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369 | The Composition of Human Rights

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Day 367 | Who profits from Rebellion? And what about Human Rights?
Day 366 | Humanity Suffers from Competition
Day 365 | Humanity, Human Nature & Human Rights

What should human rights be composed of? 

What are human rights currently composed of?

(Thanks to Cerise Poolman for placing this question on social media)

From my perspective:

Human Rights should be composed of all the things/services each one would like to have available for a life in dignity – Give as you would like to Receive; thus such things and services should be given to All life as Human Rights.

Human Rights should be composed based on agreements that consider all life. 

Currently human rights are based on agreements (made by the privileged) that consider profit, and thus we have a system and an application of "human rights" that does not regard life, but rather places profit before life and exploits life in the name of profit.

It's interesting that we have a 'declaration of human rights' in this world – yet in the actuality of reality in this world system:
human rights are not honored and life is not supported.
The current system does not regard the best interest of life in any way whatsoever, and should thus be transformed from the root into something that exists to in fact support life, not to exploit it.

The time is here to reconsider and re-evaluate Human Rights so that the practical application/living of human rights - of the Right to Life in Dignity - can become a living reality, and be something that is applied and considered in Fact, in all aspects of practical living, in all possible ways, for all living beings.
Because even though most people will agree that a child living on the streets is not just an acceptable tragedy, the actuality of our reality in this world system proves otherwise.

So it's time we really consider How-to get our external reality, our world, to in fact be that which we all wish for deep down inside. Which reminds me again of the principle 'Give as You would Like to Receive' – such a simple truth, yet seemingly so difficult for humanity.

Much has been taken for granted in this world, apparently, and there is indeed much to consider. 

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