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384 | Self-Worth & The Value of Life

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Looking further into my accepted definitions and judgments in relation to self-worth and value, an interesting point that is often not taken into consideration / is not realized when dealing with superiority/inferiority issues and the point of SELF-WORTH, is the fact that our entire education and parenting system indoctrinates a VALUE-SYSTEM that tells us it’s ‘normal’ to create and value mental polarity constructs based on judgments and ideas of inferiority/superiority, better/worse, higher/lower, more/less, having/not-having etc., within this creating a foundation for the development of a concept of self-worth that is rooted in COMPARISON.

Which means that human beings growing up in this world are already TOO BRAINWASHED to see the problem within that, because we exist AS the problem, the problem exists WITHIN how we define ourselves and on what basis we do so.

We do not learn, nor do we teach our children, the VALUE of LIFE.

We do not learn, nor do we teach our children, to VALUE ourselves and each-other as LIFE.

This is a HUGE problem, as it results to the world as we know it. Human consciousness / human beings are the building blocks of this world and all the systems within/of it. 

The evolution of human consciousness and how human nature was deliberately formed to be gullible and easily manipulated to BUY into the promises of a system that never cared about LIFE but only for PROFIT, can be seen through documentaries like the Century of Self for example and further it can be studied in depth through the educational series published at eqafe.

Dare to Care – 

Dare to See that we Are the problem, and that therefore we must be/become the solution, if this world is to become a place that is truly worthy of life, a place where LIFE is the VALUE and thus where life is honored, where life is safe, where life is protected and supported – ALL life equally.

“We have taught our children that to be special is to be highly valued - more so than to not be highly valued. This has lead to our culture of fame seeking and unequal value systems which is simply not sustainable - nor is it humane. The consequences, as we see daily, are catastrophic - all because we want to be valued.”
– Cerise Poolman in Activist’s Journey to Life Day 370

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want, need and desire other people to react in a specific way as a response to the image I present to the world – where I within this have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that the reactions I may/might trigger within other people defines who I am in the context of my value and worth – where I see and realize that I am basically utilizing my perception of how other people respond and react to and towards the image I present of myself to the world to measure who I am and to gauge my value and worth– and so within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to develop a well-grounded understanding of the true nature of personal value in the sense of actually valuing life and real living – in relation to developing and investigating what real living, real expression is and means – but have instead accepted and allowed myself to form an alternate reality as a result of allowing myself to adopt the distorted views that I have been presented with from this external world/reality – without ever questioning or investigating the beliefs, ideas and ideals that I have endorsed in terms of looking at and really live the understanding of how limiting these beliefs are, where I see and realize that the ideals and self-beliefs that I have formed and adopted as a result of the distorted views this external reality promotes are merely just opinions, ideas, beliefs – which means that they are not real, not tangible, not based on what is best for all or even based on any real value what so ever – and yet, I have allowed myself to mold my viewpoint about/of myself according to this.”
– Malin Gunilla in What Determines Your Worthiness?

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to mask myself as who I actually am in this point of being inferior to another - wherein I think and believe I am a victim because I am placing myself as inferior and then will go into all sorts of reactions and comparisons instead of realizing that what I am ACTUALLY doing is attempting to manipulate myself and another to be that which they will like, so that I get a feeling that will reward me in defining myself as 'ok' - instead of realizing this is a deliberate act of self dishonesty in where I do not take responsibility for who I am in each moment in not allowing myself to play the polarity game as seeing another as more then me, as I have come to see and realizing that it is NOT real, that I am equal to all beings in that we all exist currently as a mind of self definition and it's only through our ACCEPTANCE that we do not see/realize/stand within/as equality and oneness and so I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to play the part of being a 'doubtful being' wherein I will deliberately doubt myself in attempting to get what I want”
– Kristina Salas in The Hidden Truth behind Inferiority

by Kelly Posey

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