Freitag, 3. August 2012

Day 108: The Design of Infinity & Self-Delusion

ART by Bastian Neumann

This number – 108 – reminds me of ‘spirituality’ and I really can’t believe there was a time where I was singing mantras LOL

So because of this association I decided to write about a ‘spiritual’ subject and then the number 8 brought up the point of ‘Infinity’.

The number 8 when placed horizontally stands for "infinity". It’s interesting that we human beings deliberately fail to take responsibility for THIS one reality we share HERE, yet have the audacity to create ideas of an ‘afterlife’ or ‘infinity’.

Would you REALLY want to exist like this forever?

If we really look at this world, we can see that we through ‘life and death’, people come and go – yet the system remains, and the people born into this world keep the system running, existing only for survival, slaving to make a living, serving not life but the system.

So in a way, the system is infinite.

And instead of looking at how we have designed this infinity, we project the point in separation from Here into some ‘afterlife’ or some ‘divine’ idea of ‘infinity’ just to delude ourselves with illusions of ‘grandeur’ and to not have to Face What is Here as ourselves and our creation.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a concept of ‘infinity’ without even making the effort to investigate and test what infinity would practically imply.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to project ‘divine’ concepts of ‘infinity’ into some ‘afterlife’ just to delude myself with ideas of ‘grandeur’ – refusing to investigate what we are creating to exist Here infinitely, in spite of the fact the history is repeating and costing the LIFE of millions while we slave for the system to keep running.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world, an existence, where we exist in fear of death to such an extent, that we try to cover it up and deny it through superimposing ideas of ‘infinity’ or ‘afterlife’ –

with the result that we care more about such ‘afterlife’ or other delusions of ‘grandeur’ while disregarding the abuse and atrocity we give permission to exist in THIS one reality through our acceptances and allowances and our refusal to see, acknowledge and take responsibility for: What is Here as our creation, this world that is ourselves.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to practically look at the design of infinity and see: as I draw the infinity sign, I have to BEGIN somewhere, and as I continue drawing I will END at the same point where I started –
therefore the design of infinity has a beginning and an end.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that whatever has a beginning, has an end – and that what has a beginning and an end is a program, a system, a design.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to consider that patterns have a beginning and an end – and that within our world as humanity, as human beings, we have accepted and allowed the patterns of our existence to run ad infinitum –
from beginning to end over and over and over again:

back and forth, up and down, round and round from love to hate, from good to bad, from more to lee, from right to wrong, from war to peace and back to WAR –
never really in fact changing, merely spiralling to energetic peaks with atrocious consequences for life.

I commit myself to showing that we are infinitely DAMNED by our own acceptance and allowance, as this world as a reflection of ‘who we are’ is clearly revealing; and that UNLESS WE STOP this automated existence of patterns designed in the name of profit, fear and self-interest at the cost of LIFE: we are making by our mere existence the statement that we are not worthy of life, that we are not equal to life, that we are trying to somehow be ‘more than’ life by placing concepts like ‘power’, ‘profit’, ‘money’, ‘winning’, ‘ownership’, ‘self-interest’ BEFORE life and exploiting life in the name of Profit.

I commit myself to showing that believing in an idea of ‘infinity’ or ‘afterlife’ is in NO WAY serving life as what we all share Here, and is in NO WAY supporting the individual in taking responsibility for What is Here and what Each One is accepting and allowing within oneself and one’s world.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that we cannot be anything ‘more’ or ‘better’ or ‘higher’ in any other reality or ‘afterlife’, since we do not even manage to sort out ourselves here and this ONE reality we share.

I commit myself to showing that the design of infinity is in fact revealing to us what we have manifested as ourselves, as this world, this existence: an eternal FUCK-UP that is not going to stop, that will automatically recycle over and over again ad infinitum and into self-destruction – UNLESS we STOP.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that in order to STOP, we have to realize what it is we’ve been creating and how; we have to understand How we keep this consciousness system recycling and How we have automated our existence within and without in a gesture of self-abdication and self-separation.

I commit myself to showing that we have automated our existence to such an extent that it’s gonna take great courage and humbleness to stand-up as life within self and get to self-honesty and the self-will it requires to make actual decisions in self-directive principle; decisions that will not only change the nature of the individual, but will have an impact on one’s world and society as a whole, bringing forth a new way of life through a new human being that has self-realized life as oneness and equality and thus no longer accepts or allow the separation and exploitation of life in any way whatsoever.

I commit myself to walking myself into and as full self-responsibility through the process of writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application – so that I and all those walking equal with me: may stand as a living example for the change we ALL want to see in our world, and LIVE this change into beingness until ALL LIFE is FREE and our EXISTENCE is DIGNIFIED.

I commit myself to showing that equality as life is the only living-principle through and as which we can dignify our Oneness – and that an equal money system is a first step towards dignifying our Oneness as Life by giving ourselves and each-other equal rights, equal access, equal power, equal participation in the world system, within this transforming the starting-point of the system from fear, self-interest, exploitation and abuse: to actual freedom, common sense, common wealth and abundance, and the life-support we all require to live, express and expand to our utmost potential as life.

I commit myself to supporting the evolution of LIFE, and exposing all those that support the evolution of the ‘Mind’ which is the evolution of the ‘Money’ as the System we have created to protect only what is ‘Mine’ – and with 6 billion people fearing for ‘what is Mine’: war and abuse and deception is inevitable.

Therefore, for real actual change we gotta get to the core of our creation, stop the fear, stop the power-games, forgive the separation and self-interest and the fake values we have allowed ourselves to worship, and dis-cover WHO WE REALLY ARE AS LIFE.

ART by Matti Freeman

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