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358 | Who is the Self within Self-Interest?

ART by Marley Dawkins

…It’s fascinating that the consciousness we become gets to a point that it has its own will, its own authority, its own agenda, and it will bring up the thoughts, fears and desires that serve its own self-preservation. The great I AM – what a scam!
…Have a look at the fear that comes up with the mere thought of giving up one’s own self-definitions – it’s extensive!
…We have literally become the victims of our own conditioning, the puppets of our educational systems (and this goes for all the world regardless of culture, race, tradition etc.; the consciousness patterns that define ‘human nature’ are universal). We have literally become the slaves of our own consciousness, as everything we do and all decisions we make serve the preservation of that conditioned consciousness, the ego, the self-image we have become in this world.
…Have a self-honest look: Is any decision you make really free? Or does it merely serve the conditioned fears and desires that exist within and as your mind? Is any decision you make taking you anywhere else than your preprogrammed design? Is any choice you make anything else but the validation of your consciousness design?
…And have a look at your design: Do you own the code, or does the code own you?

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Especially in the process of investigating and looking into the point of ‘negativity’ within my life and myself (see my previous blog posts on this) I realized an interesting thing: that for my existence as consciousness – a system within the world system, a buyer-into of consumerism, a slave to the polarity of our image and likeness – it is irrelevant whether the energy I produce as a mind is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, the main thing for consciousness is to have the same conditioned thoughts and experiences automated, recurring and recycling, mutating and insisting, becoming the driving force, the agenda, the purpose of a life, a life not realized, not accepted as the gift it is, because one wanted to ‘be something’ or ‘be someone’, because the great “I Am” needs to exist with and as whatever it is that defines it, that makes it feel it ‘knows’ who and what it is, that makes it feel ‘safe’ and ‘in control’, that makes it plot strategies for ‘winning’ = self-interest.

I mean, this point is easy to see within ‘positivity’, because there the logic makes ‘more sense’ in terms of holding on to the ‘positive’ imagination/projection to not face the negative. What is not so easy to see is how for instance the ‘negativity’-prone personality will through for instance self-pity, self-victimization and other ‘validation’-tactics also makes it all about “me”, about the “I Am”, about the ego; and will use the ‘negativity’ to remain a ‘misfit’, to continue deferring responsibility, blaming others while indulging in dreams and hopes for some ‘good’ to come ‘somehow’ from ‘somewhere’, or going into revolts and protests without actual understanding or actual solutions.

So, as consciousness, one is always seeing only the side of things that serve the self-interest one is incorporating. One is not seeing the entirety of reality in its actuality, one is in fact making oneself deliberately blind to it: either through ‘positivity’ (and here we have the great examples of the love & light new-age spirituality or the institutionalization of charity, it’s all ways to distract and give ‘hope’ without questioning the entirety hierarchic system as it exists throughout all institutions of life on earth); or through ‘negativity’ (as seen for instance in protests and violence acts around the globe, or even in things like the Occupy Wall Street: no actual solutions, just acting out on the negativity).

As human beings, do we ever really ask ourselves the question: What has become of humanity? How did we get to this mess? What has gone wrong? What are we missing in our understanding of our reality? 
Looking at our education systems, our social, political, economic systems in the world today, I’d say we’re missing Almost Everything.

So who is the self within self-interest as it exists in this world as is? Isn’t that self merely a puppet on strings, string pulled by the system from beginning to end; Isn’t that self merely a robot executing commands, keeping the world running, keeping the money system in place; Isn’t that self merely a slave to its own creation, the rule of mankind on earth? And are those that are able to be happy in this world actually making self happy as life or making self as a conditioned system happy?

Where is your humanity mankind? 
Where is your humanity human being?
Where is the regard for life in this world, our existence? 
It is almost non-existent.

ART by Matti Freeman

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