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394 | The Paranoia of “I don’t want to become like my Parents”

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

This post in the context of

Here I will be looking into this point (see Title) in the context Paranoia, a point that opened up recently within the process of investigating, exposing and understanding the ‘Secret Mind’ and why it is that this creation as a whole as well as every individual creation as an individual human being / an individual life is rather created through all that which one keeps and feeds in one’s ‘Secret Mind’.


“Paranoia is Just a ‘pretty word,’ Meaningless in a way because Conveniently anything that seems to be ‘Abnormal’ may be classified as Paranoia, so it Needs to have a Word that is More Specific. Paranoia comes from the ‘Para-Noise’, the Paranoise comes from the Paranormal, the Paranormal comes from the Parapsychology and the Parapsychology is the Study of ‘Strange Events’. But Not really – it is just Studying things that you Cannot Really Physically Touch like Ghosts and Thoughts, because Thoughts are like Ghosts: they are here now and then they’re Gone - in a Few Hours You Will Not be able to Remember the Exact Thought you had, you’ll be able to say “I Thought About” but You will Not Be Able to Recall the Exact Thought and Have it in Exactly the Same Way – also when you are Thinking about Something and Specially during the stage of the Developing Paranoia, the Thought will Repeat itself but In that Process, the Thought will Develop. So the Thought will be Changing and Progressively become More Obsessive and It Will Move You as the One having the ‘Paranoise’ the Paranoid Thought more and more to the Center of the Thought Convincing you that ‘the Thought is Right’ and you will so Change even Your Memory Eventually Claiming that ‘You are Right.’ It is a Fascinating thing that this Happens over and over and over again – and yet, our Psychology is not yet Researching this - it has not even Categorized it correctly…”

What I am looking into within this post is the following:

How is it that most human beings grow up thinking “I don’t want to become like my parents” or “I am never going to be like my parents” – and yet end-up being/becoming quite the same, especially with regards to all those traits that one had seen as ‘negative’.

One point to understand within that is that one cannot CHANGE anything through judgment. This is because judgment is a result of and creates separation, and obviously one cannot change anything from which one separates oneself.

This can be looked at in the context of the world system as well: 
Instead of realizing How the system is created, namely through the participation of ALL and everyone in every moment of this co-existence, people separates themselves from the system to either place themselves as ‘inferior’ saying things like “but I am just a human, I can’t change anything” and other ‘justifications’ of this nature, or place themselves as ‘superior’ (which will be the case if one was born into power/money/status) claiming that “I am not the one creating/accepting poverty and starvation, it is the system’s fault” –

no one ever taking responsibility for What is Here as our common creation.

Another point to consider in the context of creation, is that

“ that which you accept and allow within yourself will foster and grow to furthermore extend its influence throughout your thoughts, emotions, feelings, reactions, words and deeds, which is obviously what creates your physical behavior, and that undeniably affect others. Therefore there can be no doubt; what you entertain, amplify, accept and allow within yourself will create consequences for others outside of you; as the addiction of irrational self-interest has proven throughout the ages … That which is accepted within becomes the without, which might seem a bit contradictory to the above mentioned, but it is not to be construed as what you entertain in your mind immediately become manifested. It is a slow process that becomes manifested by various degrees depending on consistency, but most importantly; your starting-point/intent and self-honesty. You may try to manifest something by consistent application, but if your starting-point is fearing not having it, or losing it – you are obviously not getting it are you?
And as for trying to manifest something by consistent application/effort; you do not only become that which you try manifesting in consistency, but also the consistent causes for trying to manifest it, which usually sabotage that which you want to manifest. Such is the paradoxical behavior of the human … You mostly create and influence indirectly and unconsciously. But even one person has a major effect on the world … ”

Back to the point of self-creation and the thoughts that will arise in almost every child’s mind (“I don’t want to become like my parents” or “I am never going to be like my parents”), what can be seen is that such thoughts, regardless how ‘small’ in intensity, are in fact a form of Paranoia.

And the more such Paranoia is fed with attention, be it the attention of actually Thinking about it, for instance by creating judgments and opinions in the mind, or by Suppressing and Denying the emotional reactions one is having towards for instance one’s parents – the more the Paranoia will grow. 

And there is nothing in this world to assist and support one in How to deal with such problems, not the parents, not the schools, not the educational system in general, and certainly not the media, society, or things like psychology, as these systems are but arms of the Bigger Systems that is the system of Profit and exploitation that is dependent on keeping the human in ignorance with no real tools and skills that would enable the human to walk an actual process of ‘Man Know Thyself’ and take responsibility for oneself and one’s creation, consequently for Life as a whole.

“No Parent on Earth currently Knows how their Child starts Thinking. They Just Accept that ‘it is Part of the Human Condition/Human Nature’ and so, the Sins of the Fathers are Visited Upon the Children up to the Sixth and the Seventh Generation … if you would Understand How Thought Functions = You would Never Create your Personality and Character based on Thinking.”
“…The Original Life Force (…) Started-out so beautifully – seemingly Innocent as a Child – before the Paranoia is born that becomes the Human Reason that Could Create a World the Way it is Now, without Being Able to even Conceive the Participation that Takes Place within Every Moment within the Very Panoramic View of the Mind where one is busy Coloring-in the Story, Telling Yourself Stories Until You Believe it – Totally Paranoid that “I am Righteous”…”

What is interesting is that how we create ourselves to be the personality or personalities we become according to situation, is that such personalities are in fact coping mechanisms, protection and defense mechanisms, designed to make us seem and feel ‘right’; They are not real, genuine life expressions. They are based on all the fears and desires that one keeps in the ‘Secret Mind’, on all the things that one had accepted as ‘more powerful’ than oneself, as separate from oneself, as things that one must either achieve/gain/attain or fear/avoid/ignore – 

but what is not seen is how through such separation and judgment (be it positive or negative) is how one in facts gives these/such things power and allows them to ‘secretly’ grow, and whether one is aware of it or not, these are the ‘things’ that control one’s decisions and choices in life, because the very starting-point is that of “I have to protect myself” or “I don’t want to become like this or that” – without however investing the effort and the willing to understand WHAT these things are (fears, desires, judgments etc.) and HOW they are created; HOW and WHY they come-up and what the real motive is behind their existence.

Do you KNOW how your fears and desires were created in the first place? Do you KNOW why you have the judgments you have? You don’t – and yet we all justify and defend these ‘things’, these ‘things’ that are in fact our limitations and that form the very structure of the matrix each-one finds themselves ‘imprisoned’ within.

Fascinatingly enough, the perception and belief prevail that the prison is the physical – when all the while the prison is the mind. 
We believe we are trapped in the physical/the body, when in fact we are trapped in the mind, the consciousness, the program, as the system that is imposed onto and forms the body, the physical, the reaction/behavior patterns, our participation, our decisions and choices. It is the consciousness that limits the physical/living expression of life. 
It’s quite bizarre that one cannot/will not see this, while one can see that it is the system that limits the reality of life on earth.

“Jesus never said ‘I am the THINKING Word’ – He said ‘I’m the LIVING Word’ But obviously Those that are Behind the Education, Never Teach anyone How Thought Really Works, How it Comes About…”

How can we then assist and support ourselves to "not become like our parents" - not out of judgment or blame, but out of the understanding that in this world, and here I refer to all parents and all past generations, we lack the life skills and understanding required to break through the veils of brainwashing and control and create ourselves and our world in Integrity, Freedom, and Dignity!
In this, one must consider the following:

“It’s Important that One Takes Each Thought that Arise, Each Feeling and you Look at the Association and How you have ‘Branded’ Everyone Around You according to Your Protection Mechanism. And therefore you must be Grateful for the People that Trigger within you all kinds of Feelings and Reactions because They are the Key to Your Freedom, Without them: You’re Never Going to be Free. You Want Someone in your life that Can Help you Activate all the Hidden Secret Stuff because we’re Now Entering the Secret mind, That which is Automated Within, the Secrets you Never Tell Anyone How you Come to Your Reason, How you Come to Your Decisions is Always a Secret, you don’t Share with people the Real Stuff going on in the Mind, because that’s really like Nasty stuff – You don’t want People to See that! – So understand: Now with Paranoia We’re Entering the Secret Mind.”

“So – Any Point that Arises, If You Do Not Act on it in terms of your Correction immediately obviously Very Soon you’re going to Forget it; and Then you have to Wait for another Activation, in Another Event in your world or Another Word before you can Correct it – or you may Justify it and Try and Explain and Reason ‘Why’ the Way you Reacted to the Word is ‘Valid’ because of this Reason and that Reason and ‘This happened’ and ‘That happened’ –All of that is Utter Bullshit, it is Part of your Paranoia and your Design of Paranoia will Always look at the One Critical Word that You Have to Realize and All Times are a Key that You are Paranoid: it’s the word Justification. The Structural Design of Any Point is Explained Directly the Way It Is, there is No Justification Necessary.

So – in This Case for instance it is important that one Realize that whether the Reaction to a Word in a Paranoid-Form as a Thought or a Memory or a Feeling or an
Emotion or Imagining or a Fear that arises = it Doesn’t Matter How Big it is, Small or Big is the Same Thing it’s Paranoia – BE CLEAR on this, Make it Clear to Yourself so You Do Not Allow Yourself to Have ‘the Small things’ Pass-by while you Only deal with the Big things, because the more you Deal with the Big Things = the Bigger ‘the Small things’ are going to Grow because You have created Space Within Your Flesh for them to Grow, and it will become a New Possession that will be More Serious because you would have Justified it and Allowed it. And it will be More Difficult to Take it out because you will not be able to See ‘How’ and ‘Where’ and ‘When’ you did it with Clarity because “It all Sounds So Possible!.” That’s Why Ignorance is so Plausible it Sounds ‘Okay,’ it Sounds ‘Acceptable’ – “I Should Allow it because It Could Be True!” You Cannot Allow Paranoia, you have to be Without Mercy in Tackling the Illusion or the Illusion will take you Away and Destroy your World and those Around You and Will Destroy Life on Earth.”
“…It’s a Long Journey Before you can Get Rid of your Paranoia, your Fear and All the Stuff that’s Going on Inside your Mind in Secret All the Time that You Never Share with Anyone – that’s your Secret Mind, that’s the Great Danger because: that’s Where You are Completely Paranoid.”

If you see the necessity to take this Matter seriously and get to actual Solutions that will allow for LIFE to emerge Here as a Physical Living Expression of who we really are and can be, so that each child born into this world is assured a life in Freedom, Dignity, Joy and Respect as well as the Equal Opportunity to Express, Expand and Explore one's Utmost Potential as Life -

then please make sure you study the following, as well as the posts to come:

 [6] As Within So Without

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