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Day 354 | The Nastiness of the Misfit
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Day 351 | “My Life” - The Ignorance of the Misfit
Day 350 | Beliefs & Self-Definitions in relation to „My Life“
Day 349 | Self Commitment - Responsibility for „My Life“ & Responsibility for Life as a Whole
Day 348 | Self Commitment - "My Life"
Day 347 | Self Commitment & Desteni I Process

…The journey I am walking – a misfit’s journey to life – entails the transcendence of isolation, of separation, of groupings, and in essence: the transcendence of the need to ‘fit in’.
…Obviously, as I have said before, the world as it is – the system as it is and therefore also society currently – is one factor/reason why the point of ‘fitting in’ or ‘not fitting in’ exists. If we had a world /a system /a society that took care of all its citizens and supported all life equally – there would be no misfits. This is why I stand for an equal money system, because I see the necessity to restore the value of LIFE in this world.
…Life is something given to one – it is a gift. Yet the conditions one is born into determine the quality of one’s life. A system of equality, where life is the value, would ensure quality for all.
…Those of us who have a roof over their head, some money in their pocket, flushing toilets, water, electricity, internet access – WE are the ones that are able to do something about changing the world for real. It’s not gonna be the elite, and it’s not gonna be the starving. It can only be people like you and me – and we really gotta get over ourselves and stand together as LIFE, as ONE group, and make sure we re-form our world in a way that ALL life is supported and able to have a life in dignity and freedom – without fear, without struggle.

Transcending the need to ‘fit in’ on a personal level is quite an important point in one’s process of self-realization as life.

Have a look at how we manifest the separation of life by defining ourselves by and identifying with: the things that makes us ‘different’ from others: tradition, religion, culture, gender, race, status etc. etc. All things that can only exist in the context of the current system, the world as we know it. But if there was a god for instance – would god care or place value into things such as gender, race, religion, culture, tradition? Or would a god place value in LIFE and how life treats life?

Have a look at your own history – have a look at all the self-definitions, beliefs, fears and desires that bind you, that define you, that tell you how and what you should be, that tell you must dominate others in order to not be dominated, that tell you what you can and can’t do, or how you must feel about yourself and the world; Have a look at how you yourself are limiting yourself through all that which you hold-onto in your mind – and interestingly enough: all those things are things you cannot take with you when one breath is suddenly your last. And then – What are you leaving behind? What is your legacy in this world? What have you accepted and allowed in your name?

These are the questions I asked myself in my process of transcending the need to ‘fit in’, my process of transcending the self-definition of a ‘misfit’, and realizing: We are all Earthlings here.
And me – if I don’t give the value of life to myself, who am I expecting to do so? If I don’t give the value of life to my world, my reality, what am I expecting to get out of this world in return?
‘Till here and no further – This world, this system, this inequality and abuse: Not in my name!

So here I am – walking my Journey to Life from being a ‘misfit’, to ‘transfit’ (lol = transcending the need to ‘fit in’), to realizing myself as Earthling, as citizen of the earth, and ultimately as LIFE, this being the ‘most’/’highest’ one can be, from my perspective.

Because have a look, mankind has, in its belief of being the ‘superior race’ or the ‘dominant species’ on Earth, only cause destruction, abuse, exploitation of that which is Life in fact. On this, please read the blog post
The Integrity of a Substance is in its Durability by Bernard Poolman.

What I am saying is that: only once we dignify Life on Earth – Ourselves as Life on Earth included! – and restore the Value of Life HERE or ALL life forms and all children that enter this world, will we human beings be worthy of being called Life.

How can anyone be anything more/higher in any other realm/reality – if one do not even manage to make the Best for All in this one reality we all share here, a reality which we claim is limitation, but: who is creating this reality in the limitation it exists?!

At Desteni we say “Earth is the Eye of the Needle” and you can do a search on the sites for perspectives on Why we are Here on Earth and what on earth is the Eye of the Needle. Jesus did also say that “it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Have a look at the design of the ‘rich man’, have a look at the accepted money system, have a look at what man is manifesting on earth in his image and likeness, and it shouldn’t be very hard to see the common sense in Jesus’ words.

In common sense, and given the current technological and logistic means we as humanity have available, it shouldn’t be hard at all to create a world where wealth and abundance is allowed for ALL and riches are not measured in ‘money’ but in one’s expression and contribution, in ‘who I am’ and ‘how I live and co-exist’ as Life on Earth.

Earthlings unite! 

At Desteni we provide the platforms to work together and establish common sense and self-honesty, and we share the tools for each one to assist and support themselves in a process of deprogramming the mind control this system has imposed upon life, to stand up and restore the value of life both within Self and our World.

In terms of the words I chose for the title of this blog post, I also see them in relation to the process of transcending the world system in its entirety, our Reality Here on Earth. And I’d place it as follows:

Misfit    <– Consumerism/Current System/Blood Money
Transfit  <– Equal Money Capitalism
Earthling <– Equal Money System
LIFE      <– no need for money or other tools of measurement, as the human direct themselves and the world in self-honesty and common sense 

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