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341 | “Hey, How is Life Treating You?”

Wow I was just looking at this question again and it’s amazing!
If I ask this question to myself, from one perspective what comes up is the whole money/system placement that one has ‘in life’, mostly influenced/determined through where one is born and into what conditions.

The actual point that is operative here is MONEY. One might as well ask “How is money treating you?”

Alright, there’s other things that come up, for instance where one would ‘feel unlucky’ or feel ‘unfairly treated’ when loved ones die, or when a loved one or oneself has a serious/chronic disease, or when one lose one’s job (that’s money again) – stuff which one mostly believes or accepts external factors as responsible for.

And granted, in a world where money is the common denominator that dictates all aspects of life and living, it is not that odd to ask “how is life treating you?”

The only problem is, we kinda got suck within this one perspective of the point only. We never as human beings or as humanity really asked the question: How am I treating life? How am I treating my life? How am I treating myself? How am I treating others?

Is life treating me – or am I treating life?
Is perhaps how life’s treating me in fact equal to and one with how I am treating life, how I am treating myself?
What is my role and responsibility within the consequences that I am facing as ‘my life’?

Within spirituality exists the belief that life or the human race began as oneness, as a family, and that our awareness, our consciousness is in the process of ‘getting back to the source’. If we for a moment see this as possible, imagine what an awareness shift must have taken place in terms of going from an awareness of self as the origin, as creator, as source – to a self completely separated from life, meaning (unlike spiritual beliefs) from the physical universe, from ourselves as physical multidimensional beings, from the planet as a living being, from our own cells, from our own breath of life.

It is really worth investigating and exploring how we human beings use language, words and imagination, and what the consciousness that emerges from our systematized use of language, words and imagination reveals about our idea of ourselves, about our idea of life, about our idea of ourselves in the context of life! And fascinatingly enough such ideas define our nature. Or is it the other way around?

What is our nature revealing about ourselves? What does ‘human nature’ say about evolution, about consciousness, about the physical? Where does ‘human nature’ come from, how is it formed, and who/what profits from a ‘human nature’ as is?

Where is self-responsibility within it all?
What ‘self’ is that which create nothing but war, conflict, fear and ways to get to profit (which seems to be the main aspect of our ‘evolution’)!

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