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386 | EVERYTHING you Think & BeLIEve is a LIE. Stop - and Open your ‘I’ to LIFE

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I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to THINK & BELIEVE that who I am is the thoughts I have about myself and my life in my mind.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that when I merely follow and BELIEVE the thoughts I have about myself and my life in my mind without even investigating how come they exist/come up and where they come from/how they were created – I am in fact becoming equal to those/such thoughts, missing the opportunity to be anything more/anything else than the thoughts I hold about myself and my life in my mind.

Therefore I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed my own limitation and have created my own self religions wherein I BELIEVE what I THINK even though I did not understand where it comes from and why it comes up.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to participate in my reality/world as the image/personality/persona I THOUGHT and BELIEVED myself to be as what comes up in my mind about myself and my life, within this not seeing or realizing that I am missing the opportunity to be anything else /anything more than what my mind tells me.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to ignore the fact that ‘who I am’ in my mind as my thoughts and beliefs about myself and my life are the result of experiences I had throughout my life and especially in childhood, where I was exposed to the influences of my environment and the people around who, just like everyone else, do not understand what our words and actions effect and impact upon others –
where we are in fact all responsible, and especially the parents, for creating ourselves and each-other based on mental constructs and judgments whereby we miss to VALUE ourselves and each-other as LIFE.

Within this I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to submit to and submerge myself to a system of comparison, competition, judgment, and struggle – wherein I did not value myself as life, thus could not value another as life either, and wherein I constantly attempted to be/feel accepted and appreciated by others ‘liking me’, while I was not even accepting and appreciating myself as life, since I was existing in constant comparison of myself to others and to idea(l)s in my mind influenced by TV and the corporate media with all the images and “values” they serve the human consciousness to keep us all enslaved within the mind, to keep us all fighting, to keep us all competing, to keep us all ‘inferior’ and thus in-fear, to keep us all desiring and seeking everywhere ‘out there’ for more and more and more and yet never being good enough, never having enough –
all the while we disregard completely the part of the world that TRULY has nothing and is left to its own demise to suffer starvation, poverty, war, famine and all the atrocious consequences of a system of polarity, of competition, of survival; a system that is ‘exclusive’ only for those that have the money and thus the power to profit from the system, a system that is not equal to LIFE, as life is all-inclusive which can be seen in the Earth providing for all and the sun shining for all and all of us here breathing the same air, a fact deliberately ignored by those exploiting life in the name of profit as they do not ever consider consequences and the legacy we leave behind for the children to come, but only consider the quick-fix that one can BUY as profit, and thus within such a system the human being is conditioned to only look for a quick-fix and to not consider consequences and outflows and the outcome our existence has on LIFE as a Whole.

Therefore I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as a consciousness of ‘quick-fixes’ preoccupied mostly with my ‘inner reality’ which is not even really real but is only the result of my conditioned consciousness and the beliefs, ideas, judgments, fears and desires that I have developed as me throughout my life and especially the formative years of childhood –

And thus I commit myself to assist and support myself and my world, this existence, to realize that consequence exists even when it does not manifest immediately, and that we cannot continue ignoring consequence as the outflows of our actions and inactions, because we will inevitably in the end FACE everything we have accepted and allowed including the consequences/outflows our acceptances and allowances have had and are having on the future of this world, of humanity, of life, of existence.

I commit myself to, as I support myself in educating myself and freeing myself from the conditioned brainwashing of an abuse-system and an ego-consciousness that is killing the ecosystem which is our common home on this common ground that is called Earth, to also support my world and this existence to realize that we’ve been duped by CONsumerism, but mainly we’ve been duped by our education and parenting systems that have not taken responsibility for life, otherwise the world would already be changing to the better and regarding the right to life for ALL living beings, but this is not happening, instead the children become their parents and make new children without having the skills or the understanding that is required in order to STOP the patterns of abuse and to STOP the suffering of life;

And I commit myself to show and expose the harm that is being done unto life through all systems of ‘quick-fixes’ at all levels – health, education, economy – and to show that unless we address the problem at its root there will never be change, and any change is only ever gonna shift the positions of power but never eliminate suffering and fear which is the result of a system of separation that places profit before LIFE.

I commit myself to show and also to apply the realization that: we are so brainwashed to THINK and BELIEVE that this is how things are and have always been that we fail to SEE that there IS another way to live and co-exist here, there IS another way which does Not include exploitation, suffering, abuse and manipulation, there Is a way to take responsibility for LIFE and dignify our existence within and without.

I commit myself to show that the SYSTEM and the WORLD we are facing as humanity is OUR CREATION – and that without the human the system would not exist; and that it is the human that created the system in its image and likeness, and at the same time the system creates the human in its image and likeness, and history is repeating and the cycles of abuse are never-ending and will not end UNLESS WE CHANGE what has become of human nature through the indoctrination of profit-based systems that have locked human consciousness into a polarity system of fear and desire, of Haves and Have-Nots, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, deliberately degrading and suppressing the VALUE of LIFE that we all have in common, deliberately demonizing Equality and everyone that stands up to share the obvious common sense that equality is the solutions to our suffering, both within and without.

I commit myself to showing that the human cannot have a positive impact on existence/humanity and cannot manifest the CHANGE we all want to see in the world as long as the human is divided within itself and between each-other, where there are parts of oneself/the world that one will judge as ‘positive’/’superior’ and other parts of oneself/the world that one will judge as ‘negative’/’inferior’, within this in fact separating self from everything that one judge and missing the opportunity to get to an actual understanding of ALL parts of oneself/the world and How it was all formed/created/manifested; I commit myself to show that within this one can see the solution of Equality – where instead of judgment there is understanding, instead of separation and blame there is support and real oneness, as LIFE, as equals of life. 

We all breathe the same air. Let us once and for all stop polluting that which sustains us. Let us embrace ALL of our creation and support ALL to get to an insight and an understanding of what it is we are facing here, as humanity collectively AND as human beings individually.

I commit myself to share the common sense that unless we understand and take responsibility for the PATTERNS of our existence, within and without, we cannot CHANGE for-Real.

Therefore I commit myself to continue walking my Journey to Life and to assist others that I see have the good intention to CHANGE our world and existence for-Real into a place where LIFE is equal to dignity, freedom, support and respect for ALL life – to understand what it will take to break free from the chains of the mind control imposed onto us all and to get together to work on actual solutions to human existence and transcend the ego-consciousness of profit that is actually based in fear (which is where all war and all imposed ‘superiority’ comes from, while neither of it –‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’– is real from the perspective of life, as both are merely mental constructs utilized to abuse and disempower life).

I commit myself to assist and support myself and others to stop our submission to fear and the constructs of ‘inferiority’ and ‘superiority’ and to get to an acceptance of and agreement the VALUE of LIFE that we all have in common by virtue of being born into this world.

Therefore I support that we must work together as LIFE to manifest a world, an existence, where every and any child born into this world is ensure a life of freedom, dignity, and support to be able to express and expand to one’s utmost potential, within this getting ourselves as humanity to REAL EVOLUTION as LIFE.

At Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation it is shown that Consciousness and Human Nature CAN be understood and taken responsibility for, and that Change within/of human nature, from the inside out, is a necessity in order to change society and our world systems;
and that unless we change our systems to be of life-support and not of profit-support, any advancement we reach will only be for profit and will thus cause harm to life as can already be seen in our world today.

So – if you are serious about ‘Changing the World’ I suggest to investigate the Desteni research and the Right to Life / Human Rights as proposed by the Equal Life Foundation, and to consider that the abuse and suffering in our world as well as the Human Nature that allows this abuse and suffering with all kinds of justifications must be addressed if we are to enter a New Era for Humanity on Earth and manifest an existence that is truly humane.

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