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337 | Is Equality something that can be forced?

In a group chat we had recently we looked at instances where one in one’s world/reality discuss for instance the proposal of an equal money system and a person claims one is being "forced to follow equality".

Here I’d like to share some perspectives by fellow Destonians - This was also shared on the forum:
--- Isn’t that person at the same trying to use force to stop you from following equality as what is best for all? How do you deal with such a point?
--- you cannot be forced to follow equality as it implies self-realization as life -- in the current system though you are forced to slave for money or else you dont survive - yet people do not notice
--- not implementing equality means you are forcing the universe to follow your interest - the ultimate dictator and cult leader
--- well -- I would answer that I am giving as I would like to receive, to create and show ways to live a better life that would be best for all -- I cannot stop the person trying to push me, rather this is quite a point to walk.... what roles we assume and who decides
--- Also show how people are brainwashed to see equality as something bad - this seems to be mostly in America, the fear of collectivism. When I show people how things are working better here in Scandinavia with a more socially equally system, they can't use those 'rational arguments' because the money speaks for itself
--- equality can only be realized if one is able and willing to put oneself in the shoes of another - if one can't - one is protecting self-interest and will find justifications as to why the poor/weak exist without regarding that they themselves could have been born anywhere
--- equality comes from understanding, not force – people that do not follow equality are being controlled by the force of the mind/ego
--- I would ask them "interesting that you claim I am being 'forced' to follow equality" - yet, do you even understand what forces are working within/behind you/your mind as the energies you experience and with such reactions try and enforce change on others who you claim are being forced - yet, your own mind forcing you into the reactions you have is not understood" - so, who/what is forcing who? And then we can show our blogs as to how we write/forgive/commit - by our will/decision and how and why we've come to stand with equality
--- The fear of equality is a point that was also programmed in a long time ago - Kryon is walking this now, that they did not even allow energies to be 'equal' due to the power it held, and that was only with 'energy' - imagine the directive principle of actual self/beingness/here equality
--- "it will reward the LAZY who have not worked as hard as I do, and I take pride in believing I work hard because that is what gets rewarded in this world"
--- What is anyone protecting that do not want a world that is best for all?

I further looked at, okay, isn’t the current inequality in fact forced?
Why is it okay to force inequality, but it’s not okay to force equality?

One can also have a look at what defines inequality in this world and especially, what perpetuates and solidifies inequality – it is the economy, it is the money-system, it is the fact that profit is placed before life.
And: Who or what defines this construct, what defines Money, what defines the economy – and how? And: Do we leave the future of our world in the hands of speculators? Do we leave everything as is in the ‘hope’ that somehow things are gonna work out, at least for ourselves? Or do we get together, get to transparency, and face the facts of human civilization on earth.

Since Money defines inequality and abuse – money being something that touches and determines each and every life on this earth, whether you have money or not – why not change what Money is to manifest equality and equal support?
I mean, it would really be irresponsible to not get to an agreement as citizens of the earth to ‘save our world’.
Or would you rather not know, as is currently the case that we do not know how much money is in circulation at all. ‘How much’ is our money worth really, and why do we allow the exploitation of the ‘small and weak’ by the ‘big and strong’? Have a look at the following interesting phenomenon – the more money one has the more one is in a position to exploit others, to buy others, to have one’s own say. The more money one has the bigger one’s vote, the louder one’s voice, and where does your voice come through to support you if you have money: the media. Is that not ‘planned economy’?

I understand why those that realize they are in positions of power and control would freak out at the thought of everyone having equal rights and equal say. But we are under the global dictatorship of money in this world. Something must be done. And it must be done together, life as ONE group, as equals. Do you see another way out of this prison? Do you see another way to freedom? Do you see another way to life without fear?

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