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361 | An Earthling’s Journey to Life

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I used to be a misfit in this world. On this self-definition and the implications that go with it see my previous posts.

I've been writing consistently for years & discovered the power of writing as a recreational tool. Since I started my process of self-honesty, I use writing as self-movement, as an application of self-will, to get to know the depths of myself, to clarify my mind, see through the patterns of my existence, and give myself direction in self-honesty, as I walk myself out of self-interest as ego and into self-awareness as LIFE.

"Misfits of the Shocking-Truth: It is not ‘what you do’ that determines ‘who you are’, It is ‘who you are’ that determines ‘what you do’. That is Why the World is the way it is and Why Humans do what they do; because it is what they Accept themselves to Be."

If we look at this existence, we'll see that almost everyone is a MISFIT in this world. And willingly or not, we all end-up buying into the system for the sake of survival. 

I am here to share that a NEW WORLD is possible based on oneness and equality as the VALUE of LIFE. What we require is a new way of life and living, as well as a system that will fit ALL LIFE and give ALL LIFE equal rights, equal access, equal support, equal power.
For this we have to STAND-UP and actively be One Vote for LIFE, so that we may bring forth an existence with no more misfits. No gods, no masters, no slaves!

For this, obviously, it is imperative to master the system – within and without. This is not something that can be achieved through ‘positivity’ or through ‘negativity’. It can only be achieved in equality and oneness, because we ARE the system, we ARE the world, we ARE society, we ARE money, we ARE the laws and policies and everything that is accepted as ‘the ways of the world’ and allowed as ‘how things work’.

It’s about understanding, self-realizing, getting to know in self-honesty what it is we have become as human beings, and what has become of our world, why, and how.

How did we get here?
And how do we Change Our Here?

This is the question that must be answered in detail – both individually and collectively – because it is only through understanding the mechanics and the ‘fuzzy logic’ behind the systems and patterns of our existence – that we are able to change it, to change ourselves, to change what we call life and dignify our existence.

Therefore, in this process, I am redefining myself as an Equal, an Earthling – and I am walking the practical process of actualizing this alignment into and as who I am in thought, word and deed.

…In the process of re-defining “my life” and exploring what it really means to live, I am realizing that My Life is Me. Whatever will be of “my life”, it’s gonna be who I am. So who am I? What am I accumulating as myself? What am I creating myself to be? Obviously whatever inner shit or difficulty or frustration I am facing in my life, it is me, I have created it. There’s no point in going into ‘positivity’ or ‘negativity’ about it. One should look at it in the context of life as a whole, of life as the value. Is who I am / who I am becoming honoring the value of life? Am I honoring the value of life within/as myself? What will/can I accept in the name of life, and what is unacceptable? Simple questions. We do not learn to ask ourselves these/such questions.
…Realizing this, implies at the same time that, since I created me – be it in awareness or in unawareness through ignorant acceptance and allowance – I can look at my creation, investigate it, see, realize, understand how it functions, how I came to be who and how I am, and I can forgive and re-form myself, based on self-honesty and common sense and obviously: based on dignity, freedom, and respect, which means based on equality and oneness as life.
…And the same process goes for our world, and the world systems: We have created the world, we are its building blocks. “Everyone plays their part” – such ‘beautiful words’, often quoted with a ‘wise’ notion, but do we realize the responsibility they imply? Yes, everyone play their part, but in what? Look around you, watch the news, look at the actuality of reality at all levels, what are we playing our part in? What are we playing our part for? What are we creating?
…Since we created the system – be it in awareness or in unawareness through ignorant acceptance and allowance – we can look at our creation, investigate it, see, realize, understand how it functions, what are the acceptances that allow for this world to keep existing as we know it, history repeating, nothing much changing; and through understanding we can forgive and get ourselves to a ; clean slate’ where we basically, collectively and in common sense, re-write the entire system, re-form the entire system on the basis of Life as the Highest Value – dignity, freedom, and respect for life, which implies a realization/foundation of equality, for Life as oneness.
- From Day 359 | My Life is Me

Common Sense:

As Earthlings, we share and are subjected to some basic reality-laws when it comes to life on earth and a co-existence on this living planet. That means that it is our responsibility as Earthlings to develop and establish respect and dignity in how we treat life – ourselves, each-other, our home planet.

The question is why has this common sense never made it to a manifest system, a way of life, that in fact support LIFE – Is it that we define ourselves so strongly by our differences? Is it that we submit to fear? Is it that we are so brainwashed we can’t see what’s really good for us?

We are all Earthlings here: we breathe the same air, we’re all made of water, we all return to the same substance. 

Earthlings Unite, let’s change our ways of life/living to honor the fact that Life is One, that Life is the Real Value, that All Life should thus be valued and supported equally.
No Gods, No Masters, No Slaves!

Every Individual, Every Human Being has an Equal Life Right. That means: the Life You Have is Equal in Each One at the Point of Birth. That which Separates Man from Man is What Happens After-Birth once your Education starts for instance or your Environment Influences you, your Parents Influence you or the System Influences you - then You Start becoming a Separate Individual and are Taught Not to Respect the First Point that Makes your Existence Possible, which is Life. Life - that is the One Thing that is the Same. You cannot say: “One Person Has More Life than Another Person” – that Life, as a Life Force, is the Same in Each One and thus is the First Fundamental Right.
Source: Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation

Currently we have a very Bizarre Criminal Justice System. We have one that does Not Protect Basic Human Rights, it Protects Rights like ‘the Ownership of Property’, which Should be a Basic Human Right for Everyone on Earth, but entrench Protection for Only ‘The Few’. ‘The Few’ that Mostly Acquire this Right by Controlling the Free Resources of the Earth and then Engaging Wage-Slaves through the Control of Food and Access to other Basic Human Rights – like Water and a Home; by Controlling that, the Majority of the Humans are Forced into Slave Labor to Produce a Currency called Money with which they then Enchain (which is Chains) and Control the Laws of this World. But, These Laws are In Fact in Violation of Basic Human Rights, it’s in Violation of the Basic Human Right that Each Life is Equal. This ‘Equal before God’ Human Right is even in the American Constitution, yet if you look at its Application - it does Not Empower Everyone in the U.S.A. with the Most Basic Human Rights’ Access to the Right to Life, the Right to Property, the Right to Water, the Right to Education etc. All of this is Controlled by another bizarre thing called: Money, and the Money is Controlled by a Small Minority Instead of it Being Available for Everyone as an Equal Right.

If we have to Look at The Law when it would be Based on the Constitutional Equality of Life and Entrench and Protect the Basic Human Rights Equally for All: we will Not Have the Majority of Humanity living in Poverty and the Small Minority Living in Obscene Wealth = That is a Crime, because that is achieved through Violence. This Violence is perpetrated by Controlling, with Money, things like a Police Force, Security Forces, Armies… all of these Wage-Slaves laying down their Lives so that ‘Some’ may have their apparent ‘Rights Protected’. While these Rights are not Equally Available for All, because it’s made Subject to Bizarre Constructs like Money and by Claiming that you Apparently have ‘Equal Opportunity’. When ‘Equal Opportunity’ in fact means/should mean: when you are Born, you have the Opportunity for a life Worth Living, that you have the Resources, Education, Housing, Water etc. Available to have a Decent Life –that’s a Human Right. The current Human Rights and the Charities that Protect these Bizarre / Obscene Human Rights - are All being Funded by Corporations. Corporations that Acts as Mere ‘Cover-ups’ to Protect the Rights of a Few that has Obscene Wealth. Unfortunately, there is a Secondary Elite that’s being Created, which are all Employed by Corporations and are Enticed with Money to Also Protect these Rights - because Suddenly they have Wealth, Property and all kinds of Accesses, which is Not Afforded to Everyone on Earth.

Source: Basic Human Rights and Crime – part 1


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