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382 | Brainwashed into Inequality – A self-perpetuating System

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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I read an article today which I’d like to discuss because, though from 2010, it reminds of a few pointers which -if one would investigate and understand- can open the door to the realization of the actual problem we are facing as humanity/world and therefore also to the realization of a real solution to our existence, a solution for our world, for life on earth.

"Inequality is a self-perpetuating phenomenon."

Looking at the apparent "self-reinforcing nature of economic inequality" I agree that we must get ourselves to an understanding of "why this is the case" and how it all works, as that would be the door to seeing what it will take to change this.

Understanding brainwashing and corporate/mind control as well as understanding what we call human nature and how it is created and formed – is vital;

and one can study eg. documentaries such as The Century of Self or The Trap, where it can also be seen how the elite and the corporate media as well as political leaders "play a large role in distracting and shaping public opinion about issues such as welfare"; this is in fact mind control, brainwashing. But the control is not only imposed on opinions about welfare, it is imposed on the system of welfare itself, and it is being imposed on all systems including education, in fact the control is being imposed on the value of life.
Control to the core of human survival, to the core of the world system.

How is control being imposed? Interestingly enough through things like beLIEf and Fear.
And what does control imply, by definition, other than manipulation.
Because – why would control be needed other than for exploitation, for profit, for the protection of that which One OWN, with no regard for or consideration of the consequences that hit others – life as a Whole.
In final consequence, control is being served as the freedom to abuse and somehow everyone wants that, and then inequality is being justified through inequality, it's insane.

Looking at the world today, we now in fact seem to have a one world order that is globally imposing economic inequality and suppressing the right to life, violating human rights, allowing harm, and obstructing actual freedom, destroying the ecosystem, all by placing profit before life. 
And by pushing the rich to get richer, the poor are pushed to get poorer, and vice versa. And especially through the self-perpetuating inferiority of the poor the system is pushed into automation, and the control is in place, the control is almost perfect, because it is accepted.

Then it is justified from all sides.

The war is pretty raw.

Shouldn't it concern and alert us to realize that we are so brainwashed into inferiority complexes and so indulgent in the mind in hope or desire for more/for superiority, that we didn’t realize or see that it is the majority that has the power in this equation – and that therefore it is our/the majority’s acceptance and allowance that determines what is lived on earth which we call life, that determines how life is lived and how a co-existence is managed. And have a look – WHERE is the value of life within all of this?

For anyone interested in digging deeper into the construct of inequality I'd suggest studying the material published at the Equal Life Foundation and through Desteni.

For more insights and understanding in the matter of Brainwashing and Mind-Control, study the following search results.

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