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385 | EVERYTHING you Think & BeLIEve is a LIE

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EVERYTHING you Think & BeLIEve is a LIE
Why do I say that?

It’s simple:
If we have a look at the creation processes involved in Thinking, which later solidifies into Beliefs and belief-systems, it’s all based on the polarity value-judgments we are exposed to during our formative years.

What do I mean by ‘value-judgments’?
Our entire education/parenting system indoctrinates a VALUE-SYSTEM that tells us that it’s ‘normal’ to create and base our existence on: mental constructs as judgments of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

And so we ‘evolve’ from the innocence of a child that will embrace everything that crosses its way equally – to a consciousness that is based on polarity (inferiority/superiority, better/worse, higher/lower, more/less, having/not-having etc.), a consciousness thus that forms a concept of self-worth based in COMPARISON.

Within this, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are no longer the common sense definitions of what is truly good for life and what harms life, but become definitions that serve the ego/consciousness that self becomes, based on the question “What’s in it for me?” / “How do I get My way?”

This Me/My, this Self, is however no longer the Self that came into this world as LIFE, but is already the self-consciousness of a SYSTEM conditioned through control, manipulation, fear and desire – and here it suffices if one looks at how parents deal with parenting = how parents teach their children, and what it is that parents in fact teach.

What all of this means is that human beings growing up in this world are already TOO BRAINWASHED to see the problem, because we exist AS the problem, the problem exists WITHIN how we define ourselves and on what basis we do so.
We do not learn, nor do we teach our children, the VALUE of LIFE.
We do not learn, nor do we teach our children, to VALUE ourselves and each-other as LIFE.

The World SYSTEM as it exists obviously benefits from a human that disregards the value of life (and I mean, how can one value the life in anyone/anything, if one is not even able to value the life within/as oneself?). One can easily ‘blame’ the system for creating a human being that will BUY into the system in the quest for the “values” of consumerism out of fear of being inadequate, not good enough, being left out or missing out etc. Let us not forget however that the SYSTEM as it exists is the result of HUMAN management, of HUMAN interaction, of HUMAN laws and agreements and in essence: of the HUMAN need and desire to control and exploit others for one’s OWN profit/benefit. Take the human out, and the system/world as we know it is no more. Without the human, there is no system. The SYSTEM merely reflects HUMAN NATURE.

So, from the perspective of LIFE:
EVERYTHING we Think and Believe is a LIE, because it is Not Life. If it was life, it would produce a result equal to life, and we would in fact have a world, an existence, where life is safe, where life is honored, where life is respected and supported – ALL life equally.
We don’t have that. Because we are not that. We always get what we give. Therefore we can only get life if we give life.

Now HOW on earth do we do that?

Certainly not by following and succumbing to all those thought processes in the mind, accompanied by feelings and emotions, based on the conditioned belief-systems we were ‘educated’ with – where (in the mind) it’s all about comparison, it’s all about how Me/Myself/I ‘feel’, it’s all about getting what I think/believe I want/need so that I can feel important/special/meaningful/accepted etc. etc.

Dare to look and SEE what goes on in your mind – and Dare to trace your thoughts and feelings and emotions back to their origin, and see what the starting-point of such mechanisms is: you will only find self-interest, you will only find fears and desires (and I mean if you have a look at your desires self-honestly you will see: behind every desire there is a fear. It’s a POLARITY system).

Who would you be without all those ‘voices’ in the mind telling you Who you are, How you are, What you’re supposed to be, What you’re supposed to want; telling you what your value and worth is, plotting ways to get to MORE value and MORE worth but – where is the VALUE of LIFE within all that?

If we are life, would that not be enough? If we are life, would we not simply accept and embrace the value of life within /as ourselves, and every other living being equally?

It is obvious, there is a PROBLEM within our existence. The operative word here being: WITHIN. 
Because self is the creator of reality, self is the origin of this world.

When self is equal to a SYSTEM of abuse/self-interest/profit - then that is what manifests as our world. 
When self is equal to LIFE as dignity, freedom, respect, support - then that is what would manifest as our world.

Please see the following Blog posts to get an insight on BRAINWASHING and to understand why HISTORY is REPEATING and why human beings are seemingly incapable of changing, incapable of SEEING another way, other than the Win-Lose scenario that this closed polarity-system of MONEY as GOD presents, this system that we are being ‘educated’ to THINK & BELIEVE is the only way we can exist.

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