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357 | Is Consciousness All I Can Be?

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…I realize that, since I am in a position to look at and see my consciousness, as my own thoughts in my mind and my own reactions within myself, then I must be more than just the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up within me.
…Therefore I commit myself to take directive principle of myself as the authority of myself, as one and equal with everything that I am as what exists within me – and to direct everything that exists within me as me towards a practical living application that ensures I live in self-dignity and integrity, no longer accepting or allowing myself to submit to the conditioned consciousness patterns of my conditioned mind.
…I commit myself to investigate all consciousness patterns that exist within me as me, so that I may direct each point, moving myself beyond the polarities of the mind and into actual living-solutions that will ensure I live a life of self-support in self-honesty, no longer accepting or allowing myself to limit myself or to submit to mental constructs in order to hide from the actuality of reality.
…I commit myself to no longer hide from the actuality of reality, as I realize that I am in fact able to create positive results for-real, instead of limiting myself to only a ‘positive’ state of mind.

As I was speaking self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements last night in my bed, I realized that the very fact that I am able to see my own thoughts as well as the emotional/feeling reactions that come up within me, within this being able to even see the triggers that create emotions and feelings: I must be more than the sum total of my thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Furthermore, since I am able to in a moment change the experience and the alignment of myself from the experience and alignment that results from following the thoughts and reactions that automatically come up within me as conditioned – then I as the living word must be more than the sum total of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This is basically the main self-realization that comes through when walking the Desteni I Process and applying the tools of self-honesty, specifically through writing and structurally deconstructing the patterns of our existence.

And it’s quite interesting because we human beings tend to identify so strongly with our thoughts, feelings and emotions that we tend to defend them at all costs, as if that is all we are, as if we are nothing without the conditioned set of patterns we become, made-up of the thoughts, feelings and emotions we were conditioned into throughout our lives.

It’s really worth investigating what it is one is actually defending, and whether one is fighting for one’s freedom or in fact for one’s own limitation.

What I found out in the process of letting the EGO go and developing self-honesty and common sense, is that I can be so much more than I ever imagined, and that the only thing standing in my way is me – the conditioned “me” as who I have become as a result of my conditioned and accepted consciousness patterns, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and definitions I have identified with: that is my own limitation.

Have a look, ask yourself the question: Would you exist in fear, if you did not exist as Ego? Would you exist in fear, if you did not exist in self-interest? Would you fear losing yourself, if you really knew who you are? Would you be looking for yourself ‘out there’ if you were really Here?

It’s fascinating that the consciousness we become gets to a point that it has its own will, its own authority, its own agenda, and it will bring up the thoughts, fears and desires that serve its own self-preservation. The great I AM – what a scam!

Have a look at the fear that comes up with the mere thought of giving up one’s own self-definitions – it’s extensive!
We have literally become the victims of our own conditioning, the puppets of our educational systems (and this goes for all the world regardless of culture, race, tradition etc.; the consciousness patterns that define ‘human nature’ are universal). We have literally become the slaves of our own consciousness, as everything we do and all decisions we make serve the preservation of that conditioned consciousness, the ego, the self-image we have become in this world.

Have a self-honest look: Is any decision you make really free? Or does it merely serve the conditioned fears and desires that exist within and as your mind? Is any decision you make taking you anywhere else than your preprogrammed design? Is any choice you make anything else but the validation of your consciousness design?

And have a look at your design: Do you own the code, or does the code own you?

Hear this:
Consciousness is a System of Government
Beyond Polarity – Self-Creation in a Bipolar World

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