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364 | Love in this World

ART by Adam Closs

...Interdependence – We are all here together and no man is an island, and our harmonious co-existence is in fact dependent on everyone ‘loving their neighbor’ and ‘giving as one would like to receive’. Interdependence is also seen within the fact that this world is what we make it, it is the reflection of who we are and how we exist within all our relationships, from the smaller to the bigger.

...Co-dependence on the other hand is where two or more individual points are dependent on each-other and thus no freedom is possible, because there is no wholeness of each one as life, there is no integrity, no actual individuality. Co-dependence is also seen within how this world-system exists, where the rich and the poor, the Haves and the Have-Nots, the masters and the slaves – only exist as polarities of the One system that binds all, a system of polarity and abuse.

...Real Love manifest in this world as Who We Are would in fact produce a humanity without fear, without unnecessary competition, without exploitation, an existence where fear has no place, where there is no masters and no slaves, where everyone is free and able to master themselves and their individual lives to their utmost potential – in the name of life and living!

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I am now placing LOVE in the context of the world as we know it – this world system that is essentially a system of consumerism and a system of COMPETITION.

And within this, what I see is that Everything in this world is defined in terms of competition, the point of LIVE included.
And have a look, this begins already in the family, in the first ‘educational’ approaches one is exposed to, then at school, college, between peers and groupings, in the media and movies, let alone the point of job/career and money!

So – when everything of our existence consists of competition, which is essentially comparison based on the fear to have/be ‘less’ and the desire to have/be ‘more’ –
this ‘less’ and ‘more’ being defined according to the “values” of consumerism such as ‘power’, ‘status’, ‘influence’ and all the things that enable one man to dominate another in the name of self-interest/profit –
how do things look like when it comes to LOVE?

Have a self-honest look: 
Hasn’t love also become an expression of competition, where we’ll say or think things like “I’ll love you more if you do this, or if you were like that” or “You don’t love me enough, I want more love” and stuff like that. And what is it that we love really? We love that/those that ‘help’ us meet our self-interest, ‘help’ us feel better about ourselves, ‘help’ us feel ‘more’. But is that really any help? Or is that in fact the solidification of our separation, the solidification of our irrational beliefs and ideas, the solidification consequently of this very system within and as which we’ve lost all value as life, as we have subscribed to the “values” of consciousness, mental “values” that are placed before life and that everyone seems to be chasing after, in complete disregard of life as who we all really are.

So, in common sense, Love should be the practical application/expression of Life in its full potential – assisting self and each-other to express, expand and live in freedom from fear towards/as each one’s full potential.

Nowhere in this world is such expression to be found.  

Spiritual groups claiming to live this way disregard one basic point: that while they seclude themselves for the sake of ‘finding happiness’ or ‘enlightenment’ or ‘higher love’ or whatever the “value” is that they are selling, they do not question the world system which, evidently, is not allowing everyone the opportunity to express, expand and live to one’s fullest potential; they do not take on the system, and for that they will use beliefs such as “this world is not real” or “we are just visitors here” or “we will be returning home and all will be happy”, missing all common sense and in fact missing the actuality of reality – the ONE reality we all share here.

Many atrocities are committed ‘in the name of god’ or ‘in the name of love’ – and as such the question should be asked:
Is God a Fundamental Human Right?

In the context of the Equal Life Foundation and the solution of Equal Money – what can be seen is that real love in this world would be to make sure that not one single living being is left to struggle and suffer, to make sure that what the Earth provides for all is also in fact distributed to all, to make sure that what all would like to receive is in fact given to all equally, and that each one has in fact their Right to Life met equally.
There is no real compassion in this world, otherwise we would have long come together to consider solutions for Life on Earth, solutions for this system of abuse that places profit before life and promulgates “values” that exploit the one actual value we all have in common: the Value of Life.

Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation


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