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Day 121: Praying for the Right Thing – Self Commitment Statements

ART by Sylvia Gerssen

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I commit myself to sharing the common sense that PRAYER is a construct existing within self-interest, wherein one that prays will pray for what THEY think is ‘good’ or ‘better’ or ‘fair’ or ‘just’.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that MAN is able to establish a BEST FOR ALL condition on this one planet we share – and that prayer is but a way to deny responsibility and make self unable to stand-up for life as life.

I commit myself to showing that the application of prayer implies a ‘higher force’ that is somehow miraculously able to do things and manifest things and bring forth change; and within that beLIEf the individual is abdicating all self-responsibility to a self-created invisible entity in the MIND – the total separation of self from self.

I commit myself to showing that the construct of Prayer, does NOT exist without the mind, just like the invisible entity as ‘god’ or ‘higher power’ or ‘higher force’ that we make up in our MIND to believe in.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that: since Prayer and any form of ‘higher force’ is a creation of the mind, it will be designed specifically to satisfy the ideas, concepts and beliefs of the particular mind that creates it – and that therefore any concept of ‘god’ or ‘prayer’ is based in self-interest.

I commit myself to showing that through prayer and the belief in a ‘higher force’: man is defining self as INFERIOR and thus IN-FEAR – and thus man will justify why ‘praying’ to a ‘superior’ ’god’ is ‘logical’, yet man will not stand-up and take self-responsibility for who one is and how one coexists in this reality  - and his ‘logic’ will not include ALL life; man will not acknowledge self as the origin of the consequence one is facing and humanity is facing and will not stand accountable.

I commit myself to exposing the common sense that, because in man’s belief there is ‘god’ or some ‘higher power’ onto which/whom man abdicates responsibility: man remains a SLAVE to one’s own MIND, trapped in self-dishonesty, self-deception, and accepted inferiority, sitting around waiting and HOPING, yet doing nothing to in fact change and stand accountable for who one is in every moment of breath.

I commit myself to showing that wishful thinking and hopeful thoughts in the MIND are just like prayer: a construct through which self projects the responsibility and directive-power outside of self into some future or circumstances or other people or gods and goddesses, instead of standing up and directing oneself in self-honesty and common sense.

I commit myself to investigating all thoughts of hopes and wishes that come up in the mind as well as all internal conversations where I chat in my mind about how things could and should be:
to recognize the ‘hope’ and ‘wish’ I am projecting outside of myself, away from myself, while placing myself deliberately into a position of ‘inferiority’ and ‘victimhood’ and to acknowledge my involvement in manifesting the consequences I am faced with as my life, the situations in my everyday living, my reactions, my interactions etc. –
to stand-up within myself and take responsibility for everything I live and experience, and so stop all projections, earthing myself Here.

I commit myself to investigating and directing all points where I exist in self-interest based on only MY bubble of perceptual reality.
I commit myself to investigating and directing all points where I abdicate my power and responsibility through projections and separation –
so that I may self-realize the oneness and equality of life within and as who I am, as an equal of life.

I commit myself to showing how we abdicate our power and directive principle to FEAR, which is in essence the MIND, which is in essence self-interest, which is in essence how we have separated ourselves from life as who we really are, separated ourselves from our self-directive will as life, from each-other and everything that is Here.

I commit myself to showing that WAR is the result of all kinds of different INTERESTS existing in separation and conflict;
in Spite of the obvious common sense that as Earthlings on planet Earth we should have one basic common interest: Life.

I commit myself to showing how the MIND as EGO as FEAR as SELF-INTEREST exists always in self-righteousness and superimposed / projected superiority –
and that we use this self-righteousness which is fear to impose an apparent  ‘superiority’, to ‘win’, to be ‘better’, to be ‘right’, to ‘feel more’- as if that would somehow enhance our value as Living Beings.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that the only actual, true value is LIFE –
and that it’s time we ALL would acknowledge and self-realize life as the only true value in the actuality of reality, so that we may bring forth a new reality for our existence, where we acknowledge that we can co-exist in mutual support as Life, based on the realization of oneness and equality as LIFE, instead of separation and inequality as polarity systems of consciousness that exist for profit, in one way or another.

I commit myself to showing how an equal money system will assist and support humanity in self-realizing the value of life as oneness and equality and letting go of the fear and mind control that we hide behind.

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