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370 | Do Human Rights have any Foundation in this World System?

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In the previous blog post I looked at the fact that we have a 'declaration of human rights' in this world – yet in the actuality of reality in this world system: human rights are not honored and life is not supported/protected.

Our system does not provide the foundation for Human Rights to be able to be Lived and Applied in a way that in fact protect and support the Life in Each One. 

Let’s look at some interesting questions (The questions are excerpts from a group chat we had tonight):

Does a new born child have protection against what the parents will teach it?

Does a new born child have protection against what the government will impose on it as economic system even when this economic system will end for many in poverty?

Does a baby have the right to be introduced to a world where all will be happy?

Is the pursuit of happiness possible if a child has no say about what it will be taught?

From my perspective:
Society should be part of the custodianship of humanity in earth.
The responsibility for life is missing.
An equal life foundation is missing from our world and system. Otherwise human rights would not be an issues – it would be how we live and who we are and what our world is.

Also, people must learn that one must make sure one can read the implications of statements, like eg. the constitution. In the beginning was the word – What word is it actually?

But everyone is like – clueless – "powerless".
And this is what we accept.
And remain brainwashed – products of a system of inequality and abuse, creating further inequality and abuse.

Is equality before the law equality if the law is not about equality at all and actually impose the protection of inequality?

Can Capitalism actually exist within an equality system of Human Rights?

Is the Bill of rights not maybe rather the Bill of Capitalism?

From my perspective:
As a system we require to go from the protection of inequality to the protection of equality = the protection, support and consideration for LIFE;
from self-interest and fear -- to the interest of life, to freedom / expansion / living –
through real learning, real education.

Man Know Thyself and the purification of the practicality of Human Rights are two key-points in the process of changing our world.

The Bill of Rights, the Cost of Rights…

With how currently human rights are applied/lived – at what cost does the declaration of human rights exist as it does?

The cost of living – is this our Right to Life? The Right to Bill?

The Equal Life Foundation promotes and champions the Equal Right to Life and happiness as an Intrinsic Right of Every Human Endowed by BIRTH.

The Equal Life Foundation holds that an Equal Life Right implies:
a) An Equal Economic Right to all financial needs to ensure access to the Fundamental Needs of a living Being.
b) An Equal Health Right in access to the latest available Health Care to sustain an optimum Life.
c) An Equal Home Right as to housing WITH the latest available means and technology to maintain a Life of Happiness and Dignity.
d) An Equal Education Right as to pursue education relevant to a sustainable Earth and to participate in enhancing Life on Earth for all participants.
e) An Equal Property Right to ensure that each Human has a piece of land they can call their OWN while embodied.
f) An Equal Right to FREE association with the understanding that such association does not limit the first Fundamental Human Right -- namely an Equal Life Right for all or any of the Rights flowing from this Right.
g) An Equal Right to the latest Research in any field to ensure the highest possible living standard for all on Earth.
h) An Equal share in all Resources by region or country to ensure that the resources that the Earth provides remain allocated to ensure an Equal Life Right for All, that will support the pursuit of happiness and peace.

The Equal Life Foundation states that it is a Basic Human Right to not be manipulated and controlled by Psychological means to end up forgoing the first fundamental Right as an Equal Life Right.

The Equal Life Foundation champions the Equal Money System as a REASON-TANK to explore the practical application and implementation for the Constitutional establishment of the Equal Life Right as the FIRST Basic Human Right.

The Equal Life Foundation supports Desteni as an educational means to free the individual from Psychological control and lead the Human to the path of Freedom from Fear.

The Equal Life Foundation champions the cause of Basic Animal Rights, to, as an Equal Life Right, have a Life of support, respect and happiness as Equal co-inhabitants of planet Earth.

The Equal Life Foundation champions all ways that will ensure the effective protection of the First Basic Human Right as an Equal Life Right for all generations to come.

The Equal Life Foundation champions the Equal Right to Spiritual Equilibrium where this does not, in any way, diminish the first Basic Human Right of an Equal Life for All.

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