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377 | Catalyzing Change in Respect of Common Sense

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Continuing in the context of
Day 372 | Human Rights and Human Nature - Education or Indoctrination?
Day 370 | Do Human Rights have any Foundation in this World System?
Day 369 | The Composition of Human Rights
Day 367 | Who profits from Rebellion? And what about Human Rights?
Day 366 | Humanity Suffers from Competition
Day 365 | Humanity, Human Nature & Human Rights


“Everything we hear is an OPINION, not fact – everything we see is a perspective, not the TRUTH”

This goes to show the necessity of COMMON SENSE and why unfortunately common sense is rather uncommon in this world and is certainly not the principle or foundation from which the consumerism/capitalist system was formed. 

The questions remain, WHAT veils our common sense and our reality approach; and HOW do we get to COMMON SENSE, to that Missing Link that would enable HUMANITY, as the society of the human race, to get to a way of life, an existence on Earth, that is is in fAct worthy of LIFE, that is in fAct Humane.

For answers and solutions explore the Desteni material and check out and the Equal Life Foundation. Get informed, get involved, dare to care. 

The CHANGE we wanna see in this world must be real, must be visible/tangible, it must include all life, and it must be lived-into reality by the building-blocks of reality: You and Me. We gotta Live Change into Existence. It's not something ' out there'. We ARE the problem in this existence, all of us, therefore we ARE the solution. Stand Up - and Stand for LIFE - for ALL as One, as Life, as Equals. Educate yourself, get to common sense, get to self-honesty, get to SelfRealEyezation, and help give real life to all equally.

It’s interesting that such goal seems impossible and obviously the system makes sure that this 'feeling' of 'impossibility' is accepted and ingrained to an extent of control that is no longer perceived as control.

But how can we claim any freedom if there are bounds to what is possible in this world, all the while we have an incredibly impossible system that exploits life in the name of profit! It seems impossible to feed all children in the world, and yet the calculations will show that more food is wasted than required to feed everyone. More money is vested in war than in every other aspect of human life. That should be impossible. Yet it is not.

So the real question is: What are we accepting and allowing?
And the real insight is: The power that we give away through our acceptances and allowances is the fuel that keeps the system running and the world as we know it.

We are all responsible.

"The political legitimacy to implement Real Evolutionary changechange for the betterment of All – will not come from the Government above, nor will it suddenly materialize because we are in the moral right. No one can give us the self-governing traits of self honesty/responsibility in equality for and as what is best for all; we must become it. One’s responsibility is always just a matter of taking the next step, and as always the opportunity is right Now."
- Thomas La Grua in "Equal Money and some Real Change"

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