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Day 123: Humanity has Relationship Problems - Parent Self Commitment

ART by Cathy Krafft

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that our relationships create the world - as they create patterns in the small scale that determine the big picture patterns we see as the world manifest;

and that therefore PARENTING must be understood as a priority issue to address when we speak about changing society, changing the ways of our world, changing the system, changing our existence into a place that in fact supports us all as LIFE.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that PARENTING BEGINS WITH OURSELVES - and that unless we take it upon ourselves to acknowledge and accept responsibility for OUR CREATION, the children of this world stand no chance of coming into and experiencing a future that is about exploring LIFE and LIVING self expression without fear.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that we owe it to ourselves as life to become to/for ourselves the parents that we've always wished for;
that we owe it to ourselves as life to stop all blame and take self-responsibility for healing ourselves through and as the living principle of equality and oneness –
and that this entails understanding the patterns we exist within in all their/our dimensions, to make sure that we stop within ourselves all patterns of 'enslavement', of 'inferiority'/'superiority', of inequality and power-games.

I commit myself to practically live the realization that when I communicate to a child from the starting-point of reactions, where I have an emotional/mental movement/evaluation within myself that result to judgment and thus anger, blame, or the need to control:
I am in fact creating a pattern of 'enslavement' as co-dependency, and the child will inevitably learn this pattern, define itself based on this pattern, and will later in life use this pattern to manipulate its world/reality - just like the parent reacting is an act of manipulation to get the child to do/be what the parent thinks right.

I commit myself to showing that there is another way to communicate with a child as an equal, as life, beyond the patterns of this world consciousness -
that when I am Here in self-stability and without reactions within myself = without participating in the pattern, I am able to show to a child the pattern it is participating in, show to a child the consequences of the pattern, show to the child the power-game involved and why it is not supportive of life, and discuss with the child a common sense approach to such pattern, thus creating practical ways to LIVE that do not subject the child to the consciousness of this world as we know it.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that UNLESS I as the parent show to the child through my actual living application that I am able to not only see and understand a pattern/power-game, but also to direct myself effectively to not be a victim to or an abuser of the particular pattern - the child cannot learn how to live the transcendence of the pattern and will in one way or another grow up as part of the pattern, using it to manipulate itself and others equally.

I commit myself to showing how we grow old but we don’t grow up – and yet we create children that become clones of ourselves, doomed to take on ‘the sins of the fathers’, the patterns of our existence, because WE didn’t do it –
and ironically, we place all our hopes for a better future always on the children, the next generation, refusing to acknowledge the fact that we are the living example of what we call ‘life’.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense question on self-realization: What are we making ourselves real as? What have we made ourselves real as?

Is it a wonder that “self-realization” has become yet another consumerism sensation that attracts those able to DREAM (=those with money) like light attracts an insect? Or is the system doing everything in every way to keep us comfortably numb, in-fear / inferior, and trapped in projections hoping for the DREAM come true?

I commit myself to showing that all patterns of consciousness exist from the starting-point of self-interest = as an attempt to manipulate one's reality to get what the "I" wants, so that "I" can feel that I am special, that I am in control or doing the right thing or am a good person or have power
...or whatever it is the individual Ego NEEDS in order to confirm its "value" as consciousness; in SPITE of the evidence that such application degrades and exploits the value of LIFE, the only true value, the value we all as life equally share.

I commit myself to show how, when a parent communicates to a child from the starting-point of a reaction, the parent is in fact introducing a pattern and the rules of the pattern;
and that every pattern is in essence a POWER-GAME, as a reaction is always based on self-interest, where the Ego feels 'wronged' and attempts to get to a point of 'winning' over another - which results to the world system as we know it with money the ENERGY of 'enslavement'.

I commit myself to showing that any conflict between parents and children is always based on self-interest and power-games, and the LACK of direct communication, equal and one;
and that within such conflict, it is the responsibility of the PARENT to direct the situation/pattern into a living-solution in equality and oneness as life, because the parent is the one that has the greater experience and knowledge/understanding.

I commit myself to showing the problem within the fact that PARENTS evidently LACK actual understanding about who we are as consciousness, as conditioned mind systems, and how we exist trapped within bipolar constructs of mental and emotional patterns -

and that therefore it is imperative that we educate ourselves PRACTICALLY and in FACT towards understanding ourselves and the trap of polarity consciousness, understanding the patterns within which we 'enslave' ourselves and each-other as this world, and transcending the atMostFear on Earth - the utmost FEAR which is and has been not only the starting-point of our existence, but literally its very driving force.

I commit myself to showing how the SYSTEM is fuelled with/through FEAR, and therefore the system NEEDS fear to preserve its existence - and this can be seen in the ludicrous acceptance (through beLIEf and Faith) of the world order as MONEY system.

In exactly the same way the evolved human consciousness is based in FEAR and NEEDS fear to preserve its existence as we "know" it (through belief and faith) - because we 'feel safe' or comfortably numb, because we fear change and place ourselves 'inferior', while we desire to be 'superior', as we compete in the name of love, which is fear, which is separation -

instead of LIFE as oneness and equality.

I commit myself to sharing the URGENCY of communicating to our children that the world as it currently exists: exists within and as patterns of manipulation and abuse due to CONFLICT OF INTERESTS -

and that therefore if we want a different world, a different reality where LIFE in fact is free, comfortable and safe:
we require to stop the patterns of SELF-INTEREST and manipulation within and as ourselves, and find new ways to coexist and communicate based on self-honesty, mutual respect and dignity as life, common sense.

I commit myself to showing how self-interest always exists as 'hidden' wants, needs and desires that we do not communicate, but instead find ways to 'get there' through manipulating our reality and others by assigning to them 'values' and 'purposes' and 'meaning' and 'judgments' - all based on our OWN ‘secret kingdom’ in the mind where the "I" is King -
and that THIS is what the children see, and the inevitable reaction they come up with is: Why is YOUR MOOD more important than MINE? Why is MY DOOM less important than YOUR self-interest?

I commit myself to living and sharing the common sense realization that unless WE as ‘parents’ change, as the ones who have sufficient experience and knowledge/understanding in terms of the CONSEQUENCES of our accepted existence as 'Human Nature' that we allow to abuse life:
our children stand no chance of becoming a FUTURE on EARTH that will restore the value of life and manifest a world that is Best for All.

Therefore, I commit myself to showing that it is up to US to transcend self-interest which is basically rooted in FEAR and mental concepts of 'inferiority'/'superiority' on which we base our ideas of 'power' in this world -
and to restore the value of life WITHIN HOW WE LIVE AND COEXIST, as WHO WE ARE.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it is imperative that WE stand as a LIVING example of a new way of life where life is realized as the only true value - and thus from this starting-point:

we transform the patterns of our existence from separation, abuse, manipulation, to LIFE/LIVING within and as oneness and equality – practically - supporting ourselves and each-other equally as life into and as freedom, dignity, emancipation, expression ... actual evolution.

I commit myself to showing how an equal money system will not only assist and support humanity in restoring the value of life; it will also assist parents within parenting and self-education / self-realization –

because "education" as all systems will be practically re-defined to no longer produce robots to 'play the game' and serve the system, but to enable and support the emergence of actual self-willed individuals that honour LIFE and LOVE each neighbour as self - in the actuality of our living reality, as WHO WE ARE, within OUR EXISTENCE.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that actual evolution is possible, and that the time and space is right HERE –

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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