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452 | My Self-Realization & How the Desteni I Process assisted me to Move out my Isolation (part 1)

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In this post I want to do a review of my process up to this point, in terms of “my self-realization” – meaning, what I have realized about myself and what I have made myself real as.

In fact, in this post I want to summarize the main points I have faced within my process and re-view how and what I have changed within myself throughout the time I have been applying the tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective living; as well as to have a look at what points I am still working on and what points I’ve had difficulties with and why (part 2).

I have throughout time done several blog posts sharing points and parts of my process, and I’ve also shared some posts that I labeled Desteni I Witness which are actual eye-witness reports on the Desteni process based on my experience and interaction with the Desteni group, my research, study and application of the Desteni Work wherein I have tested the self-support tools for myself and found them to be the only thing to actually work and produce sustainable results – the only real psychology based on actual self-honest research and insight that is not driven by corporate or other interest, but is done in the interest of life to empower the individual and provide windows of self-realization that assist the actual evolution of mankind towards real freedom, dignity, integrity, and truth.

There are quite some points that I assisted and supported myself in moving beyond by utilizing the Desteni tools:

I stopped my depression.

I stopped smoking weed and drinking.

I stopped gossiping.

I stopped my fear of horses.

I stopped my fear of insects to some extent, this is a point I am still working on.

I stopped my fear of groups.

I developed the ability to work with/in groups and to cooperate with others as equals, as well as to delegate points/tasks according to people’s particular talents and abilities.

I stopped wanting to do everything on my own / I stopped my fake ‘pride’.

I developed support groups for myself and others, this also in the context of buddying within the Desteni I Process courses, because it was clear to me that I wished to support others the way I was assisted and supported.

I stopped fearing to ask for help or support.

I stopped my fake ‘humbleness’ – this was a point I had developed during the time I was being bullied at school, wherein I figured that if I ‘make myself smaller’ then maybe I am not perceived as threat by others and so maybe they will stop bullying me. Within all this I had developed the fear of being seen as a top student or as a leader, so to ‘compensate’ for that fear I had developed a fake ‘humbleness’ out of the desire to change how others react to me / how others treat me.

I stopped being influenced by how others treat me to a great extent – this is also a point I am still working on and I find that family and relationship situations are the most difficult as reactions are more intense. However I am realizing that these are also the points to work-on and discipline myself in, applying the principle of equality in terms of: if I would not react to these/such words/behavior and would not take it personally with “others” why then take it personally and react with family or in my relationship?

So I am specifically developing this point of self-equality and self-trust, so that my self-worth does not change “through others”, as I realize that only I and what I accept and allow within myself determines my self-worth as ‘who I am’.

I stopped my early-morning moodiness.

I stopped creating ‘positivity’-bubbles in my mind.

I developed the self-trust to work with ‘negative’ aspects of myself and my life.

I stopped by beliefs about what I am able to do in this life in terms of jobs and career, and am currently expanding myself and my vocation – which is something I wouldn’t have deemed possible before due to accepted limitations and self-definitions, as well as fears.

So, all in all, I am in the process of letting go of my Ego and moving myself beyond my conditioned/preprogrammed design(s), expanding myself and my relationships/my environment through the principle of equality and oneness, through the principle of self-responsibility, through the tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective living, as well as through the particular writing tools / methodology shared at Desteni to deconstruct the patterns of our existence and thus get to an actual understanding about ‘how things work’, thus develop the ability to break through the inherent brainwashing and mind-control and see things (and ourselves) for what they are. Obviously this is paramount if one truly wants to take self-responsibility and stand in responsibility for life, as life.

With Desteni, I have for the first time stood for something greater than my own self-interest. I mean, I thought I was doing something ‘greater’ before, especially during the time I was involved in spirituality and following various gurus and belief-systems – but that was only in my mind while in actuality I had no idea how the world/system works, let alone how my own mind works or what I was buying into. I was for instance supporting charity, without considering that the way charity works does not really question or challenge the accepted system; in fact, if we had a system that truly supported life – all life equally – there would be no need for charity. Thus, the existence of charity and having people think and believe they’re doing ‘good’ by supporting charity: in fact supports and perpetuates the system ‘as is’, with all the abuse, exploitation, deception and ‘justification’ that is existent.

I am really grateful to the Desteni people for going public/online with all their research and the tools they have tested, as well as for developing all the courses and methodology for real self-support in self-honesty.

This truly is the process of ‘Man Know Thyself’ and I am also grateful to myself for not giving in to fear and for testing for myself the tools and studying the material and opening my eyes to/for the world instead of only looking into my mind to see the ‘positivity’ I had created for the purposes of escaping reality.

Which brings me back to one of the main and vital points of the Desteni process, which is the realization that we cannot escape reality because we ARE reality, reality is us.

This reality is the reflection of ourselves, our relationships, our acceptances and allowances, everything that exists within is manifested in the outer world for us to see ourselves. How much worse must things on Earth get before we SEE?!

In the next post I will go into the details of aspects of my life and patterns which I have found difficult to deal with throughout my life – and that is mainly relationships and group dynamics.

Stay tuned.

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