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Day 119: The It's Not Worth It Character – Self Commitment Statements

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

This is a continuation from:
Day 117: Deconstructing Characters - The It's Not Worth it Character
Day 118: The Consequence of the It's Not Worth it Character

I commit myself to stopping myself from thinking or believing that a task or a project or an idea I come up with “is not worth it” – stopping myself from following such idea / thought / perception when and as it comes up in the mind, as I realize that such ideas are merely a conditioned way of self-sabotage.

I commit myself to GIVE the worth of life FOR myself equal and one – and therefore to FOR-GIVE the separation I had accepted and allowed, wherein I had defined ´worth´ in separation from myself based on the consciousness ideas of ´success´ and ´failure´, ´superiority´ and ´inferiority´ and other bipolar CONDITIONS.

Therefore I commit myself to valuing myself as life UNCONDITIONALLY and giving myself the chance to initiate common sense considerations when faced with a decision, so that I may give myself the opportunity to make an actual decision, try it, test it, explore, and expand – not accepting or allowing myself to follow the idea / thought / perception of “it´s not worth it”.

I commit myself to stopping myself from giving in to self-doubt and self-inferiority, and to instead FACE that self-doubt or inferiority within and as myself the moment it comes up – so that I may direct the point effectively in self-honesty and self-dignity, no longer creating cover-ups to deceive myself into 'feeling better' or believing that ‘everything is okay'.

I commit myself to investigating and stopping all points of self-sabotage that I have allowed to keep me from living, expressing and expanding as life.

I commit myself to no longer accepting or allowing depression to take over, as I realize that the tendency to depression is a direct outflow/consequence of self suppression.

Therefore I commit myself to no longer accepting or allowing myself to suppress my self motivation out of fear – no longer accepting or allowing myself to limit myself by abdicating my directive principle to fear.

I commit myself to living self-responsibility, which implies taking responsibility for the decisions I make and for every step I take, making sure that I am the one Moving Me, so that I no longer abdicate the movement of myself to the automated mind consciousness system within which I limit myself to the bounds of the fake ´security´ of what I ´know´.

I commit myself to stopping within myself the moment I see myself accessing the “it´s not worth it”-Character, and making sure that I step out of character, breathe and earth myself Here; to then in self equality and oneness move myself in self-honesty and practical common sense.

I commit myself to stop fighting for my limitations, as I realize that limitation is defined through what one accepts and allows within and as the MIND.

Therefore I commit myself to stopping the limitation of the conditioned mind and supporting myself to express, expand and grow as LIFE: in equality and oneness with who I am as a living being here in this physical reality.

I commit myself to question and correct the ´logic´ of the mind that is conditioned to develop justifications, excuses and reasons as to ´why´ one accepts and allows limitation, ´why´ one accepts and allows fear to direct one´s decisions, ´why´ one steps into protection- and defense-mechanisms –

as I realize that only a conditioned mind as consciousness defines itself in limitation and then goes into defending its limitation (which is its ´security´) through self-righteousness and various protection- and defense-mechanisms.

I commit myself to supporting the transformation of our world, our society, into a place where we learn the skills of self-honesty and get to know and understand how we function as mind consciousness systems, what mechanisms direct our perception and rationalization and how, when these mechanisms are applied/activated and why, and what all that implies about who we human beings are;

so that we may bring forth a world where human beings exist through SELF-WILL and are therefore able to in fact take self-responsibility and thus self-directive power of themselves, and develop into trustworthy and accountable individuals that honor the value of life – and thus each-other as self, as equals, as ONE LIFE.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that if we were to learn, understand and realize HOW we function as mind consciousness systems, we would in fact be in a position to CHANGE ourselves and stand-up in self-dignity to no longer accept or allow the deception and abuse of the world system that exploits life for profit –

I commit myself to exposing the current capitalist world order that is the SYSTEM, and the fact that this world order which is based on Profit (which it gains out of the exploitation of life) :
does NOT want human beings to see, realize and understand how this reality as consciousness functions, because then human beings would pose a THREAT to the SYSTEM and would no longer be just the slaves that keep the system running.

I commit myself to supporting the equal money system as a first step to stopping all hierarchy, abuse and exploitation in its very structure and systematic functionality, and to establishing a functional and transparent foundation of equal support for all life.

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