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339 | What’s Hitler got to do with it?

As I’ve been documenting in my previous blog posts, there’s been an interesting call-it ‘development’ on Quora after me and some fellow Destonians started participating on the platform – an anonymous internet troll fled the Quora platform with misleading Questions on Desteni, the Destonians and the Equal Money movement. Really nasty shit actually, and for anyone interested I refer to my previous blog posts as well as to the links I provide in the end of this post.

Hitler has as much to do with the Destonians as anonymous haters (for lack of a better word) make belief by spreading misleading pieces of information, placing words out of context, suggesting assumptions and engineering perception, trolling and mobbing around the internet – always faceless, always anonymous, always nasty.
The context of the Hitler reference in the Desteni material is within realizing that anyone could have been Hitler, anyone could have been Stalin, anyone could have been Bush. A Hitler, a Stalin, any man or woman, do not create themselves alone. We are all responsible for the existence of a Hitler, of a Stalin, of the one or the other Bush in this world. We are all responsible for what is accepted and allowed in this world, in every corner, in every moment. This is OUR creation. The challenge would be to understand How this is all created. And a question that should not be ignored is: Had you been Hitler, and had you come to realize what you have done, what you have created yourself as, and what effect you have caused as a consequence – would you be able to forgive yourself?

But, careful – Before some anonymous gives it a ‘nice try’ I’d like to clarify: Self-forgiveness here can also be used/abused to make it all seem like it’s about “oh I’ve gone and killed someone so now I am going to forgive myself”. This is Not self-forgiveness – this is self-deception and justification of crime in self-righteousness.

Self-forgiveness is about integrity, it cannot be ‘made up’ or ‘claimed’ – it must be real. It’s about realizing what and how we have become and what our world has become, and due to the acceptance of what influences/beliefs/mentalities; it’s about realizing that each one can only find the forgiveness within self, as each one can only find the power within self: to stop, to breathe, to change, to give oneself (and everyone else) a life that is worthy of life.
Forgiveness through another can even be one’s fall as it can be taken as an ‘excuse’ and ‘justification’ to continue doing what you had asked forgiveness for. Again, this is about self-honesty – and self-honesty is something ‘difficult’ in this world apparently.
Self-forgiveness in self-honesty is a practical tool that assists one in seeing through the self-deception and realizing self-responsibility, in making a stand, in self-realizing life. But it is obviously useless to write or speak self-forgiveness without in fact changing, without actually living the change, without being the living-proof. Each one must be one’s own proof – otherwise how can one even trust oneself. At the same time everyone and everything else is and must be a reference point – no man is an island, and this world is in fact a co-existence. We create ourselves and each-other. We create our relationships. We create our societies, our systems. But where is within that the responsibility towards life? Where within that is the act of honoring the value of life? And is it really impossible to have relationships, to have a society, a system, that honor life?

Life is interdependent. This is our Oneness. But without equality – without equally honoring the value of life in all that is here – there can be no dignity, no respect, no freedom.

That’s also the challenge of the equal money movement: Will we be able to forgive all past systems and let them go – get over ourselves and move on? Will we be able to forgive ourselves the fear and the submission? Will we stand together as human beings to work out what really works – for all.
So – the whole point of the Desteni research and activism is within the context of education – to lift the veils that are the layers of mind control, to understand how things in this world work, to realize responsibility – and get to self-realization as life and thus to common sense as life.

Seriously, if we don’t find it within ourselves to work together as equals, as human beings – this world is gonna get very, very messy, and no one is gonna have real fun being part of it. I’d rather be part of the solution and find ways to change the course of our existence, than sit and wait for the consequences to compound.

So back to the point; it is rather stupid to make it about sensationalism and gossip instead of exploring the message that is being shared and investigating the point that’s being made. If anyone REALLY wanted to find an answer to the question, they’d go to the websites at source and check it out. They would not place a question on Quora, lol.
Misleading questions (as proven in the past few weeks, right after some Destonians started using Quora) have been repeatedly posted by ‘anonymous’ with a clear intent to manipulate opinions and perception with words, to spread fear and to take over the narrative about what the equal money system is or what the Desteni group is, when we ourselves, individually and as EMS and Desteni have websites, forums, channels, Blogs, and thus a public record on the internet that goes back more than 5 years, documenting both a collective process as well as the individual processes each one of us are walking and sharing. We participate with our real names.
It is sad that the Quora platform is not efficiently moderated and cannot prevent or direct abuse. There are other social media platforms where things work differently and with clear guidelines that do not allow abuse, defamation, or personal attacks.

For the serious reader I’d suggest to visit the Equal Money and Desteni websites, forums, and Youtube channels as well as see the numerous daily Blogs, and take the time to do the research rather than following the leads of cognitive disinformation. 

Oh btw here are our Wiki entries in relation to Desteni Criticism and Scams Abusing the Desteni name

“Everybody is Acting in Self-Preservation. Hitler Acted in Self-Preservation. The German people Acted in Self-Preservation. In the Revenge that the Jews are taking on the Germans about this – they are Acting in Self-Preservation. And the Jews holding the Palestinians in Gaza, is an Act of Self-Preservation. The Acts of Mr Anonymous is Self-Preservation, because he’s doing it for Money and for Building his Own Self-Ego. And, the same happened with the Quorans – Acted in Self-Preservation, Preserving the Ego, Preserving their ‘way of life’, which is All Actually just a Mental Condition. The Fact that for instance, Mr Anonymous so effectively Demonstrate How Hitler Functions in a Modern-Society and where a Single Person just with Words and Fear can Generate a Total Mob that will Act like a Cult – and All of these people are apparently Highly Educated: just Shows the Reality of our Current Level of Brainwashing that Exist in this World. All of you have to Consider Forgiveness, because – you are All Acting in ways that is Not Best for All on Earth and therefore, you are Part of the Problem on Earth. Realising that is the Beginning of Change. Realising that is Actually very Powerful, because you can Then Find out what Real Integrity is and what Power is: The Power of Self Forgiveness, the Power of Self Honesty. Investigate Desteni, and Equal Money, and Set yourself Free from your Fears.

So, a Last Word for Mr Anonymous: what you are doing on Quora is a Crime. In South Africa it’s called “Crimen injuria” in getting the Group to participate in it, the Quorans – make of them Criminals. It is interesting that your Actions has Led to a Point where the Destonians are called a “Religious Group”. In South Africa Religious Groups have extreme Protection under the Bill of Rights with the Equality Clause. You are misleading others, and you are Taking people with you. They’re not Innocent, unfortunately – because: they should have had some Integrity. They didn’t.“

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