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Day 112: Fear and Desire – The Hand that Rocks the Cradle | Self Commitment Statements

ART by Kelly Posey

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Day 111: The Hand that Rocks the Cradle - Fear & Desire 

I commit myself to showing that CONTROL always entails FEAR – and therefore I commit myself to showing how any and all solutions based in POLARITY fail to produce actual change or to enable the individual to freedom of self-determination.

I commit myself to showing how all DESIRE exists with its opposite-polarity as FEAR, and that we therefore use CONTROL to try and control the outcome to our OWN benefit because we fear  that we otherwise won´t meet our OWN desires.

I commit myself to showing how THIS is the reason the world system is manifest as is.

I commit myself to showing how POLARITY exists, and how polarity is always a trap with no actual win-win solution ever.

I commit myself to showing how any and all methods of ´mastery´ and ´mind control´ have always only been used and applied in the name of self-interest – never in the interest of LIFE as all as one as equal;
And this due to the fact that one has always approached this from a starting-point of FEAR.

I commit myself to showing how CONTROL over the mind in fact implies that FEAR of the mind exists to begin with – and that therefore all methods that attempts to ´control the mind´ are bound to fail or to backfire, because no actual understanding of the mind is incorporated.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that without FEAR, the NEED to CONTROL would be non-existent.
And therefore I commit myself to sharing the common sense that the current consumerism system use FEAR to justify the control and dictatorship that the system imposes upon life in the name of Profit.

I commit myself to showing that FEAR and CONTROL and also FEAR and DESIRE are the main polarities on which our existence as consciousness is based on:
the patterns of our systems within and without, especially the entire consumerism system / money-system, are based on these ground polarity designs of consciousness – FEAR and DESIRE – and that this is in fact understood and abused to suck-dry and exploit life IN THE NAME OF PROFIT.

I commit myself to sharing the obvious common sense that emerges through the study and observation of the design of POLARITY – a design that can be observed in all aspects of our existence: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the metaphysical;
In fact we should all be able to see and understand how this reality as consciousness functions and how we can utilize this design to benefit ourselves as Life – yet we do not; and therefore I commit myself to exposing that instead, this design IS in fact understood and used/abused in the interest of Profit AT THE COST OF LIFE.

I commit myself to showing how the very concept of ‘winning’/’winners’ and ‘losing’/’losers’ is a concept that instils and fuels: FEAR and DESIRE –
and that this is known and understood and ABUSED within and as the System to exploit Life in the name of PROFIT.

I commit myself to exposing the obvious common sense that FEAR and DESIRE are used within the system to MANIPULATE; and that human beings will resist giving-up our FEARS and DESIRES because we have been doing the exact same thing:
We’ve been using our Fears and Desires to MANIPULATE our reality, ourselves, each-other – and within that we create the Illusion of CONTROL ... all based on the mind consciousness matrix within and as which EGO exists.

I commit myself to showing how the entire world system matrix, the entire world consciousness, the entire money-system that has become God in this existence: is equal to and a creation of: EGO.
...and that the system in the bigger picture is a reflection and a manifestation of the matrix patterns within and as which EGO exists.

I commit myself to showing that FEAR and DESIRE are used within the system to form the human consciousness and create a ´human nature´ that accepts an existence of enslavement and abuse, an existence of slaving for the system; a ´human nature´ that refuses to effectively and sufficiently question the fact that no human being is entirely self-determined, no human being exists in absolute self-responsibility as an accountable individual, no human being is the absolute authority of and as oneself in oneness and equality as life.

I commit myself to challenging my world with the question: Why?

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that as long as we allow a point of FEAR or DESIRE to exist within self : We are making ourselves subject to the entire system, the entire consciousness matrix, and are thus able to be controlled by the system through that ONE SINGLE point of FEAR or DESIRE;

because to GET to that point of desire or to AVOID that point of fear – a human being will compromise its self authority in various other points throughout its life and within its beingness –
This is how and why we exist as CHARACTERS, in an incredible disorder of Multiple Personalities, as we compromise and suppress our beingness in the name of that ONE point of Fear or Desire.

I commit myself to investigating my FEARS to see, realize and understand what DESIRES are behind those fears – as I realize that Fear and Desire always exist as One polarity design that TRAPS self into and as a consciousness system of self-separation, self-deception, self-abuse.

I commit myself to stopping the separation of myself and bringing to the surface all ´hidden´ points such as Fears and Desires – so that I make sure I forgive, let go, and give effective direction to all mental concepts I had accepted and allowed; and make sure that I am no longer controlled by Fear, Desire, or any other consciousness design for that matter, that I am not accepting or allowing myself to be TRAPPED within polarities of the mind while disregarding the actuality of this ONE reality we all share Here.

I commit myself to sharing the obvious common sense that: we cannot be ONE within/as ourselves in SELF EQUALITY, we cannot be and live the absolute authority of ourselves as ourselves, if we are split within ourselves into different personalities, different agendas, different motives – and various different secondary Fears and Desires.

I commit myself to showing the simplicity of the words of Jesus when he said: “You cannot serve two gods” –
where obviously, if one is trapped within and as a consciousness system that operates through automation executing instructions one has not even inserted into the program oneself: one cannot claim to master oneself or one´s life, one cannot claim responsibility or any authority for that matter, one cannot claim to be ´free´.

The only ´freedom´ within this accepted system of mind-consciousness and world-consciousness is the ´freedom´ to abuse life for some select few to have ´abundance´ while the many suffer and starve!

I commit myself to showing that when we serve a FEAR or a DESIRE: we serve the mind consciousness system and consequently the world consciousness, the world as we know it, the very system we manifested through our acceptance, allowance and submission to such ´politics´ of inequality and abuse, of self-interest in the name of profit AT THE COST OF LIFE.

I commit myself to SERVING LIFE as who I really am – LIFE as the only ´god´, the only actual value.

I commit myself to showing that where FEAR or DESIRE exists – Separation exists;
and that therefore as long as we are DRIVEN and CONTROLLED by and through fears or desires, there can exist no oneness and equality of Life, nor can we ever ´find´ Life as ourselves in oneness and equality through the path of consciousness, as consciousness is the manifestation of our very separation from Life, our separation from ourselves and our integrity as living beings.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that within and as actual Oneness and Equality of LIFE, no fear or desire exists.
In Oneness and Equality: all is Here, all is equally honoured, cared for and supported, all is equally free to express and expand to their utmost potential possible.

I commit myself to showing how – instead of LIVING who we really are as Life within and as Oneness and Equality, we project oneness and equality into and as metaphysical, religious, or spiritual ‘concepts’ or ‘realms’;
and that we can never ´enter the kingdom of heaven´, which is LIFE, through the mind as mental concepts, projected realms, alternate realities etc.
Rather, the ´kingdom of heaven´ is and has always been HERE – but where are we?

I commit myself to applying the principle of oneness and equality of life as practical LIVING application in my daily life, in every moment, with every breath – within who I am and how I live and coexist within my world.

I commit myself to showing how fearing oneness and equality of life, or resisting oneness and equality of life: implies that one exists as EGO, as character in this power-game we call ‘life’, trapped within ‘fear’ and ‘desire’ / ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ / ‘superiority’ / ‘inferiority’, existing as the illusion that has been made real and is even called ‘self-realization’ in the realms of ‘spirituality’, ‘religion’ or ‘metaphysics’ –
but what has been made real in fact is an organic robot of consciousness that exists as the Big Consumer – in all dimensions.

I commit myself to showing that those that exist within and as Fear or Desire: will FEAR the principle of equality and oneness and will not want to give-up their self-interest for the oneness and equality of LIFE.

Fear and Desire implies that one is addicted to one´s own energetic experience within which one believe to be ‘alive’ – just due to the `thrill´ of the energetic experience, even if it´s the tingling fear of speculating on the world markets for instance: one will not want to give that up, because “what if tomorrow is my lucky day”, “what if MY jackpot is still to come” … all the while Millions DIE DAILY due to what WE accept and allow!

I commit myself to showing how the current consumerism system of money as profit sells the DREAM of ´the good life´ for all to have something to DESIRE, while at the same FEAR that they may not get to this dream if they don´t believe enough, if they don´t try hard enough, if they don´t have enough faith etc. – and so human beings are unwilling to give up the DREAM and let go of the DREAM and will prefer to remain enslaved in Fear and Desire, waiting and hoping that one day maybe…

…in SPITE of the fact that while we sit and wait and hope for OUR DREAM to come true: Millions DIE DAILY from the consequences of this system that WE accept and allow “because who know, maybe tomorrow I´ll be the lucky one…”

I commit myself to showing that an equal money system will assist and support humanity in its process of stopping the ILLUSION of the DREAM and transforming ´human nature´ from organic robots controlled through fear and desire to actual self-willed beings that acknowledge LIFE as self and each-other and will no longer abuse or exploit life for profit.

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