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359 | My Life is Me

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Continuing from my previous blog post where I looked into: 
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In the context of the previous posts we established that consciousness – human beings as consciousness – exist within/as a preprogrammed design, according to genetics and to the external factors that influence and determine how the genetic information will manifest/express.

So consciousness is a product – it is a product of the world system, that is for sure (study Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, documentaries such as The Century of Self, PsyWar, Human Resources – Social Engineering in the 20th Century as well as the Blogs linked at the end of this post);
Is it also the product of our beingness? A reflection of our true nature? And can that nature be changed?

Several years ago already the process of Man Know Thyself / Self-Honesty was introduced and continues being published in articles, documents, interviews, forums, blogs, courses, educational material.
Which is of great importance, because human beings we need to realize and understand that what we are educated to be/become has lost all regard for life, which means it has lost all regard for itself as life.

And many profess that human nature cannot change simply because how human nature exists currently is what keeps the system running, it’s what funds all the abuse in the world. And before you scream “no it’s them, the big brothers, the corporations!” and while this may be true, consider who gives the big brothers their ‘power’ and especially: how.

Self-Interest as how it exists and is being lived in this world reveals a self that is greedy, fearful, egotistic, spiteful, and that cares for nothing really but presenting a more or less acceptable image (self-image) to the world. This is the great “I Am” that a human being can become, wow, all the while much of the world is starving, people kill each-other in the name of gods, defending belief- and value-systems, but essentially defending their own self religion, their own “I Am” – but an “I Am” is always merely an image, a picture, a projection, a definition, a limitation really, bound to comparison, competition, thus war, conflict, conflict of interests.
While we could simplistically see the common sense that as Earthlings, life and living should be our common interest. After all, we are all here together. We breathe the same air. We return to the same substance.

So what am I realizing with “My Life is Me”? It’s not what you do that determines who you are, it’s who you are that determines what you do. It’s about who I am within everything/anything I do. But I was trying to define “my life” and its value based on comparison, an action that is imposed onto human beings through/by the system, the education, the parents, the peers, the media, consumerism, everything in this world. 

We try to find/get ‘value’ while we abdicate the very value of life. We try to ‘be’ something/someone when we can’t even just be, breathe, look, see, here, in the actuality of reality. Everything you are experiencing is coming from your mind and has been preconditioned under the influences and exposures throughout your life. You formed a tendency to certain reactions, to certain thoughts, to certain emotions and feelings, a tendency to see the world this way and that way, a tendency to see yourself this way and that way, and that becomes your life, and that’s what you become.

In the process of re-defining “my life” and exploring what it really means to live, I am realizing that My Life is Me. Whatever will be of “my life”, it’s gonna be who I am. So who am I? What am I accumulating as myself? What am I creating myself to be? Obviously whatever inner shit or difficulty or frustration I am facing in my life, it is me, I have created it. There’s no point in going into ‘positivity’ or ‘negativity’ about it. One should look at it in the context of life as a whole, of life as the value. Is who I am / who I am becoming honoring the value of life? Am I honoring the value of life within/as myself? What will/can I accept in the name of life, and what is unacceptable? Simple questions. We do not learn to ask ourselves these/such questions.
Realizing this, implies at the same time that, since I created me – be it in awareness or in unawareness, through ignorant acceptance and allowance, I can look at my creation, investigate it, see, realize, understand how it functions, how I came to be who and how I am, and I can forgive and re-form myself, based on self-honesty and common sense and obviously: based on dignity, freedom, and respect, which means based on equality and oneness as life.

And the same process goes for our world, and the world systems: We have created the world, we are its building blocks. Everyone plays their part – such ‘beautiful words’, often quoted with a ‘wise’ notion, but do we realize the responsibility they imply? Yes, everyone play their part, but in what? Look around you, watch the news, look at the actuality of reality at all levels, what are we playing our part in? What are we playing our part for? What are we creating?
Since we created the system – be it in awareness or in unawareness, through ignorant acceptance and allowance – we can look at our creation, investigate it, see, realize, understand how it functions, what are the acceptances that allow for this world to keep existing as we know it, history repeating, nothing much changing; and through understanding we can forgive and get ourselves to a ; clean slate’ where we basically, collectively and in common sense, re-write the entire system, re-form the entire system on the basis of Life as the Highest Value – dignity, freedom, and respect for life, which implies a realization/foundation of equality, for Life as oneness.

After all, we are all here together, we breathe the same air. We are all made of water, and we all return to the same substance. Blood is thicker than water is just a saying revealing the abuse, discrimination and exploitation that is being accepted and allowed in the name of profit, in the name of self-interest.

That is the beauty of the Equal Life Foundation, the Desteni I Process, the Equal Money System, the Freedom Bloggers, and all the movement coming out from this online group of people realizing that hey, if we don’t CARE for real for this world nobody will; if we don’t CARE for real for life nobody will; if we don’t CARE for ourselves as life and consider what we leave behind, are we worthy of life? If we don’t give life to ourselves and make sure we LIVE, and make sure every human being has an equal life opportunity to LIVE, for real – are we worthy of life?
The beauty is in the value of life, the beauty is in realizing that all fight is a fight against oneself, in realizing that the value of life is within Living, and thus we must make Living possible, for ourselves and we must enable Living for all as a basic human right.

Living should not be a struggle. It should be an expression, a movement of self, expansion, growth, exploration, fun!

ART by Bastian Neumann

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