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371 | Redefining ME – Debunking Self Religion

ART by Andrew Gable

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In my process of walking myself from a ‘state of mind’ where I exist within a resonant self-imprisonment into living self freedom as life in every moment, I am at this point redefining ME through practical self commitment and corrective applications.
What is this resonant self-imprisonment I am talking about?

It entails all the beliefs and self-definitions I’ve been holding about myself, in essence limiting myself and my expression through my own mind, ending up existing in self-judgment and negativity.

Once I realized that the positivity I was using (and this was in the years I was following spirituality) merely functioned as a cover-up, an energetic balancing-out mechanism that allowed me to suppress and deny the reality of myself, I started walking my process of actual self-realization, with the tools and support provided at the Desteni platforms – where it’s about REAL self-realization, based on understanding How we function as mind system, how the world functions as a system, and how we keep ourselves and each-other enslaved to systems of abuse, systems of polarity, systems based on values that disregard the value of LIFE.

So here I am walking a process of establishing the value of life within and as myself – and this implies letting go of and moving myself beyond the limitations I have accepted, adopted and placed faith in throughout my life. 

So I’ve been looking into the main ‘moods’ that define my existence and how I ‘feel’ about myself and my life – what thoughts circulate/repeat in my mind and what these/such thoughts are telling me about myself/my life – and I’ve been recognizing how I uphold my own limitation.

It’s interesting how we fight for our limitations – we defend our ‘right’ to feel depressed, or to feel not good enough, or to feel unaccomplished or unfulfilled; but we hardly investigate the value-judgments such ‘mental conclusions’ are based on, as well as what it will practically take to change, to get out of the prison of our own minds.

It’s also interesting that we even seek for the validation of our beliefs from our external environment – and we’ll seek out relationships that will for instance ‘confirm’ to us our own beliefs of inadequacy or that will give us ‘reasons’ to exist in depression, and then we go and blame our external environment for who we are and how we experience ourselves, never really taking self-responsibility, never really taking that step of establishing a real support relationship with ourselves as body, mind and spirit in self-equality and oneness.

And we’ll go even further where, if we don’t receive the feedback from our world that would validate our self-beliefs and limitations, we’ll simply create/follow the THOUGHTS that do so.
“I believe X or Y about myself because my thoughts tell me so” – But, do we ever investigate where our thoughts come from? How they are created? How they escalate?

What emerges within all that is a SELF RELIGION: everything we believe about ourselves / our life / our world, and all the ways we justify why we are who and how we are.

And we can see what RELIGION does in our world: we go to war in the name of a god, in the name of religions, in the name of a belief-system.
And with everyone following their OWN self religion – self-created/adopted/accepted in one’s own mind and, interestingly enough, existent in one’s own mind only – we have a human race unable to love each-other as neighbors, let alone to ‘Know Thyself’ and love/care for oneself as LIFE.

So – in the process of redefining ME in the context of equality and oneness as LIFE and LIVING – the main point I am debunking, deconstructing and purifying is my own self religion of/as mind, and within this moving myself beyond the limitations of the mind/consciousness into/as a practical self that stands in integrity and self-respect, accepting nothing less than the potential I know I can be and become, making myself able to LIVE and EXPRESS – and make a difference in the actuality of this physical reality.

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