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347 | Self Commitment & Desteni I Process

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Starting with this post and in the posts to follow, I will be looking at the various aspects of my life /myself and the prominent patterns which I have accepted and allowed to define those aspects respectively.

I will be sharing the self-forgiveness realizations and the commitment statements that I’ll be scripting for myself to then practically live the realizations and walk the change that I see is required – based on the starting-point of valuing my life and making the best out of my life and myself, in spite of the limitations of the current system and the conditions we are all subject to.

I have been walking the Desteni I Process for some years now, and at this point I’d like to summarize for myself the main systems / patterns / habits / definitions that I have accepted and allowed to have power over me and to determine who I am and what/how my life is.

In essence, this is about realizing and deconstructing the systems within – systems (i.e. patterns and habits of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, judgments, ideas, behaviors etc.) which I have adopted, formed, developed or copied and which I then accepted and allowed to define and bind me and my life to a limited version of me / a limited version of my life;
Further, it is about forgiving myself for abdicating my self-directive authority to systems, and about stopping such systems from having power over me within myself. It is about seeing/ realizing/ understanding the ‘problems’ I am facing, and within that: seeing/ realizing/ understanding the solutions and corrections that are required for me to take back the directive authority I had abdicated to systems.

So – it’s about living the self-forgiveness and walking the self-corrective realizations in self-commitment; it’s about living the change into beingness so that I can be fully ‘at peace’ with myself / my life i.e. with how I live my life, which in the end means being able to live with every single decision I make, every single step I take, in every moment, with every breath.

That is the principle of self-honesty.

Within walking this process of self-honesty, I have realized that every system/ pattern/ habit has been layered through numerous experiences throughout one’s life and exists therefore multidimensionally, both in terms of ‘time’ (i.e. the same pattern manifest at various different times in one’s life) as well as in terms of the forms i.e. ‘expressions’ in which a system/ pattern/ habit manifests.

It is therefore common that, while working on one system/ pattern/ habit, further layers and dimensions of the system/ pattern/ habit reveal. This is important to realize and understand, and to therefore not allow oneself to get frustrated when seeing/realizing ‘more and more of the shit’.

When things/self do not change, i.e. when despite the self-forgiveness and self-commitments self is not seeing the change in oneself and one’s reality – it is important to investigate whether one has effectively and sufficiently applied/lived the self-correction one had realized is required, and/or whether one is still missing a point or points of the system/ pattern/ habit, i.e. whether there are dimensions to the system/ pattern/ habit that one has not yet considered/ seen /realized /understood.

This is basically the process of Man Know Thyself – SELF-HONESTY – which is the only way to get to self-determination as life in full awareness and responsibility.

This is why at this point I will start re-evaluating myself in relation to the most prominent systems/ patterns/ habits of my life, my existence, so as to investigate what still has power over me and how – i.e. what it is that I still accept and allow to define and determine who I am and what my life is, and HOW (meaning through what actions and/or inactions, through what ideas/beliefs/judgments etc.) I make such acceptances and allowances and compromise who I really am as life, thus compromising my ability to live and expand to my utmost potential.

…to be continued

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