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362 | Are we just Earthlings ???

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Are we just Earthlings?
That´s an interesting question – especially in the light of the various spiritual beliefs existent about eg. the afterlife, star seeds, galactic federations, crystal children, white light brotherhoods etc.

But – Why is the simple question not asked: How can we be anything more in any other reality, in any other realm, if we cannot even manage this ONE reality we share to be something that is best for life – a place where life is honored and not one single being is left to struggle and suffer!

How can we claim we are “learning lessons” or “returning home” when we have no remembrance whatsoever from past lives? What do we really learn? Do we actually learn? If we were learning anything throughout the eons of time, wouldn´t our understanding and realization be visible in our world, our society, our culture as humanity? Wouldn´t we then be really in fact evolving, as human beings, as humanity, as Life on Earth? Wouldn´t love be something that would produce visible, tangible results to the benefit of Life as a whole?

Our Home is Here!

What is the purpose of missions to mars and trips to the moon while our Earth is burning?
In my perspective, we are trough such approaches merely seeking an easy way out, deferring our responsibility for What is Here – and turning our back on life on earth which is, for all practical purposes, all that we have!

So – are we just Earthlings?

The question is rather: Are we even Earthlings? Or are we merely mind consciousness system robots, aliens to life, alienated from our common source, our common origin, having lost all common sense while we indulge in all kinds of be-lie-fs and mental-i-ties about life!

Do we really grasp what it means to live? Or has life degraded to survival only? Why are we accepting and allowing the devaluation of life?

If you are able to hear this, if you are able to see that common sense is unfortunately rather uncommon in this world, yet necessary if we are to find a way to fix the mess we have manifested on Earth: then I´d suggest visiting the websites of Desteni, the Equal Life Foundation and the Equal Money Movement and do your research; support yourself in developing common sense, and dare to ask the difficult questions – the questions that will take us back to our response-ability, because obviously:
as long as we refuse to take responsibility for What Is Here – for what we are and what has become of our world – we have no power to change, we have no ability to respond to the actuality of reality.

Join us in Walking this process of Real Change – not through mental constructs and projected ideas, not through wishful thinking and fuzzy positivism; but through actual, physical, practical living aligned to the actuality of reality we are facing here on Earth, individually and collectively.

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