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379. Breath-by-Breath, Moving Self past the point of Falling

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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Day 378. Redefining ME | What is Perfection? 'Success' vs. 'Failure'?

I wanna share here a chat that I had today with a fellow Destonian that is facing a point of ‘failure’, which is in essence, as the person puts it, a point of falling, of not standing up for oneself to support oneself and move beyond one’s patterns and limitations.

So what I've been living is unacceptable.
Falling left and right and not doing much about it - kind of just accepted myself falling.

My perspective:
Falling/failure is an interesting design – Here* is a document that explains this in very practical terms, I found great support for myself within that. And in relation to this, there is further support here, explaining also how to work with energy/energetic states when the energy is undefined/undefinable.
(*I will quote this document at the end of this Blog post. The excerpts are from a group chat on the point/experience of Failure.)

We REALLY must realize the simplicity of 'walking breath-by-breath' and that there is no other way. But the decision to Stand, to Walk one’s process/journey to life in self-responsibility: must be clear, absolute, eternal – and then it’s 'simply' to walk through whatever 'comes-up' in resistances, fears, desires etc., by breathing and moving self through 'it'/whatever the energy.

So I have to ask myself if I am willing to move through the discomfort and birth myself or if I am going to accept these limitations.
Currently I've made the choice to accept the limitations, although more and more I am coming to the point of shame = which I have been avoiding with distractions and more self interest.
I see that I HAVE to MAKE the decision to start. I cannot wait any longer as I have been doing.

My perspective:
Yes - SHAME - is a cool point in terms of finding it within oneself to make that decision.
USE it well - I found that one tend to misuse/abuse it by going into self-judgment and blame and consequently the same cycles of feeling unworthy, projecting the change as unreachable = accepting failure, falling, self-judgment, etc. etc.

Yes, I see that in myself.

My perspective:
One important point when one make the decision especially in the beginning is to structurally/systematically practically support oneself in walking it.
In this one must use what one know/can see will work for one's own mind/beingness nature.

Create patterns?

My perspective:
Yes – create patterns of support. Also change patterns to re-fresh your perspective etc. etc. – one can play with it and explore, find what works.
(Obviously at the same time using the practical tools of self forgiveness, corrective commitment statements, and living the commitment in practical application.)

For example I considered to set a particular melody as alarm every single hour on my phone, to 'remind' me of my decision to walk breath-by-breath. That means practically that the latest at this point I will be 'checking' myself to see whether I am stuck in any point such as resistance, mood, thought, emotion etc.

That is cool.

My perspective:
Yes, so you must find what will work for you.
What will work for you = How to support yourself in walking your decision. And that could be fun because you will have a reference point – which is yourself – and accordingly you form and assess your support to yourself – and so you move and explore and expand: You.

This is then basically a perspective of the practical dimension of developing a ‘self-relationship’ that you are the directive authority of, from the starting-point of what's best for all life;
which is basically the starting-point. 'Back to breath' in every moment -- I am here -- I am the starting-point: Who am I? Who will I be? Am I directing/moving myself? Will I submit to the system/program/design or will I move myself beyond the limitations I have accepted to define me, to be me, to make my decisions in life?

Alright. I understand that from making the decision to walk what is best for all I will create these patterns from my starting point of self support, I still see that I need to prove this stand to myself and trust myself through application over time, and in that I need to stand equal to the Trust of myself.

My perspective:
Yes - very cool, your words are clear and show that you see and understand.

<< I understand that from making the decision to walk what is best for all I will create these patterns from my starting point of self support >>
Yes, cool – and so you start with what is best for You from the perspective of You as all/life. That is where self-honesty is required in terms of really moving into/as self-support and practical living in self-respect, dignity and consideration of oneself as life and everybody else as life equally. The principle ‘do unto others as you would like others to do unto you’ expresses the simplicity of this application.

<< I need to prove this stand to myself and trust myself through application over time, and in that I need to stand equal to the Trust of myself >>
Yes, and this ‘need’ you must Give to yourself in/through/as the breath-by-breath walking/directing of You in self-support as life. Then there is no more need/want/desire/must-do/should-be-doing etc. because you live the ‘correction’ that is the alignment of yourself to life, to that which is best for all life, and thus equally best for you.
And within this you develop and establish Trust as yourself.

ART by Matti Freeman

*Documented perspectives on the point of FAILURE:

The Design of the Soul, had as its Foundation - the Intent to Imbed Control throughout Existence. The Embodiment of the Control, was to Create a Purpose, and the Purpose needed a Foundation. The Foundation Starting-Point of the Purpose: was Failure. Which then would Design the Being to Create their own Motivation to try and get away from Failure. In this - they will Justify Failure, and come to Accept it as Part of their Beingness. Once that's Accepted - the Concept of Being Born in Sin, so to speak, would become Part of even the Physical Reality. This has been Done over and over and over for Millions of Years, 'till no-one could Remember who they really were, or could be. Because, the 'could be' was Replaced with Motivation to try and get Away from the Failure that seems to Plague every Breath as Thoughts that jumps up, as Feelings and Emotions and Visions and Voices in the Mind - Questioning, Hoping, Wishing, Ignoring, Denying, Seeking Forever a Feeling that everyone Believe 'must Exist', and which eventually got the Name 'Love'. But all it was, was in fact Failure in another Name. Self Created - Complete Control, Absolute Separation.

For instance, the Modern Face of Failure - is Based on the Premise that Forms the Foundation of Consumerism - that 'somehow' your Life isn't complete and good enough, unless you have the Next Product that's going to be make it Better. No-One can Remember when they Changed and Shifted into Acceptance of such Bizarre Behaviour. And yet, it is Accepted and every Child, from Birth is Taught this as the Only Reality. Imbedding, at every level - the implied and tacit Concept: "you're a Failure and your Life will never be good enough". Making it Acceptable, as an Individual, you can Never Reach fulfillment by yourself - you'll always Need something to Feel Better.
As an Example in History, if we Look at the Dark Ages - and then the Industrial Revolution and the various steps our Economies took - you'll Notice imbedded in it: the Absolute Suffering that Forced the Human to Develop within themselves, things like Courage. But this Courage, was in fact Imbedded and Founded on Failure. And, regardless of the Suffering - the Fascinating thing is: that the Human at an Individual Level are so Controlled, by Failure, that they Cannot Conceive the Simplicity of Ending all failure. Which is obviously to Work Together as ONE Group, as Humanity, as Life - and to Give to each other, as you would Like to Receive.

So, if we Look at one of the Primary Influences that Challenged this Failure-Concept: we will Note that it was Jesus. Not so much because of Who he was, but Rather as How his Message was Used. Fascinatingly enough - instead of taking the Practical Living Words, through which to Produce a Society that is Best for All Life: Jesus was Deified and Blood and Death, became the Doorways to Fulfillment. So Scary, that everyone just in Seeing it or Hearing the Story - Immediately would Accept Failure, because they Cannot See themselves EVER to do that, to suffer for others, to be crucified - and to be without sin."
Unfortunately, you'll Notice that nowhere - is there Any Indicators throughout History that Challenge the Mind. Instead, the Mind is being used as the Way to Justify these Failures. Because Individuality has been Defined, to be of Mind, and so - the Being, which would at Death be the Soul, would have as Purpose - a Dedication, to Overcome Failure. Not in a Practical Way, but rather in Creating Feelings which were named like 'Hope', 'Love and Many More. All fascinatingly, the Actual Creations Humanity. And, Not the Direct Design of those that Designed Reality. In Anu's Original Interviews, he talked about the Fascinating thing - that Humanity Created Love. He didn't have to do Anything. All he had to make sure, was that - everyone, regardless of how they try - Always Fail. And, if you Look at your Life: you'll See this Repeating Pattern.

So, in Modern Times - Humanity made Love Physical. It was this Need for Fulfillment - a Way to measure whether you have in fact Accomplished Hope, Love, Self-Fulfillment - and Man invented Money. So, here we Are: in a Total Reality where every Single Part of the Existing Beings are Illusions - even made Flesh, so to speak. With such a Complete Belief, that this is the Only Way Things can Ever Be - That, not a single moment is Spent on Understanding and Investigating HOW this All came about.
The Soul was the Carrier of the Preprogrammed Design that would be Infused into the Physical. And through Time, eventually, was Established a Way to Make the Human Believe - that when you Accept your Divine Origin, and the Concept that you will Return to your Creator as One that has overcome your Lessons of Failure by staying hopeful, by focusing on Love - would Give you your Soul back, so to speak. And if you Investigate the Beliefs of those into Spirituality: they All have gone through a Process of Developing their Soul, which is Developing Hope, Love, Light and ALL the Points that Allows you to Justify Failure - to Separate yourself from the System Causing it, to Protect yourself with Money and Possessions; and to Wait Gracefully for your Death and your JUST REWARD of Returning to your Family of the Soul. This is Deeply Entrenched, and there is Volumes Written about it. Even Psychology as it exist today, tend to go into this Extensively - utilizing the same Concepts, to Motivate the Person to Stand up from Failure. Instead of Preventing the Failure - Failure is Hopes for, because that will Force the Being to Embrace the Opposite Polarity, the Positive Message. And, once they have a Positive Approach - they are of 'Healthy Mind'. And in a way, the word 'Healthy' - comes from HELL. You have walked through Hell you Create your own Positive Graven Image, which will Ensure that -at the Very Least: in your Grave, on your Tombstone there will be a Positive Memory; and the Hope that - like you can See, even from Egyptian Times - of something better in the Hereafter. But, nowhere - do we have even the Slightest advanced Intellect that Considered sorting out HERE, and preventing this Bizarre Way of existence.

So - Understand, in your Process: you are going to Face Failure. And, within the Group - it is Important to Support each-other - to never jump to Conclusions, and to Realise the Importance of Writing. The Beauty about Writing is, that it is Extremely Difficult to Write something you do not Intend, especially within the Journey of Life. That is Why, when someone Write nasty stuff - it is what they really Intend. And therefore, it is Important for each one to Keep Writing - because, in a way, you are Telling those that Support you in the Group - that you're Okay and you're Handling your Challenges well - and they can See in your Writing, when you Need Help. And then, I suggest - One Help, where you are Able.

Realise: there can Never be a Quick Solution to this Problem, because Fundamentally - you have to Change yourself, so Clearly, that even where you are Alone: you will Not Speak Ill of another, you will Not Gossip, you will Not take part in Causing their Failure just to bring them down - you will will yourself to Find a way within yourself, that is the Road for yourself, and others, that will Lead to a World that is Best for all Life. And in Finding this Way - within yourself, you will Lead the Way, and thus be - by definition, a Real Leader. And within this, each one that Lead the way - will Represent Equality and because of the Intended Outcome of What is Best for All: will be One. Within this: each Individual's battle is Unique, and in a way Alone. Because, you have Uniquely been Preprogrammed, although the Patterns used are the same - the specific Experiences will be Rather Personal. Therefore, it is Important to Strengthen one's Resolve, Realising: at this Stage - that you Only have One Life in which to Accomplish the Mission of Creating yourself as Life as What is Best for All, as the Living Word - Both within and without, Equal. So that No Conflict exist within and without in Every Breath, so that you are not the Cause due to your own Conflict of your Own Failure.

Every Failure you will Face in the System - is Purely a Challenge on How to Find a Way to Present a Solution around the point, which will - through Application of What is Best for All, Resolve the Failure and turn it into a Win-Win for All. Using such Approach, will be Beneficial for yourself and will also Benefit Others and will mean that you are Walking your Process as Effective as Possible.

On the Point of Jesus and his Failure - Understand: that that is a Perspective to Show that - there are Several Approaches to View the Crucifixion and that Jesus' willingness to be Crucified can also be Termed Suicide.
So, therefore: You can do your Utmost in your Process- but in the End - Give-Up to Failure, because it All seems to look Impossible. And then, your Giving Up will also be a Suicide because: even if you Continue in the same Body, but you Give up on Life - you Kill the Opportunity of you Being Life.

There is a Point that is So Challenging - that one will Feel you can Never make it, and one must get Beyond this Point. Are you giving up on yourself, not Really. Because the Self do not yet Exist. Are you giving up on Becoming the Self - Yes, that is More Specific. Understand, that: it was Deliberately Programmed to make you Believe that you are Giving up on yourself. And, in that - you would Align yourself to this Self that is 'full of sin'. But, in fact - That is Not a Self in the Real Context of the Word. It is Only the Self everyone came to Accept. Which Embodies ALL of Failure, and one should give up on the Failed Self - because that Failed self will never support you as Life, or another as Life.

So, understand: you have Created the Fake Self under the Driving Force and Motivation of for instance, Hope. So that, instead of Giving Up on the Fake Self and Establishing the Real Self -you Justify the Fake Self - Never to Give Up on it, by for instance using Hope. And then Creating a Fake Reality of Self Interest where only YOU benefit, because you Benefit - you convince yourself that your Actions were Righteous.

Consider also:

Money has become the Tool with which one Experience a sense of Power over your Circumstance - which you will Disguise and Claim to be 'Success' But, success in its Context that would be Meaningful, would be: a World that is Best for All Life - where All is taken care of. Individual Success, will Always have a Starting Point of Failure - and the Belief that somehow, because you have More than others, you have Achieved Success. That is Certainly no Measure for Success. But rather, Similar to a Pirate that Robs and Steals for Self-Interest.

Everybody is now too scared to die - and nobody wants to give up their Money, their Sex, their Playboy, their Porn Channel, their Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches - so, don't worry, the War is Happening on the Streets between Drunk people, in homes, where people go crazy. And, especially in Economic Wars. But, a Big War - those with Vested Interests have too much to Lose, they will only make War in Poor Countries where the Poor is collateral Damage. Or in other Countries where they can make Huge Fortunes.

For further perspectives on this point and on how to assist oneself and stand up from despair, read also Sensitive Souls – How to Face Success

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