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Day 131: Want Home - “Here” & “There” | Self Realization Commitments

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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So, I in my previous blog post had written out the points that opened up for me to look into, and started with the last word:

-   Restlessness / ‘On the Run’

-   ‘Find Peace’ / Home

-   Fear - Wrong – Right

-   "There"
Within this blog post I continue with self realization commitments on the same point.

I commit myself to practically aligning myself Here, being Here in every breath in the realization that it is through the accumulation of ‘who I am’ in every breath that I develop and establish myself and my reality –

instead of “there” which is a projection of the mind based on pre-programmed ideas that create desires, hopes, and fears and thus keep me trapped within a limited option without actual self-direction, due to my acceptance and allowance of the energetic polarity patterns of fear and desire/hope as ‘valid’, when they are not: they are simply the result of my conditioned consciousness, my pre-programming, and indicate not who I really am as life but merely the nature of the personalities and protection-/defence-mechanisms I exist through as Ego/consciousness.  


I commit myself to stopping myself from existing in a state of mind where I am as if constantly projected "there", or as if this "there" constantly exists, and I am somehow 'pulled toward it'; When and as I notice that I am accepting and allowing myself to abdicate my directive-principle and my presence as breath to projections of the mind, where I would go into hoping or wishing or wanting/needing/desiring:
I stop, I breathe, and I bring myself back Here, to direct myself in the context of the actuality of my reality, making sure that I stand within a point of self-responsibility = no longer separating and projecting parts of me into some future or onto another being waiting/expecting that to ‘save me’. Rather, I ‘save myself’ in every moment – ‘save’ myself from following the projections of the mind, by remaining Here within and as breath in every moment, thus remaining in self-clarity and self-direction to walk life in Real-Time equal and one and be the directive principle of me here.


I commit myself to living the realization that whenever I find myself going into a want, need and desire for "there", I within this in fact diminish Me Here.

Therefore the moment I see myself going into a want, need and desire for "there": I stop, I breathe, and I bring myself back Here, to the actuality of my reality in the moment, as I am Here, as I breathe here in every moment.


I commit myself to living the realization that while I think, feel and believe that I miss something “there” – I am in fact missing Here.

Therefore, I train myself to remaining Here, through breathing and self-awareness as life, as breathing, not as a mind that is trapped within past conditioning and future projections.


I commit myself to live the realization that Life is Here. Therefore, ‘fear of missing out’ or fear of ‘not living’ is in fact an indication that one does not live, but exists trapped in the projections of one’s own accepted definitions of ‘living’;

and while one imagine ‘living’ or ‘try to live’, one does not Live in fact.


I commit myself to living the realization that Life/Living is the actuality of reality in every moment, in full awareness of all that is here as life.


I commit myself to stopping the mental polarity and emotional trap of “here” and “there” and setting myself free from past conditioning and future projections –

so that I may stand in full self-responsibility Here, thus in full self-power Here, in oneness and equality as myself, as life, as breathing self-awareness in every moment.


I commit myself to seeing others as me Here – therefore seeing who another is in actuality, instead of seeing the projections of my own mind.


I commit myself to always immediately take a judgment, an opinion, or any backchat that comes up in the mind toward another at any given moment: and bring the point back to myself, forgive the projection, and take responsibility for the point by looking at how that judgment / opinion / backchat in fact relates to ‘who I am’ / ‘who’ I allow myself to be –

in the realization that I am in essence always facing myself, and any reaction I have indicates points within myself that I have not yet looked at effectively and directed to self equality and oneness, in self-honesty and self-responsibility.


Therefore I commit myself to ‘reminding’ myself that I am walking my process for ME, for self; I am walking life facing ME – thus I am able to amalgamate with any point I face in every moment, equal and one, seeing it for what it is, forgiving it, correcting myself as it, changing ME and re-aligning ME, and eventually within this process, I become a living example of change, of directive-principle, of the stopping of separation and walking in self-responsibility.


I realize that Life is Here.
I realize that I am Here.

I commit myself to live these realizations as best for Life.

I accept What is Here.
I accept Here.
I accept Me Here.
I accept that I am Here.

I realize within this that my responsibility is Here, and that is equal to absolute self-responsibility.

I realize that only through accepting What is Here and embracing it as Me – can I change it; because then I am changing Me.


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