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387 | Implications of Mental-I-ties – 'Lack' & 'Need' vs. Self-Worth & The Value of Life

ART by Terhas Tree White

...Looking further into my accepted definitions and judgments in relation to self-worth and value, an interesting point that is often not taken into consideration / is not realized when dealing with superiority/inferiority issues and the point of SELF-WORTH, is the fact that our entire education and parenting system indoctrinates a VALUE-SYSTEM that tells us it’s ‘normal’ to create and value mental polarity constructs based on judgments and ideas of inferiority/superiority, better/worse, higher/lower, more/less, having/not-having etc., within this creating a foundation for the development of a concept of self-worth that is rooted in COMPARISON.
...We do not learn, nor do we teach our children, the VALUE of LIFE.
...We do not learn, nor do we teach our children, to VALUE ourselves and each-other as LIFE.

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So, in the process of investigating the main beliefs that determine my accepted self-definitions – self-definitions that were formed in my process of ‘education’ and ‘personality development’ and that are not equal to life as self-worth and self-acceptance – I came to see and realize that most such beliefs are based on a perception of NEED, which in turn is based in a perception of LACK.

Here one is able to see the polarity within such perception constructs, since without a perception of LACK the perception of NEED would not have emerged.

What is further interesting to note here is that such constructs are MENTAL in nature, meaning: 
they are based on belief/thinking and they emerge from a parenting/education system that is rooted in COMPARISON which is in essence competition which is in essence the idea that I NEED to get/have/be MORE in order to be fulfilled/accomplished/accepted/appreciated/worthy.

Is it then any wonder at all that children in this world grow up to be CONsumers, caring only about their OWN Self-IMAGE i.e. how they are seen and PERCEIVED by others because within how they are seen and perceived by others is defined the VALUE they apparently have and what they are WORTH.

And yet, no one seems to wonder or question the validity of such “value” and “worth” and what the implications are of making one’s own value and worth subject to OPINION which is in essence judgment.

An interesting point that can be seen here as well is that JUDGMENT is not only the ‘negative’ polarity but also the ‘positive’, and this one can see for instance if one have a self-honest look at how much effort one will put into being a ‘positive person’ and doing ‘good deeds’, when in fact the starting-point for such ‘positivity’ is merely the NEED to feel good/accepted/appreciated/worthy based on how OTHERS react to one’s words and actions.

So, if the starting-point of such ‘goodness’ is the NEED to feel good/accepted/appreciated/worthy – would that be real goodness or would that be in fact manipulation and deception. I mean, otherwise all the ‘good deeds’ and ‘positivity’ people try and apply in their lives would have had actual visible results and impact onto this world, this reality, which would and should visibly start becoming a better place, meaning – a place where life is valued and our co-existence is one of respect, freedom and dignity. 

Yet no such change is visible in our world, neither on the smaller scale of interpersonal relationships nor in the bigger scale of world systems. There are so many charities in this world, yet if one self-honestly would investigate the institution of CHARITY one would see that all it does is giving the IMPRESSION of ‘doing good’ while not in any way questioning the SYSTEM that NEEDS charity to begin with. I mean, if our world system was one that would care for and support all life equally so that all can live and co-exist in freedom, dignity and respect – charity would no longer be needed. Therefore it is safe to say that all charity does is perpetuate the current system and prevent actual CHANGE.

Seeing this, one is able to see the necessity for questioning the ‘good’ within ourselves and whether the ‘good’ we do is really good from the perspective of bringing forth real change within ourselves and the reality we share with others in our world – or whether the ‘good’ we do is merely a facade, an image, an impression we like to give just to ‘feel good’ about ourselves, just to feel accepted / appreciated / worthy, when in fact we do not even GIVE that worth and acceptance to ourselves to begin with.

…to be continued.

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