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363 | Love in My Life

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So – continuing in the process of looking at “my life” and what has become of it – what I have made of it as myself – I had started looking at the various aspects of my life that apparently define and determine the possibilities and opportunities that I have in “my life” and within this also the ‘value’ I have been attributed to “my life”/myself, I can see that there are still beliefs and self-definitions within me/my mind through which I am limiting myself and keeping myself from expanding, expressing and moving myself toward LIVING to the utmost of my potential.

Looking into such beliefs and self-definitions in self-honesty, one is able to deconstruct them through self-forgiveness and reconstruct the points into solutions by scripting the self-corrective living that one see is required to be walked/lived in order to place the self-realization into practical application and in fact CHANGE.

One of such beliefs and self-definitions has been the idea/perception/belief that “I cannot love myself” or that “I am not worthy of love” or that “my life is a failure thus I cannot love myself” or that “I can only love myself if another loves me” or that “love is something that must be given to me” – and so within that, I had not considered loving myself and how to love myself for real, but had instead search for love ‘out there’, in relationships or groups, looking for love, looking for appreciation, looking for care; without considering giving it to myself as an expression of valuing myself, as an expression of life in self-worth.

This is a very common pattern within how relationships exist in this world, where – we tend to form relationships which, instead of assisting and supporting self to grow, expand and move beyond the accepted limitations of self, are rather manifestations that lock everything in ‘as is’ and accept the idea that “another fulfills that of myself which I lack”, creating within this a co-dependency instead of the freedom that is possible within the realization of interdependence.

Interdependence meaning – we are all here together and no man is an island, and our harmonious co-existence is in fact dependent on everyone ‘loving their neighbor’ and ‘giving as one would like to receive’. Interdependence is also seen within the fact that this world is what we make it, it is the reflection of who we are and how we exist within all our relationships, from the smaller to the bigger.

Co-dependence on the other hand is where two or more individual points are dependent on each-other and thus no freedom is possible, because there is no wholeness of each one as life, there is no integrity, no actual individuality. Co-dependence is also seen within how this world-system exists, where the rich and the poor, the Haves and the Have-Nots, the masters and the slaves – only exist as polarities of the One system that binds all, a system of polarity and abuse.

Real Love manifest in this world as Who We Are would in fact produce a humanity without fear, without unnecessary competition, without exploitation, an existence where fear has no place, where there is no masters and no slaves, where everyone is free and able to master themselves and their individual lives to their utmost potential – in the name of life and living!

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At this point I’d like to share a perspective by a fellow Destonian on the question “What is Love?”

I'm writing a series of Blogs in Dutch on the Search for 'True Love' - where I'm sharing how with each of my relationships, I explored a different concept of 'Love' - where, in essence I was never satisfied that what I had found was 'True Love'. So, what you describe has definitely been my experience during my life, where I wasn't able to exactly pin-point one definition of Love - it seemed that one could make of it whatever one wanted it to be.

A few years ago, I changed the question - asking myself: What would it mean to love myself? Obviously, it wouldn't involve butterflies or desires or any feeling for that matter - really, loving myself doesn't mean walking around 'having feelings' for myself or not being able to stop thinking about myself - lol. Changing the question to 'what would it mean to love myself' made the word 'love' more concrete and it was a question I could answer in the sense that I can lay out for myself how to treat myself in a way that I can say that I love myself. From there, I was able to then simply expand self-love to love - where loving another/others would be to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated - loving another as I love myself.

So - I realised that love is not that ambiguous a concept as we think it to be. We've just always been side-tracked by how love has been portrayed by our environment, media, entertainment, etc. - never really just considering the word love for ourselves. But in doing so - one can easily see that love is not a feeling or a memory or a sensation - but that it is an act.

It's interesting, because in reading the Answer at the top of this page, placed by Grace Ng - where the answers that children have given on 'What does Love mean?' - I could see a pattern - where most children define love not in feelings or experiences - but in acts - how people treat each other. I'd say this is an interesting point to consider - because it renders the whole 'Search for True Love' meaningless - lol. How can we wait for love if love is an act? It means I've just been waiting for myself all this time - waiting for myself to start treating myself and others in a respectful, supportive and considerate way...
- Maite Zamora Moreno

In the process of redefining LOVE to be something Real, something Practical, something that truly supports us as life, something not separate from Self but something one exists AS, as a genuine expression of self – I suggest listening to the following interviews:

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