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366 | Humanity Suffers from Competition

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In the context of Human Rights and looking at why on earth we as humanity seem incapable of ensuring Human Rights for ALL (after all, that would imply eliminating everything that leads to war and all kinds of exploitation) – what I’m seeing is that there is one interesting point behind the factors that lead to war, conflict and exploitation and that is: COMPETITION.

But competition is a good thing, some will argue, “it makes us move, it motivates us”.
Well that’s great, but have you considered what that makes us human beings, if our self-movement and motivation is always dependent on external factors and essentially on competition?

Yes, there is the point of ‘healthy competition’, where for instance I see that another is for example very effective in a particular field or application or expression, and when I look at myself I see that I am not as effective. 
Within this practical comparison, I can observe and explore How this person became so effective and I can support myself to improve myself. 
Here the starting-point is not about becoming better or more than another, it’s about improving myself and expanding my potential. The starting-point is not envy or jealousy or spite or even inferiority and stuff like that, which are all components of the mainstream competition as it exists in this world.

Competition in this world is about power. 
But even here, it is worth investigating what we have defined ‘power’ to be. And in doing so, we can see that power as defined in this world, in this system, is based on a polarity system of master-slave, inferior-superior, gain-loss, win-lose, wealth-poverty etc. 

Competition in this world is about survival. 
Therefore competition in this world is about self-interest, profit, and ‘winning’. Within such considerations, there is no regard for sustainability, no regard for future generations, no regard for our home planet – and all this is known, it is self-evident, and we can see the destruction and deterioration our ‘way of life’ has caused already.

What’s interesting is: 
We do have the means and the technology to ensure everyone’s survival in this world. 
In fact, we have even the ability to ensure a rich life in dignity for all. 

So why don’t we? The answer is that human beings do not understand the system, nor how it works, nor how human beings themselves are being played, all strings attached.

It is imperative to get to know how things work, and this can only be done in self-honesty and common sense. It cannot be done when one is holding onto and defending one’s own fears and desires. The process humanity must walk in terms of self-realizing what the fuck is going on and how this work, inside and outside, is vast: it includes everything of our existence. And yet, shouldn’t this be the foundation of establishing a world, a society, a world, the kingdom of mankind on earth? How can we possibly manage something we do not understand? 

Man Know Thyself should be the first principle of human education. We’ve got a long way to go, but we are here, and the process has already started. Inevitably each one will have to face oneself and one’s creation – everything one has accepted and allowed, within and without. So why wait for the consequences to force one to see, to realize, to understand, to change? Why not take self-responsibility and walk this in self-directive principle, in self-honesty and practical common sense?

Here another question arises, a question worth asking ourselves:
Where is our self-motivation?

For instance, everyone at some level want a better world, yet we won’t move ourselves towards actually getting there – a better world for all life. The conditioned force of competition and survival is stronger a motivation than our own life force. This is quite concerning, don’t you think?

If you can see the common sense in what I’m presenting here, I suggest visit the Equal Life Foundation, study the Equal Money solution as well as the Desteni material, and realize that we are all responsible for What Is Here.
What Is Here is the externalization of our inner nature – our inner nature being something that was molded and formed to serve the system, to serve consumerism, to fear each-other, to desire to win at all cost, and to not regard or consider LIFE as a whole, as who we all really are.

This already shows that human nature and what it has become of it is a product, it is something that has been produced in time, and therefore it is something that can be changed and reformed. It’s worth looking into who or what benefits from human nature as it exists currently. And obviously, this time, we have to make sure we change and reform ourselves based on self-realization, through self-will, so that we are no longer products of a system not knowing even how we came to be who and what we are; so that we are no longer puppets on strings that are able to be manipulated and controlled and led to their own demise.

What Is Here is our creation – it is the reflection of who we are. We are all responsible for What is Here, it is OUR Here. And therefore it is in OUR hands to stand for the change we all want to see in our world.

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