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349 | Self Commitment - Responsibility for „My Life“ & Responsibility for Life as a Whole

ART by Kelly Posey

Continuing from
Day 347 | Self Commitment & Desteni I Process
Day 348 | Self Commitment - "My Life"

…I realize that by projecting responsibility and expecting others/external factors to ‘fulfill’ my life / me – I am in fact giving my power away and accepting/defining that I am powerless and incomplete.
I commit myself to stop the projection of my responsibility onto ‘external factors’ and to stop expecting something/someone to fulfill me.
…I commit myself to stop defining “my life” through the eyes of the system, as I realize that I am the one that decides my worth – I am the one that decides what my life is worth, and it is through my actions and also through my inactions that I express and determine what my life is worth.
...Therefore I commit myself to value my life and to accept self-worth as me here. I commit myself to act/live in awareness of who I am in every moment and what my actions imply, to within self-awareness make sure that I no longer abdicate my value as life, that I no longer depreciate my life /myself, and that I no longer expect others/external factors to give me ‘value’.
…I commit myself to embrace my life and myself, as I realize that the life given to me is a gift – and I’d be foolish and spiteful to depreciate this gift based on concepts/ideas/judgments of the mind/the system.
…I realize that what I make out of my life and out of myself is MY responsibility; and that every moment, every breath, every action or inaction defines and determines and accumulates into: what my life is and will be.
...I realize that responsibility is power – not the ‘power’-definition of the system, but power as the breath of life, as I see that the only ‘place’ I have actual power is in every breath, in every moment – wherein I am able to take self-responsibility and direct myself as best for life, participating and interacting in life in a way that support me as life, and thus consequently in a way that equally supports all life.
...Therefore I commit myself to live in full self-responsibility, as I walk every moment in awareness, and to embrace the power that comes along with responsibility, as I realize that only I have the power to forgive myself, only I have the power to change myself, only I have the power to value my life, only I have the power to live – Because if I don’t, no one can do it for me.


I commit myself to no longer make myself and my life subject to external factors and to my ideas and beliefs about how such factors apparently determine ‘who I am’ – as I realize that it is only through my permission that external factors define me and that I thus am able to take SELF-responsibility for ‘who I am’ and how “my life” is.

I commit myself to – when and as I see myself abdicating my responsibility for “my life”, expecting for something/someone to give me the permission to live, or to give me the power to change, or to give me the fulfillment I need/want/desire, or to give me the worth/value that I feel I lack, so that I can feel “my life” is worth something – Stop and breathe. 
I realize that the worth and value of “my life” is what I make of it, therefore I take full responsibility for who I am and what my life is and will be. I no longer accept or allow myself to create expectations, or hopes, or the need/want/desire for something/someone to do something so that “my life” can change. Instead, I take full self-responsibility for the change I want to see and experience in my life.

I commit myself to no longer define and accept my life or myself as ‘worthless’ or ‘unworthy’, and instead: I accept, acknowledge and establish my life in self-worth – by accepting, acknowledging and establishing self-worth as ME, here, in every moment, within and as who I am in practical living, in thought, word and deed.

Now –
If I look at the aspects of my life that apparently define and determine the possibilities and opportunities that I have in “my life” and within this also the ‘value’ I have been attributed to “my life”/myself, I can see that there are still beliefs and self-definitions within me/my mind through which I am limiting myself and keeping myself from expanding, expressing and moving myself toward LIVING to the utmost of my potential.

I will be looking into such beliefs and self-definitions in self-honesty, to deconstruct them through self-forgiveness and reconstruct the points into solutions by scripting the self-corrective living that I see is required to be walked/lived in order to place the self-realization into practical application and in fact CHANGE.

An interesting point I see here is the following:

Yes, in the current system, we have indeed limited opportunities as the opportunities and possibilities each one has are subject to MONEY and the world systems, which is obviously why there exists no such thing as ‘equal opportunities’ in fact.

Now – if we accept and allow ourselves as individuals to submit to the inequality that is existent in the world, without moving ourselves to the best of our ability to investigate and break through the accepted limitations we have imposed onto ourselves/our lives individually, how are we ever to break through the current system of inequality and limitation that allows for so much abuse in this world and for the ruthless exploitation of life in the name of profit?

Dignity and respect for LIFE begins within self. How can we ever get to a world where all life is equally valued and supported, if we do not even value our own life enough to move ourselves through that which we can change, through that which we see is not supportive or even unnecessary to hold onto, through the limitations that only exist because we have accepted them in our mind based on the systematic deception and abuse we have subjected ourselves to in the context of the world system and the consumerism culture…

…to be continued

ART by Rozelle De Lange

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