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Day 132: Want Home – “Here” & “There” | How Definitions Define Self

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo
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So, I’m continuing having a look into the definition of “Here” and “There” and how within that I separated myself from Here, separated me from What is Here as Me because I did not want to face me, experience me, be here with me –

and I did not back then have the tools and the realizations with which to assist and support myself as I do today.

So I was simply running – running away from the experience of Me.



From my blog post Day 130:

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be aligned to a definition of "there" which I imagined and created in my mind and charged it over time with feelings of 'positive', 'peace', 'stop running, 'having arrived', 'home', 'fulfilment'.

So here I will look into how I defined “There” – which is a word-definition/idea I realized exists within me since I looked into the two words HOME and WANT (for reference and further context read my blog post from Day 130).

So I realized that I created “there” as a projection of myself, defined as: 'peace', 'stop running, 'having arrived', 'home', 'fulfilment';

thus charged as a ‘positive’ feeling.

What I hadn’t obviously considered is that through the acceptance of this projection as ‘valid’ and ‘positive’ = I was accepting Me Here as ‘invalid’ and ‘negative’.

And the more I would wish for and charge the ‘positive’ projection, the more ‘negative’ my experience of Me Here would become – and the less able I would become in directing Me Here, directing my Here into effective Living in self-support, self-expression, self-acceptance.

So what did I do: I took “value” and I placed it “there”. Within this, I deprived Me Here of any value, per implication thus defining Me Here as ‘powerless’ and ‘unworthy’.

An interesting point to look at and see/realize, is that:

How do we get “there”? We get “there” through all the steps we take in every “here”-moment with every breath. So it is the Here that determines the “there” – it is the present that determines the future. It is who I am in every moment that accumulates, forms and determines who I am becoming, who I will be.

Within however placing all value, all power, all attention “there” – I had implicitly accepted/defined myself Here as ‘worthless’ and ‘powerless’ - therefore I was within that in fact creating the “there” equally as ‘worthless’ and ‘powerless’ as my accepted definition of “here”, in spite of wishing for and dreaming of the 'positive' – 'peace', 'stop running, 'having arrived', 'home', 'fulfilment'.

Because how can I get all that – if I am not giving it to myself within and as who I am and how I live?!


What is also important to see and realize here is how the trap of polarity operates:

Because within the definitions I had formed/accepted (see my previous blog posts for details), I had defined the positive through the negative, the negative being my experience of myself “here”, the positive being my wishful-thinking projected out “there”.

Within this, positive and negative, “here” and “there”, are polarity constructs that exist together as ONE – they cannot exist alone, they need each-other, the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ are defined by and through each-other.

That is the trap of polarity. And that is how we trap ourselves within ENEGRY –

ENERGY being our interpretation of reality into mental values of ‘positive’/ ‘more than’/ ‘superior’ and ‘negative’/ ‘less than’/ ‘inferior’, whereby from this then emerge the various levels of ‘feelings’ (positive) and ‘emotions’ (negative), based on the equations and definitions we form /accept /allow.

We then in turn additionally CHARGE these definitions (words, thoughts, ideas, pictures, imaginations) through further thinking about them, which perpetuates our emotional attachment to the words, thoughts, ideas, pictures, imaginations – and so there we have it:

the vicious cycles of ENEGRY through thoughts, backchat, feelings, emotions, that seem to never end – because we continue participating in it in the BELIEF that we are ‘right’ to see things the way we do and in the FAITH that maybe someday we’ll get “there” and our dreams and desires will finally be ‘fulfilled’.



So what is the way out?

How do we set ourselves from the trap of polarity?

How do we set ourselves free from the mental concepts we subject ourselves to which generate the emotional experience we have of ourselves and our reality?

The answer is simplistic:
it is about accepting ourselves as the VALUE of LIFE, which is Oneness, and within that also Equality.
We have however replaced the value of LIFE which is equally within all living beings as ONE Life with fake values of consciousness based on concepts, ideas and perceptions of ‘superiority’/‘inferiority’, ‘positive’/‘negative’, ‘more than’/ ‘less than’ and have come to exist in constant comparison and competition towards each-other, instead of existing in mutual respect, support and communication as LIFE.

The current consumerism system of Capital/Money obviously perpetuates even further this consciousness of comparison, competition, survival of the fittest; and in no way supports the individual human being in self-realizing Life as the actual, true value Here.

Furthermore, all systems of our world promote the concept of “getting there”, be it education, the money-system, religion, science, the media and the sexualization of society – everything exists as a promise for ‘more’, without offering the tools with which to learn how to deal with what is already here as ourselves, society, the human psyche, relationships, energetic experiences, our thought processes etc.

The Equal Money System as proposed by us Destonians is the only proposal that places the value of Life as starting-point for all practical considerations, aiming at bringing forth an existence where we stop surviving through abuse and exploitation and start LIVING in actual support, freedom and dignity, that will allow for actual evolution in all possible fields of our existence.

The Desteni I Process is the only curriculum that shows in detail how the mind consciousness operates and how we have come to exist as we do currently on this earth, creating an inner and outer hell for ourselves and each-other while we are trapped in fear and accepted inferiority –
and within this understanding the willing individual is able to start deconstructing any accepted fears, beliefs, desires and the equations that define and determine one’s experience, and get to self-honesty about how we create ourselves and consequently our world.


In my next blog post tomorrow I will continue with self-forgiveness and self commitment statements on the points that opened up today, and will in the blog posts to come continue with the next points that opened up since I started looking into the words Home and Want.
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