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360 | My Life is Me - Equal Life Foundation

...In the process of re-defining “my life” and exploring what it really means to live, I am realizing that My Life is Me. Whatever will be of “my life”, it’s gonna be who I am. So who am I? What am I accumulating as myself? What am I creating myself to be? Obviously whatever inner shit or difficulty or frustration I am facing in my life, it is me, I have created it. There’s no point in going into ‘positivity’ or ‘negativity’ about it. One should look at it in the context of life as a whole, of life as the value. Is who I am / who I am becoming honoring the value of life? Am I honoring the value of life within/as myself? What will/can I accept in the name of life, and what is unacceptable? Simple questions. We do not learn to ask ourselves these/such questions.
...Realizing this, implies at the same time that, since I created me – be it in awareness or in unawareness, through ignorant acceptance and allowance, I can look at my creation, investigate it, see, realize, understand how it functions, how I came to be who and how I am, and I can forgive and re-form myself, based on self-honesty and common sense and obviously: based on dignity, freedom, and respect, which means based on equality and oneness as life.
...And the same process goes for our world, and the world systems: We have created the world, we are its building blocks. Everyone plays their part – such ‘beautiful words’, often quoted with a ‘wise’ notion, but do we realize the responsibility they imply? Yes, everyone play their part, but in what? Look around you, watch the news, look at the actuality of reality at all levels, what are we playing our part in? What are we playing our part for? What are we creating?
...Since we created the system – be it in awareness or in unawareness, through ignorant acceptance and allowance – we can look at our creation, investigate it, see, realize, understand how it functions, what are the acceptances that allow for this world to keep existing as we know it, history repeating, nothing much changing; and through understanding we can forgive and get ourselves to a ; clean slate’ where we basically, collectively and in common sense, re-write the entire system, re-form the entire system on the basis of Life as the Highest Value – dignity, freedom, and respect for life, which implies a realization/foundation of equality, for Life as oneness.

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There’s been several people bringing out extraordinary work/contributions to this revolution/evolution process. For links to more Blogs on this Journey to Life see for instance the international Blogs posted in the Facebook group
Lately it’s been really cool to see/read/observe ‘politics’ and ‘the politician’ being redefined (thanks Joe, cool journey!) as well as for instance the first fundamental human right laid out:

The First Fundamental Human Right that the Equal Life Foundation Promotes and Underwrites is that: Every Individual, Every Human Being has an Equal Life Right. That means: the Life You Have is Equal in Each One at the Point of Birth. That which Separates Man from Man is What Happens After-Birth once your Education starts for instance or your Environment Influences you, your Parents Influence you or the System Influences you - then You Start becoming a Separate Individual and are Taught Not to Respect the First Point that Makes your Existence Possible, which is Life. Life - that is the One Thing that is the Same. You cannot say: “One Person Has More Life than Another Person” – that Life, as a Life Force, is the Same in Each One and thus is the First Fundamental Right.
Source: Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation

The timing is really cool for the Equal Life Foundation. This is actually real revolution, real evolution we are doing with and as Desteni. It’s organic, lol, we live it, we move, we are it, and it serves the only purpose that is legit: best for all – harmony as one – as equals of life. Imagine a process of individualization within such a context/environment/conditions – wow.
Heaven on earth – is it really ‘that far away’?

The only way it’s ‘far away’ is because there is only one way: equality and oneness. Lol, it’s like, we must get to equality and oneness THROUGH equality and oneness. Hmm… lol …I suppose I must write a blog on this: We become what we are, and this world becomes equal to and one with how we co-exist, what we live, what we accept and allow. The only way to bring forth the change we wanna see in the world, is to LIVE it, Be it, Become it!

Which is why there’s one thing there is no doubt about: we must each individually become a leader. There’s not gonna come a savior to miraculously ‘save’ us and lead us to salvation. Each one must save themselves lol and lead self to dignity and freedom (here for instance have a look at what freedom really is, look at for instance freedom from fear, or freedom from the need to compare oneself – many interesting aspects to look into!);
Get to self-movement, self-honesty and self-care for real, as well as support the development of common sense as life, because this is our force, this is our power, this is our presence. We are making it real – in the process of making ourselves real and our world real as worthy of life.

This is not about ideology, or religion, or philosophy, or politics – and yet it is politics because it is educational and it is changing the consciousness of the world – in fact it would be a great foundation/principle to base the re-evaluation and re-definition of ‘ideology’, or ‘religion’, or ‘philosophy’, or ‘politics’ because we missed the most vital aspect: Living.

It is about Living, it is about Who we Are, it is about what is becoming of humanity and what mankind is leaving behind, it is about what we accept as ‘human nature’ and about what we accept as a world system. 
In the name of what gods are we allowing such abuse and atrocity to exist on this earth? 
Do we realize that everything that is happening is happening in OUR name – whether we moan and complain and blame everybody else or whether we protest and revolt without solutions at hand or whether we ‘give to charity’ and paint a beautiful picture while we call ourselves spiritual!

Okay – at this point a personal note: 

Sometimes as I write I think that my writing may sound ‘too idealistic’. When I look at it, writing is what motivates me, while I also experience struggle and frustration throughout my daily application. So while I speak the ‘big words’ – words which are here within my given awareness and ability to look at definitions and redefine, or to place things and look at them and their interconnections, but which are not here yet within Everything of who I am and how I exist – I will therefore more meticulously give myself the time (=slow down and be here in every moment) to walk the living-application of my correction/realization towards the ‘ideal’ (=which is life as the highest value), breath-by-breath putting my realizations into action/practical-living, within this seeing that I have to be patient with myself, yet diligent, realizing that this can only be walked breath by breath, in self awareness, here in every moment; not reacting to the consequences I am facing but understanding that it’s gonna take several steps and several repetitions to establish change without doubt and that I’ll inevitably be faced with the same/similar situations/experiences until I have changed Me and who I am within it all);
To equalize and establish myself as the living word, until there is no longer ‘big words’ because all words are lived and applied within/as who I am, based on life as the value, based thus on equality and oneness, based on who I really am as life.

We must always make sure that we (find ways to) practically actualize our realizations, in relation to our own life and practical living.

So back to the point, I am realizing there has indeed been a particular energy attached to my writings when I write about for instance the point of equality and oneness or humanity as one or self realization as life –
And to describe my writing I’d use the words ‘philosophical’ or ‘idealistic’ or even ‘ideal’, so now for me a vital point is to focus on my practical living and the practical application of ‘the ideal’ within it all, because the devil is in the detail;

Which (the words ‘philosophical’ or ‘idealistic’ or even ‘ideal’) also reminds of the construct of ‘hope’ and how such ‘hope’ was part of my generational history/existence, without ever achieving ‘great things’ in fact. To say it again: “Kill all hope”.
As long as I hope, I am hopeless – lol. (Cool point also referenced in the latest posts @ Heaven's Journey to Life) So now the words must be lived in fact, to the smallest detail/moment, to establish that force of self motivation, self movement, for real – self honesty. Doubt is always self-sabotage covering up for the con science of self-interest.

A further interesting point: do we fear perfection? And if so, what is this fear really about? We only ‘labor’ to perfect ourselves as money-making machines, but do we want to put the labor in for self perfection? Why do we always find the most incredible ways to keep ourselves in the ‘safety’ of that which we already ‘know’ or think we have ‘control’ over? Here see also the reference to the ‘secondary elite’ @ Creation's Journey to Life.

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