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Day 116: Reprogramming Your Mind | Is Psycho Logical ?

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Looking at the evolution of human nature especially with regards to the point of self-determination and free will, what we can see is that psychology and methods coming from the field of psychology fail to enable the human being to support or change itself for real, let alone to get to the point of free will that implies that the human being in fact makes its own decisions and is able to direct its mental and emotional patterns to an outcome that is constructive, not destructive.

Very often, psychological help exchanges one addiction/dependency for another. Psychological help seem to only last so long, and the reason is that psychologists and any other ‘experts’ for that matter are subject to the same mechanisms and patterns everyone else ‘suffer’ from;
furthermore the psychological approach seems to take the mechanics of the human psyche for granted and to work only within the bounds of that accepted framework, not really questioning how thoughts, feelings and emotions emerge, where they come from, how patterns are created and why such conditioned patterns seem to have so much power over a human being that an entire life path is based on such REACTION patterns – which means that living is not based on acting as self-direction, but on REACTING.

All the while, such patterns are not really who a being is, but merely the result of programming and impulses through a being’s environment. Certainly one’s ‘beingness’ does play a role in terms of who and what one becomes through all that which one consciously or unconsciously accepts or allows; however looking at how early parents, society, peers and the system infiltrate a being’s life with their ‘rules of the game’, it is safe to postulate that a being does not even get the chance to discover who they are in their beingness, because that very beingness is exposed to so many influences from the beginning, that one can literally look at a new born child as a blank piece of paper. Now the child cannot think, speak, write or read – and so slowly but surely the child’s environment starts filling in the blank paper that is the child’s life, the child itself, and thus the CHOICE a child has in life is not free choice, but is "choice" limited to the parameters set for the child by its environment.

Here obviously we have not only psychological but also financial conditions that determine what choices a child will have in life – which is where the discussion of an equal money system comes in, because with our current state of evolution we are certainly in a position, if we wanted to, to make sure that every child born into this world is born into equally supportive conditions, hence equal money for all from birth to death. That is the least we could do for LIFE, and yet we don’t. Now this suggestion is shared with the world, and we will see how long it will take before people start realizing that if we want LIFE for ourselves we must be willing to give it to ALL equally. How much worse must the situation in the world become, before we see and acknowledge this simple 1+1 ?

Going back to a child’s development in this world:

When we grow up we then look for ways to establish ‘free choice’ – however the patterns, the characters, the personalities, the protection- and defense-mechanisms a being has adopted in order to ‘fit in’ in this world are already so ingrained, that if one look in self-honesty, one cannot but realize: my choice is not free; my will is not free.
Why is this not a clear common sense point of knowledge that everyone realizes? Why does psychology and other sciences not question this? And yet at the same time science TAKES the free will to for instance clone life and create new living forms (!!) ... This already begs the question: Is the free choice as practically defined in this world in fact the freedom to ABUSE? What good is it to create new life forms and experiment with nature, when we don’t even understand our own nature, when we are not willing to support WHAT IS HERE because hey, that just doesn’t bring in enough profit / fame / reputation / power...

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that psychology and other methods of ‘support’ for the human psyche try to sell ‘free choice’ and ‘free will’ without understanding the mechanics of human nature and the human psyche in fact.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world, a society, where we rely on experts to tell us what we are supposed to ‘feel’ or ‘experience’ or how we can enhance our ‘experience’ or get ourselves to ‘feel better’ – without understanding and explaining to the very detail HOW the current condition of the human psyche emerges and functions, in all its variations; so that human beings can have TOOLS in their hands to manage themselves effectively, which is not happening, otherwise society would function effectively, which clearly it doesn’t.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world, a society, where we do not learn as basic skills how we as human beings function, what emotions and feelings are, what thoughts are, how thoughts, feelings and emotions interact within a being’s mind creating patterns and ‘logic’ – because obviously if such things were understood:
the system would no longer be in a position to manipulate and exploit life for profit by presenting illusions for human beings to BUY INTO based on thoughts, feelings and emotions that are ‘implanted’ into them by the system to begin with.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that as long as psychologists do not question the system and refuse to acknowledge how the system creates human nature in such a way that the created human nature in turn re-creates the system:
any ‘solutions’ psychologists present will be nothing but ‘band-aid solutions’ designed to give the illusion of betterment, the illusion of ‘choice’ and ‘free will’, just to keep the human being ‘functioning’ – because as long as the human being ‘functions’ and accepts the ways of the world AND human nature as ‘how things are’, the human being in fact serves the system and the system can keep running.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that psychology as a science is equally trapped within designs of polarity as the human psyche itself – and that unless we question the accepted design, we cannot break out of it.
(For further context and understanding of the design of polarity, see my previous blog posts and also specifically the blog Earth’s Journey to Life)

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to consider that the ‘logic’ used in psychology and all science for that matter is the same ‘logic’ the human psyche / consciousness system develops to justify the very polarity design it exists as –

which should be obvious to anyone that dares to look in self-honesty at How ‘logic’ is created by the human psyche and how that ‘logic’ is always designed to JUSTIFY the individual’s emotions, feelings and thoughts – which results into a world of self-righteous individuals existing against each-other, fighting for survival in constant competition, walking through life as if it were a game of ‘win’ and ‘lose’.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that psychology ‘helps’ the individual to ‘regain power’, however the power-games within which we exist are not questioned – and therefore psychology, just like any other field of the current system, merely supports a being’s self-interest; thus it supports a being as a system, not as LIFE.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world where we refuse to see that self-interest is the problem we as humanity are facing, a problem most clearly seen in the manifestation of our money-system where self-interest is called PROFIT and where life is exploited for profit:
in exactly the same way the human psyche abuses life for self-interest – a condition which we accept as ‘human-nature’, a condition that is the result of fear, inferiority, and the power-games we have accepted to be what we call ‘life’.

I commit myself to supporting a re-evaluation of psychology and all science, so that we may start to question everything we have accepted as ‘how things are’, in the realization that within how we are currently existing, we are enslaving ourselves and each-other to the accepted systems within and without;

and that no rebellion or revolution will ever bring any substantial change or transformation – because for actual change to be possible, we first have to investigate everything of our existence to the core, including ourselves, and see things for what they are in self-honesty and practical common sense.

I commit myself to showing how self-honesty and practical common sense reveal the actuality of reality in a simplistic way, such that it would make sense to incorporate such knowledge and understanding within our education systems –
because what good is it when education teaches us so much about all kinds of things, but is not teaching us about the fundamental points of our existence, such as how the function, what the mechanics of the human psyche are, how to communicate one’s experiences, how to direct one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions in a constructive way, and stuff like that.

I commit myself to bringing forth a new system of actual life support for our world, where life will no longer be exploited for profit, because only once profit is out of the equation will science and all fields of our civilization be free to approach and question things from a perspective that will in fact investigate reality and see things for what they are, and not from a perspective that manipulates human perception for profit.

I commit myself to showing how an equal money system will assist and support humanity in re-evaluating human nature and taking the responsibility to manifest a new way of life where we no longer have to compete against each-other –
because once we have understood that the only actual value is LIFE: we are able to reform all our systems to be based on the value of life and make sure that a child born into this world is not brainwashed to become a servant of the system, but is in fact supported to live, express and expand to its utmost potential as LIFE.

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