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338 | Is Equal Money a planned economy?

I am aware of the term “planned economy” and the historical context through which it’s been defined. What I see within the term “planned economy” as well is how in the context of the cold war and throughout the development of capitalism as consumerism it has been deliberately connected to ‘fear’.

So much so, that still in today’s discourse one’s awareness is moved by fear the conditioned connotations, instead of people seeing the following common sense: That a “planned economy” is per definition just that.
It is WHAT is being planned that determines what it’s all gonna be about: The starting-point and the goal of the ‘what’/the ‘plan’ defines the ‘planned’ in ‘planned economy’ and makes it what it is. So, a planned economy does not have to be/become something “bad”. It will be what it is designed to be.

Now, at the same time, what is today called ‘free market’ is not in fact free. What controls the markets? The corporations. The market is currently planned to serve the big brothers, a select few only. The whole money-system as is: is a planned construct.

Therefore the question is: Who or what defines the construct, the money, the economy – and how? And: Do we leave the future of our world in the hands of speculators? Do we leave everything as is in the ‘hope’ that somehow things are gonna work out, at least for ourselves? Or do we get together, get to transparency, and face the facts of human civilization on earth. I mean, it would really be irresponsible to not get to an agreement as citizens of the earth to ‘save our world’. Or would you rather not know, as is currently the case that we do not know how much money is in circulation at all. ‘How much’ is our money worth really, and why do we allow the exploitation of the ‘small and weak’ by the ‘big and strong’? Have a look at the following interesting phenomenon – the more money one has the more one is in a position to exploit others, to buy others, to have one’s own say. The more money one has the bigger one’s vote, the louder one’s voice, and where does your voice come through to support you if you have money: the media. Is that not ‘planned economy’?

I understand why those that realize they are in positions of power and control would freak out at the thought of everyone having equal rights and equal say. But we are under the global dictatorship of money in this world. Something must be done. And it must be done together, life as one group. Do you see another way?

So – what I am saying is that it is the content of a ‘planned economy’ that must be evaluated and not the fact that one would agree to plan an economy.

Why plan an economy? To make it work for all. There is predictability in statistics, there is predictability in crops, there is predictability in systems, there is predictability in programs. Why then use systems that create a Homo Consumens, why use systems that create inequality and fear, why use systems that create dependency and abuse? Why not utilize the statistics, the facts and the knowledge that we do have to create equal life opportunities for everyone and a truly sustainable way of life/living on our planet! It would be foolish not to.

At this point I see fit to clarify that equal money is not about equal mediocrity for all, or equal ordinariness for all; it’s about equal wealth for all, the best quality, education and hi-tech for all; best health care and welfare for all; equal opportunities to live to one’s utmost potential – for all.
I have seen people thinking and fearing that with equal money everyone will be poor. That is not the point of an equal money system, this is not about charity, this is not about punishing the rich or the system, this is about real change. And the people must be the ones forming and defining this change – out of understanding, out of common sense, out of self-realization, and because one cares.

But unfortunately the level of brainwashing and fear is extreme. And there is no solutions within the system; everything of it is like a black hole ready to suck you in for a momentary ‘pleasure’. There’s a rude awakening ahead unless one takes responsibility in this life, for life. As the systems collapse more and more and the controls tighten, everyone that ‘survive this’ will be facing the questions that one should already be asking oneself through mere common sense, because one does care. That is what we are busy with in fact with the equal money system.

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