Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

353 | Embracing DisEase to Understand the Matter of Self

ART by Rozelle De Lange

Two days ago I’ve been to the swimming pool and after finishing, showering and getting out, I caught a cold. 
For a moment I was upset, because there is currently much that requires my attention, especially with a new job opening that came up and some meetings I have scheduled in this context.

But, as I saw myself going into an experience of ‘stress’ and ‘time pressure’, I realized: hey – Stop, breathe, slow down. There is no use in going into anxiety and wanting to rush things, first I must care for myself and the physical condition I find myself into, and get myself strong again.
The 'dis-ease' is quite interesting, as I haven’t had such symptoms for many years. The first symptom I became aware of was pain when swallowing, and then a swelling/hardening of the tendons of the neck under the ear, later also a bit of a stuffy nose and slight ear pain/pressure. The back of the neck is also stiff and painful. My head felt like its physical equilibrium was off (I literally thought that if the middle of my head was equipped with a water level tool, well that tool was somehow out of ‘sync’). I guess I can be glad I didn’t end up with a meningitis.

I am referencing the points that are ‘active’ in my attention in the context of being sick / being in dis-ease (throat, ears, etc.) with the information shared by Veno in his document series on the Structural Resonance, where one can find a description of and elaboration on the relationship between the various physical-body parts/areas and consciousness patterns/systems, and I’ll be utilizing this information and insight to check for myself whether there are issues within myself I require to address in terms of self-awareness and self-direction, meaning: to check what issues and/or weaknesses the particular physical dis-ease parts are indicating.

Dis-ease being indicative of a possible mis-alignment of/within self that requires correction (meaning – indicative of self being not at ease with/within/as self i.e. not in oneness and equality), I can thus ask the question and look within myself in self-honesty to see: 
What is it of/within myself/my life that I have neglected / ignored / disregarded – or – Is there a point /points where I am not seeing clearly and directly what it is I am dealing with – or – Is there ‘blind spots’ or points of self-deception – and questions like these.

I had already started walking a process of re-evaluating my standing and the direction of ‘my life’ and ‘who I am’ within it (see the links to my previous blog posts) – therefore I now embrace this dis-ease and commit myself to utilize the time I have available to look into the matters at hand and to clear within myself any issues that may still be limiting me, my self-honesty, and my ability to live, express and expand.

So this is a short update and a short blog for today, and I will continue sharing in the context of my re-evaluation.

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