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380. Redefining ME | Debunking Self Religion - I Am what I beLIEve?

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An interesting point I realized in the process of looking into beliefs and definitions that I had accepted to determine ‘who I am’ and how I experience myself, is in relation to a thought/belief that I had developed throughout my childhood and teenage years, where I thought and believed that “I was not loved”.

I was comparing myself to other children, and my family to other families, and obviously also to what I was seeing on TV, and I concluded that “I am not loved” and “nobody really cares about me”. 

Obviously at that stage I was not able to place myself in the shows of another, my parents for instance, and understand their behavior, see where their patterns come from and realize that they can only give that which they themselves were given by their parents, as those were given by their parents and so on.

Which brings us to the point of parental responsibility and the realization that unless the parent awakens to the actuality of reality and walks a self-honest process of Man Know Thyself – the child stands no chance of experience a new reality or the opportunity of a new world. Because as long as the patterns repeats and history keeps repeating – the world is not changing. Which means that it is in the hands of the parents to change the patterns of the past and bring forth a world that is in fact worthy of life, where each living being is equally considered and love is the practical expression of who we are.

On this point please see in the Blog series Creation's Journey to Life the post Motherhood and Brainwashing

So – when I looked at this ‘feeling’ which became a belief that I had held onto for most of my young adulthood, I realized that I had made some ‘interesting’ conclusions from that one single belief, conclusions that would affect my entire life and the way I feel about myself.

Which brings me to the question, why do we ‘feel’ something/anything ABOUT ourselves to begin with? 
How come we don’t simply Live and Express, but come to feel all kinds of things ABOUT ourselves? 
Isn’t that an indication of separation - the separation of ourselves into a mental containment, an alternate reality that is even able to determine what we’ll be capable of in life and whether we’ll live in self-respect or not?

“I feel good about myself” ... “I feel bad about myself” ... “I feel sorry for myself” ... “I feel unworthy” ... there’s all kinds of ‘feelings’ that we have ABOUT ourselves that are merely the end-result of accepted beliefs and ideas we adopt during childhood as coping-mechanisms or merely as the copied patterns we observed in our parents or other people’s behavior in our environment. What we think about ourselves is always based in the comparisons we draw – we never learn to develop self-worth as life. Isn’t that brainwashing?

On this point see also in the Blog series Creation's Journey to Life the post Brainwashing - The Secret History

Well, what’s interesting is that, even though I had forgiven and let go of the blame that I held towards my parents for me ‘feeling unloved’ and realized that parents can always only give what they have received (=what they were taught) unless they themselves get to a point of self-realization and transcend the patterns of the past that keep us all repeating the same cycles over and over again –

even though I had forgiven the blame I was projecting onto my parents, I still held on to the ‘feeling’ of ‘not being loved’ as if it were an inherent part of me, as if it were what defines me, and alas this ‘feeling’ did become what defines me because I had accepted it as me and did not question its relevance or whether I can in fact trust it, let alone the consequences from accepting such a ‘feeling’ within me to define who I am and how I experience myself.

…to be continued.

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