place– consists of;
Furthermore Common Sense would be the ability of a healthy-functioning mind to consider and assess consequences and to make sure that the consequences/outflows of one’s own thoughts, words and deeds are always Best for All, meaning: in the context of the Common Good – which is Life as a Whole.

But, if we look at this world and how human beings exist and co-exist, and especially how the education system functions, such practical common sense is no-where to be seen. Instead, the Mind is being used to form a human being that is a system slave and that exists in fear to such an extent that it becomes literally inferior/in-fear of its own capacity and potential.

Now the question would be – How did it come to this?
Well, how is anything passed on in terms of consciousness? It is through ‘education’, and to be more specific: through Parenting.

If we look at the fundamental points that are being taught to children in this world, it is Fear and Desire.
One will call it the knowledge of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ but it’s not really that – because if we had actual knowledge and understand of good and evil we would be in a position as human beings, as humanity, to stop evil from taking place and we would develop and manifest the Good, which would be what is Best for All.

So –
Fear and Desire, that would then be what a child is taught to want and need (desire) and what a child is taught to ignore or avoid or disregard or simply to not investigate and not question (fear).

If this still doesn’t make sense to you, consider the universal accepted method of parenting, which is Reward and Punishment. Now link that to Fear and Desire. Starting to make sense…?

And I mean, even the world system, the money-system, functions on the basis of this polarity method of manipulation: Reward and Punishment.

If we were to use the Mind as a support tool for actual understanding and the honoring of Life practically, we would have already moved beyond the ridiculous approach of Reward and Punishment.
This goes to show the level of brainwashing existent, and also the Lack of understanding and lack of real life skills – otherwise the human being, especially parents, would question this Reward and Punishment method and would do everything possible to find a way to approach and educate a child that truly supports the child in getting to know itself, its mind, its world and environment, and how to live and co-exist in a way that is best for all.

Fascinatingly enough, every young parent starts off enthusiastically and with the hope that they will do better than their parents, they will do it differently – but when the time has come and the child is here, the young parent is overwhelmed and confronted with the fact that they know nothing about life creation, nothing about life skills, nothing about how the mind and consciousness develops and functions, nothing about practical living in fact. They are left with the good-old methods of manipulation they themselves were exposed to and educated with, and so the child will grow up to be a manipulator, a clone of consciousness, paranoiac in essence, in one way or another obsessing about certain fears or certain desires – or both, as Fear and Desire exist within and as a polarity construct, but… so little of that is understood.

And those that do have some understanding about how human consciousness works, keep this knowledge well-protected to serve only their Own interest – which is in essence profit, and this world system that places profit before life. To understand more on this and how it was developed over time, it is suggested to do actual research and watch for instance documentaries The Century of Self, PsyWar, Human Resources – Social Engineering in the 20th Century, The Story of Your Enslavement, Blind Spot.

“Paranoia is Just a ‘pretty word,’ Meaningless in a way because Conveniently anything that seems to be ‘Abnormal’ may be classified as Paranoia, so it Needs to have a Word that is More Specific. Paranoia comes from the ‘Para-Noise’, the ‘Paranoise’ comes from the Paranormal, the Paranormal comes from the Parapsychology and the Parapsychology is the Study of ‘Strange Events’ . But Not really – it is just Studying things that you Cannot Really Physically Touch like Ghosts and Thoughts, because Thoughts are like Ghosts: they are here now and then they’re Gone - in a Few Hours You Will Not be able to Remember the Exact Thought you had, you’ll be able to say “I Thought About” but You will Not Be Able to Recall the Exact Thought and Have it in Exactly the Same Way – also when you are Thinking about Something and Specially during the stage of the Developing Paranoia, the Thought will Repeat itself but In that Process, the Thought will Develop. So the Thought will be Changing and Progressively become More Obsessive and It Will Move You as the One having the ‘Paranoise’ the Paranoid Thought more and more to the Center of the Thought Convincing you that ‘the Thought is Right’ and you will so Change even Your Memory Eventually Claiming that ‘You are Right.’ It is a Fascinating thing that this Happens over and over and over again – and yet, our Psychology is not yet Researching this - it has not even Categorized it correctly…”
- Source: Paranoia - The Home of Human Reason (Part 1) 

Coming back to Parenting and the fundamental ‘educational’ construct of Fear and Desire, imposed and cultivated through the polarity approach of Reward and Punishment –
we can observe another interesting polarity construct of human consciousness: namely that of Winning and Losing.

(My previous posts are relevant in this context; You can access the Blog series here:

And again - 
this polarity construct (Winning & Losing) can be observed within and throughout the world systems and within how the human being is duped into a system which is called ‘life’ yet has in fact no regard for life, but only for profit. Where, what is winning is Profit, and what is Losing is Life - as Profit exists at the Cost of Life.

Further, on Parenting:

“…Look at How Paranoia Functions within the Physical Body, that means: Where does it Come From? Where does a Thought Come From? How does it Exist? What is the Influence of the Parents in the First 7 Years in Creating the Paranoia that will become the Character of the Child which will become The Way the Child Thinks, it will become what the Child ‘Believe’ as an Adult? To what extent the Parents are the ‘Parent-noia’ – you see it starts with the Parents. Parents are the ‘Paranoise’ they make a Lot of Noise without Any Understanding, Teaching the Child Apparently to Think and to Speak and to Be – but! Not really, they’re Just Creating Paranoia, we have a World in Peril because of Parents, Parents that Pretend to Care, but they Don’t Even Understand where are Single Word goes in the Physical Body and How that Word Expands into a Network that Eventually, would become the Ability to Speak, the Ability to Think and the Ability to be a Paranoiac Person.”

In the context of paranoia, another interesting point to see is that Paranoia exists in essence within and as Extreme Fear or Extreme Desire or in essence both –
as fear and desire exist within and as a polarity construct: to understand/see this, take any desire or obsession existent in your own mind, and look in self-honesty, you will see that behind every desire you will find a fear – a fear of losing that which you desire, a fear of not having it, not getting it, not being it, etc. And the stronger the desire is, the stronger the fear of losing it/not having it will be.

And both the Fear and the Desire will serve an interesting thing: the Paranoia of self as consciousness, which –as one can see if one would look in self-honest– always exists in a mental state of self-righteousness, seeking validation, seeking ‘its Right’, but never considering whether that perceived or made-up Right would harm or disenfranchise others' Rights, who are equally part of Life.

“If one look at for instance the incident where the man would Act out and go to the bank and then Shoot people about a Bank Overdraft -- That is now where the Paranoia moves from a Parapsychological State where the Person is Thinking about it and it is Generating Energy around it and it gets Worse and Talk to Themselves – this Self-Talk, this Thinking = that’s Paranoia. And then they Convince themselves that ‘The World is Against Them, that Everybody is Against them – there’s No Way out, they Can’t Find a Job, they Can’t Pay, they’re going to Lose...’ I mean if That Point gets Physical, if it becomes Psychological, if it becomes a Psychopath – that means it has Moved into a Path of Expression – that Person Will Commit Actions of Harm.
Now imagine that this has Taken a Long Time to Develop, it didn’t Just Happen, it’s not just a Sudden Event…”

What is furthermore interesting within this, is that in the context of Paranoia there is no regard for Life as a Whole, no regard for others as life, no place for Equality, but only for Winning at every cost, even if others must lose or pay with their lives.

Which is why I say (as the title of this post indicates) that Human Consciousness exists in Paranoia:
There is no Common Sense, no regard for Life, no practical equality approach that would care for and honor and protect the value of Life –
and this/such lack of HUMANITY –which would be, by definition, our COMMON Sense– is evidently reflected in all the systems of our world, all transactions, all interactions, the entirety of our existence.

Please, if you can hear what is being shared here, realize the necessity of asking ourselves the question:
Where did we go wrong?
What is real evil?
Why are we accepting and allowing a way of life that does not honor or support life?

Join us in the Journey to Life, read the blogs, study the material, do your research, assist yourself in developing common sense and self-honesty, support yourself to break through the veils of mind control that has become human consciousness – and understand:

No one can get out of this alone, as ‘who one is’ in one’s mind as consciousness is literally the very veil, the very prison that keeps one deluded, that keeps one in fear, even if one claim to be superior or free of fear or beyond brainwashing. If one does not even understand where a Thought comes from, where Feelings and Emotions come from, what Beliefs apparently substantiate one’s Experience – then obviously: one IS brainwashed.
That is why we walk this process individually yet as a group, to make sure we assist and support each-other to not get lost in the labyrinth of one’s own mind, to make sure that what one cannot yet see may be pointed out by others – as I am sure everyone is able to observe that it is easier to help others than to help oneself; it’s easier to see the ‘mistakes’ in others than within oneself. Ever wondered Why that is so? It is because the mind-consciousness each-one becomes is the very matrix that veils common sense, that veils the mechanics of reality, that veils the way to freedom –

Ask yourself: as long as any Fear or any point unseen and unveiled exists within oneself – How can one be free?

So, consider the obvious: No one is truly free, until All Life is free.

Join us in changing this existence, transforming human nature into actual Goodness, and manifesting a world with no masters and no slaves – a world where All Life can exist in freedom and dignity.
It is a long Journey – but we can Start Here and Now.

ART by Matti Freeman


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