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356 | Self Commitment - Stopping the Negativity in My Life

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In the context of deconstructing the self-definition of/as the ‘misfit’, I came to see that I had existed in absolute negativity throughout my life, even at the time where I followed spiritual paths and attempted to ‘compensate’ for the suppressed or denied negativity through the opposite polarity of consciousness: ‘positivity’.
Obviously, what is crystal clear already (and here you can read my previous blog posts to understand the polarity construct) is that that ‘positivity’ I had existed in and held onto throughout the time I was following spiritual paths was not real positivity, was not something that produced measurable positive results in fact, but only a make-belief ‘state of mind’ that was ‘positive’, like a self-hypnosis, a bubble within which I could for a moment ‘feel better’ about myself so that I did not have to investigate the truth of myself and take self-responsibility.

Once I came across Desteni and started asking questions, and once I was willing to question not only the world system, but also the min system and within that my very own mind consciousness – I started seeing how polarity constructs exist and how we trap ourselves in polarity (both individually as human beings and collectively as humanity and the world systems), failing to see the solutions that are here once we start seeing beyond polarity.

An interesting point to see, a point we opened up in a group chat while discussing negativity, is the following:
“The 99% will not do anything to change the world – they believe they cannot – they are controlled completely by negativity.
And thus the 1% through lying and stealing and war can have it all. Nothing will change – they are the evil so to speak – but in fact the 99% is the real evil: accepting and allowing this to exist. And in spite of the evidence on every screen daily around the world – there is no change. And change will take many years and great suffering.”
Negativity is the totality of human nature. That’s why things like the ‘law of attraction’ and other new-age spirit-dualities make money: people are desperate and will do anything to try and find some ‘happiness’…

The question is: 

Why does humanity only seems to learn through suffering? And why is the suffering of half the world not enough – Why is it only when our OWN are affected that we consider the necessity for change?

How come one is not able to feel the suffering of trillions of beings – yet one is able to be happy?

Why is it that one will place one’s own interest first and justify why that which is really important can never be? 

Why does a world view prevail where only one’s own happiness counts while one sees it as impossible that all can be happy?

Why is it that negativity always wins when it comes to life responsibility?

Is it so difficult to simply Be Here Alive – neither negative nor positive, no state of mind, but direct Beingness, walking in awareness as an equal part of the whole and thus standing in responsibility for LIFE as a whole!

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as negativity.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that within negativity I am in fact sabotaging myself and keeping myself from finding real practical solutions for my life, my world, my reality.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that all negativity or positivity that ever existed within and as my mind was always self-created, accepted and allowed, based on the thoughts I would follow or the emotional/feeling reactions I would identify with and believe in, without investigating where they come from and what the ‘logic’ behind them really is.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I had become addicted to negativity, as negativity had become the fuel which I used to fuel myself.

Within this I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I was creating myself as a consciousness that feeds on negativity, and thus in turn brings up more and more negativity to keep itself running ‘as is’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to create fear based on the negativity I was clinging onto – instead of realizing that I was creating my own fears and on top of that I was even creating a fear-reaction towards those fears.

Therefore I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to manipulate myself with fear, to manipulate myself with negativity, to manipulate myself with positivity.

I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to place myself as ‘inferior’ to my own mind, my own consciousness – and to from that ‘inferiority’ to make myself subject to my own consciousness based on its conditioned patterns, within that becoming subject to and submerged to the consciousness patterns I had accepted and allowed to define me and the experience of myself.

I realize that, since I am in a position to look at and see my consciousness, as my own thoughts in my mind and my own reactions within myself, then I must be more than just the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up within me.

Therefore I commit myself to take directive principle of myself as the authority of myself, as one and equal with everything that I am as what exists within me – and to direct everything that exists within me as me towards a practical living application that ensures I live in self-dignity and integrity, no longer accepting or allowing myself to submit to the conditioned consciousness patterns of my conditioned mind.

I commit myself to investigate all consciousness patterns that exist within me as me, so that I may direct each point, moving myself beyond the polarities of the mind and into actual living-solutions that will ensure I live a life of self-support in self-honesty, no longer accepting or allowing myself to limit myself or to submit to mental constructs in order to hide from the actuality of reality.

I commit myself to slow myself down enough to be able to in every moment of breath make a decision about ‘who I am’ in this moment and how I will deal with and direct my reality at any given moment in a way that is best for all, that is best for life, which includes me as an equal of life.

I commit myself to stop any and all negativity within me, as well as to stop any and all positivity within me that is of the mind/consciousness, so as to stop myself from existing within and as a ‘state of mind’ (which is always limited) and to instead move myself to live practically and pragmatically the best possible choice I can make at any given moment, according to what is best for me as life – as I realize that within such self-application I am in fact able to create measurably positive results for-real that will have an actual impact on my life and life as a whole.

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