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340 | Is Equal Money a planned economy - part2

To give a short answer - No. To give another short answer - Yes.
LOL - A longer one (see part 1 here) would be that the equal money system is a plan to make it work for all. There is predictability in statistics, there is predictability in crops, there is predictability in systems, there is predictability in programs. Why then use systems that create a Homo Consumens, why use systems that create inequality and fear, why use systems that create dependency and abuse? Why not utilize the statistics, the facts and the knowledge that we do have, to create equal life opportunities for everyone and a truly sustainable way of life/living on our planet! It would be foolish not to. There is no plan B and the alternative is to crash in the hands of the 'big brothers' in the illusion of choice and in fear.

Many people see politics's only choice being that between a 'free market' and 'planned economy'. That is so limited, let alone that the very terms as such activate the respective perception filters of the human mind that have been conditioned through the consumerism system addressing their fears and their desires. Why else would one refuse to see that the 'free market' is not free and planned economies were never planned without power abuse, were never completely in the interest of life as equality. Does this mean we can never have a real free market or plan our economy in the best, most effective way that'll work for all, including the planet that sustains us –

So, today I came across the following interview and I'd like to share it – Some interesting speculations in this podcast, yet all in all it's showing clearly how all politics ties together into the financial- and resources war that is led by the big brothers at the cost of the citizens of the earth and the earth itself – showing as well that the 'free market' exists in the name of narco money and the war industry and is as such not 'free'.

There does exist currently such thing as 'central planning', the whole casino-system of this world is planned and played centrally=globally by those few that pull the strings that steer the money/resources/energy movement to serve the dictatorship of money/profit – but it's 'hidden' because it is ‘the bigger picture’. And yet, as also this report shows, people do and are able to see what is going on.

I found interesting the context given on trade zones and 'political' thinking /how 'political' thinking is formed according to 'trade' and 'trade zones', the 'free market' mainly revolving around mineral/diamond mining/exploitation, gas and natural resources, narcotics and the war industry.

So the question is – why do we not look, why do we not see, it’s all here, one has to look at the bigger picture and investigate what it is that ‘moves’ everything and keeps the world running and How.

That’s what we did and are doing at Desteni, specifically taking on the money-system:

Redefining politics into real democracy and into policies that truly support life, to stop the war on earth and put an end to the power-games in our existence.
In essence reevaluating life and living, reevaluating ourselves and our relationships – because, in the end, what’s it gonna be?

Will we have a New World Order that is but the mutation resulting out of the old world order of slavery, power-abuse, war and exploitation in the name of ‘profit’ and ‘progress’, or will we have a New World where we do not need to be ordered because we stand as responsible individuals in self-realization as life and thus bring forth real progress, real evolution, real profit for life, for the human race, for the earth that sustains us. Is it ‘difficult’ to see that it would be best for each one and for all of us together if we came to ways and systems of co-existence that are ‘best for all’ based on agreements that are ‘best for all’ – in common sense, on common ground, for a common interest that is LIFE or at least should be, as that would mean ‘heaven on earth’. What determines the possibility or impossibility of such outcome but you and me and everyone on earth together in every moment.

We are doing it already, we are creating our world by our mere existence, through all action and inaction – we are a Oneness and consequences always hit all equally in the END – so the question would be: do we allow our Oneness to be dictated through power-abuse and inequality or do we stand-up to form a Oneness of equality, of dignity, of integrity, of life – for LIFE

What is humanity going to do?

I know what I am going to do, I am doing it already. I am walking this Journey to Life. Thanks for reading.

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