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344 | Broken Heart Syndrome: Body, Mind and Spirit

These days I have been following the development of the condition of an elderly woman, the mother of a friend.
She was taken to the hospital because she fell into depression and could not breathe well, and was put under intensive care immediately. Several tubes and a breathing mask were attached to her body, the heart was only functioning at 10%. When the doctors realized this was not a cardiac arrest, further tests were undertaken. The hospital doctor also spoke to her son and her personal doctor who was kind enough to visit the hospital and share the medical history.

Getting the actual history/background (death of husband and daughter recently, to name the most obvious), the hospital doctor made the diagnosis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takotsubo_cardiomyopathy

The German Wikipedia provides more specific background: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stress-Kardiomyopathie

Check it out, it shows quite an interesting interconnection between stress and the functions of the physical body, particularly stress related to ‘heart matters’ eg. ‘love’.

Isn’t it weird that ‘love’ should at all be connected to stress? And yet,  in one way or another, everyone has experienced a ‘heart break’ or emotional stress related to ‘love’.
 What is it really that makes a heart ‘break’?

What is this really about?

The abdication of ourselves that we so willingly and in most cases blindly deliver into the hands of ‘the one we love’?

The (mostly subconscious/unconscious) perception of ‘ownership’ and thus the feeling of loss?

Regret perhaps, in the cases of for instance having missed the chance to really practically love another, in terms of actual communication and support?

Is it perhaps the idea that one’s personal fulfillment is no longer possible, since it was attached to the one particular ‘loved one’ that is no longer present?

Is it the fact that one has not learned to love oneself and really live ‘love’ for oneself, as who one is?

Is ‘love’ as we know it perhaps equal to fear of loss?

How can one assist and support oneself after the loss of a loved one?

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